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Week 4 Poll Aggregation And Buy & Sell

Penn State & Syracuse split the national polls for the number one position.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 13 Michigan State at Penn State Photo by Randy Litzinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

One week after Yale owned the top spot on all four polls another wild weekend of college lacrosse shakes everything up, leaving us with a split decision for the #1 slot. To help provide some perspective on the post-weekend aftermath, please check out our Week 4 Poll Aggregation table directly below. Additionally, you can find our Week 4 College Crosse Top 20 post here, and here are the links for the Week 4 USILA Coaches Poll, the Inside Lacrosse Media Poll, & the US Lacrosse Magazine Top 20. For transparency’s sake, here’s my ballot the College Crosse Top 20 and the Inside Lacrosse Media Poll.

Week 4 Poll Aggregation

Rank College Crosse USILA IL Media Poll US Lacrosse Mag Rank
Rank College Crosse USILA IL Media Poll US Lacrosse Mag Rank
1 Penn State Syracuse Syracuse Penn State 1
2 North Carolina Penn State Penn State Syracuse 2
3 Syracuse North Carolina Princeton Princeton 3
4 Maryland Maryland North Carolina North Carolina 4
5 Cornell Yale Cornell Yale 5
6 Princeton Princeton Yale Virginia 6
7 Yale Cornell Maryland Maryland 7
8 Virginia (Tied for 8th) Virginia Virginia Notre Dame 8
9 Penn (Tied for 8th) Penn Penn Cornell 9
10 Georgetown Notre Dame Notre Dame Penn 10
11 Loyola Loyola Loyola Duke 11
12 Notre Dame Duke Georgetown Loyola 12
13 Duke Georgetown Duke Georgetown 13
14 Army Villanova Villanova Denver 14
15 Villanova Army UMass Army 15
16 UMass Denver Army Lehigh 16
17 Ohio State UMass Denver (Tied for 17th) Villanova 17
18 Bucknell Ohio State Lehigh (Tied for 17th) UMass 18
19 St. Joseph's (Tied for 19th) Lehigh Ohio State Ohio State 19
20 Hobart (Tied for 19th) Bucknell Richmond St. Joe's 20

Weekend Take

Reeling Johns Hopkins: Oh boy. My beloved Jays are floundering right now and it doesn’t get any easier with Syracuse coming up this weekend. Hopkins had a bad afternoon last Saturday against Princeton, losing 18-11 to the Tigers. JHU kind of hung around in the first half, but Princeton unloaded on Hopkins in the second thanks to an 8-2 run that began shortly after the 3rd quarter started and didn’t end until more than midway through the fourth. Michael Sowers finished with two goals and seven assists and Princeton got major contributions from Connor McCarthy (5Gs) & Alexander Vardado (4Gs).

I was at the (very cold) game alongside Adam and while Hop was kind of creeping around in the first half, outside from a brief moment in the second quarter, it never felt like Hopkins was going to make a real run and grab control. It was great to see Joey Epstein contribute with a couple goals, but the star sophomore still doesn’t look like he is a 100% from his preseason injury.

Hopkins did shine at face-offs against the Tigers, winning 21 out of 33 attempts, but the Jays had too many inopportune turnovers that prevented them from being able to capitalize on their advantage at the dot. Additionally, Hopkins wasn’t cleanly picking up the ball off the ground and had a very spotty clearing game all afternoon. You never want to put too much blame on the goalie, but it was pretty self-evident that Ryan Darby wasn’t having a good day in the net for Hopkins and got pulled in favor of Jacob Giacalone after Princeton scored its 14th goal.

All in all, it was a pretty bad showing from Hopkins and with the Orange coming up this weekend, it might not get much better for the 1-3 Jays.

Buy & Sell



  • Johns Hopkins: Please see above.
  • Richmond: The Spiders will be in the SoCon conversation once conference play begins, but they don’t look like they are going to be a consistent top 20 team this year. The Notre Dame game was a bit of a shellacking a couple weeks ago and they couldn’t close the deal against Duke & Maryland, losing in overtime & double overtime, respectively, in those two games. The Maryland game is an especially tough loss and one they will look back on with great regret as they were up 5 in the fourth quarter of that contest. Richmond might very well get the SoCon automatic-qualifier and get into the NCAA Tournament this year, but any hope of getting into the at-large pool if they don’t win their conference tournament probably went up in smoke after their loss to Duke last Friday.

Let us know your top 20 ballot and which teams you’re buying or selling in the comments section below.