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Conference Realignment

Power Conferences Potentially Gain More Power

College lacrosse could have a much different feel if certain leagues get their way.

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Atlantic Sun, Southern Conference Agree to Partner

Basically, the Atlantic Sun will become the Southern Conference for men's lacrosse purposes.

The Impact of the Bellarmine and St. Joe's Moves

I fired up the lacrosse calculator to try and see how conferences stack up based on the latest realignment news.

Bellarmine to Join the Atlantic Sun for 2015

It was just a matter of time.

Northeast Conference Adds St. Joseph's

The NEC started the week with five teams. It goes into the holiday break with seven.

Hobart's Impact on the Northeast Conference

Do the Statesmen significantly change the strength of the NEC?

Welcome to the [Conference], [School]!

It was all fun and games until the initiation processes were announced.

Hobart to the Northeast Conference

May the ECAC not even make it through 2014?

Air Force, Bellarmine, & Hobart Realignment Update

The ECAC's three remaining teams have eyes on new homes.

Conference Realignment: Which League is Winning?

A balance sheet game is a kind of game, right?

Conference Realignment: Fairfield to the CAA?

Terry Foy of Inside Lacrosse has people telling him that it's going to happen.

Did You See That?!: College Lacrosse's Makeover

The Baltimore Sun sets the table today.

A More Perfect Union

Conference SB Nation is the future.

A Lacrosse Primer for Big Ten Fans

There's no reason to yell "Stranger! Danger!" Let me help you through this fantastic new thing you have on your hands.

Realignment: Which Conferences Look the Strongest?

The ACC is aces, but where does the new Big Ten shake out in the overall?

Big Ten, Hopkins Become "A Lacrosse Thing"

Welcome to the great new wonderful.

Featured Fanshot

Denver Joins Big East for 2014 Season

It's official. More here.

Denver to the Big East for Men's Lacrosse?

Athletic directors and conference commissioners are still hard at work making geography useless.

Realignment: Hopkins to Seek a Conference

This is all really happening.

Featured Fanshot

Hopkins Holding Conference Call Today to Discuss Conference Affiliation

Hopkins' committee report recommending pursuing conference affiliation: While excluded from the NCAA Tou...

Realignment: Ohio State's A.D. Affirms Discussions

Gene Smith specifically notes two important things.

Big East Lacrosse Lives!

Big East lacrosse is dead. Long live Big East lacrosse!

Realignment: Notre Dame and Hopkins Updates

The Irish's lacrosse future is now cemented and Hopkins' gameplan is becoming clearer.

Notre Dame to ACC in 2013-2014?

Lacrosse Voltron may come together to smash faces next season.

Conference Realignment: Big East, C-7, ND, and ?'s

This is where everything gets serious and really unclear.

The B1G Kind of Has a Men's Lacrosse Website

A Big Ten men's lacrosse website kind of, sort of exists.

Realignment: Big East Implosion Plan Focuses

Everything looks like it will change for the 2015 lacrosse season. Or maybe it won't.

Conference Realignment: Who's Winning Now?

The numbers here still show that the Patriot League has made the biggest gains. And the Atlantic Sun isn't exactly a special forces unit.

Realignment: Atlantic Sun to Sponsor Men's Lax

This is actually happening, people.

How Strong is a Hopkins-Included B1G?

Probably stronger than you'd think, but I'm still not sure that this happens.

Realignment: Hopkins and Conferences and Mayhem

Are the Blue Jays on the move? And if so, to where and when?