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NCAA To Grant Spring Sport Student Athletes Extra Year Of Eligibility

Good move by the NCAA

Yale v Penn State Photo by Rich Barnes/Getty Images

Earlier this afternoon several Tweets from noted sports journalists stated that the NCAA was exploring some sort of relief for spring sport student athletes whose 2020 seasons were shutdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

As more Tweets started popping up, it appeared that the NCAA was leaning towards granting spring sport student athletes an extra year of eligibility.

Then around 2:00 PM the Inside the NCAA Twitter account Tweeted out a post that confirmed much of the earlier speculation and provided clarity on the issue. The Tweet stated that the NCAA Board of Governors encouraged conferences and schools to make decisions in the best interest of their students and to consider “necessary adjustments to or waivers of rules where appropriate.”

As an initial matter, this is great news for many college lacrosse seniors around the country whose last year with their programs were cut short because of COVID-19 epidemic. Not every senior will use that extra year, but everyone will hopefully be able to at least explore the possibility of playing another year of college lacrosse if they want to play. There are still many questions & unresolved issues but this is certainly a move in the right direction.

It will be interesting to see what the Ivy League does here. As a rule the conference does not allow students to play a 5th year. Will the Ivy make an exemption for this black swan event? If the Ivy waives the rule, will there be a roster limit? I don’t know the answers to those questions, but I do know there will be an extremely active transfer market this summer if the Ivy doesn’t make a 5th year accommodation for its players.