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The College Crosse Top 20: Week 5

A different #1 for the third straight week highlights this week’s poll

Princeton v Cornell Photo by Rich Barnes/Getty Images

It wasn’t quite the craziness and upset-filled last two weeks, but this past weekend of college lacrosse still provided us with enough shake-up to see some changes to The College Crosse Top 20. That includes a new face at the #1 spot for the third week in a row.

Our voters are, as always, Ryan, Adam, Safe, myself, and our now not-so-new member Caroline Darney. This will be the group that constitutes the College Crosse Top 20 for this season. Directly below you can find each of our individual ballots and below that is the official College Crosse Top 20 poll for Week 4. Let us know any thoughts you have or what your Top 20 would be in the comments or on Twitter.

College Crosse Top 20 Ballots

Rank Jake Adam Ryan Safe Caroline Rank
Rank Jake Adam Ryan Safe Caroline Rank
1 Syracuse Cornell Cornell Cornell Cornell 1
2 Cornell North Carolina Syracuse North Carolina Syracuse 2
3 North Carolina Syracuse North Carolina Syracuse North Carolina 3
4 Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Princeton 4
5 Princeton Princeton Princeton Princeton Maryland 5
6 Penn State Yale Penn State Penn State Georgeotown 6
7 Yale Penn State Yale Georgetown Yale 7
8 Georgetown Duke Georgetown Yale Penn State 8
9 Duke Georgetown Penn Duke Virginia 9
10 Army Virginia Duke Army Duke 10
11 Virginia Army Army UMass Army 11
12 Villanova UMass Ohio State Virginia UMass 12
13 Penn Loyola Villanova Villanova Loyola 13
14 Denver Denver Virginia Penn Ohio State 14
15 Loyola Villanova Denver Loyola Villanova 15
16 Ohio State Penn Loyola Ohio State Penn 16
17 UMass Hobart Notre Dame Providence Notre Dame 17
18 Lehigh Lehigh Bucknell Denver Providence 18
19 Notre Dame Ohio State Richmond Hobart Denver 19
20 St. Joseph's Brown UMass Notre Dame Richmond 20

The College Crosse Top 20

Rank College Crosse Top 20
Rank College Crosse Top 20
1 Cornell
2 Syracuse
3 North Carolina
4 Maryland
5 Princeton
6 Penn State
7 Yale
8 Georgetown
9 Duke
10 Army
11 Virginia
12 Penn
13 Villanova
14 UMass
15 Loyola
16 Ohio State
17 Denver
18 Notre Dame
19 Hobart
20 Providence

The Big Red of Cornell have surged to the #1 spot in The College Crosse Top 20, for I believe the first time in the history of our poll. They’re not a unanimous #1 though, as I chose to go with the Syracuse Orange at the top spot. But Cornell is a clear consensus #1. Syracuse and North Carolina follow at 2-3, with Maryland the highest ranked Big Ten member at #4. And Princeton makes it two Ivies in the Top 5 as they settle in at #5.

Following Penn State’s loss to Cornell, the Nittany Lions slid from #1 to out of the Top 5, but still find themselves at #6. From there we had two teams fall out of the Top 10 from last week - Virginia and Penn. Virginia lost a disappointing road game to unranked Brown, while Penn lost to fellow Top 20 member Villanova but rebounded with a win over St. Joseph’s. They didn’t go far though, at 11th and 12th. They were replaced in the Top 10 by Duke, who jumped out to a big lead over Top 20 Loyola and won, and Army, who returns to the Top 10 after being featured there in February.

The biggest drop in the poll this week was Notre Dame, who fell from 12th all the way down to 18th after their loss to Denver at home. Denver returned from outside the Top 20 into 17th; and the other newcomer into the Top 20 was Providence. Bucknell and St. Joseph’s exited.