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College Crosse Weekend Scorecard For Week 3: Yale Defeats Penn St., Princeton Beats Virginia, North Carolina Races Past Johns Hopkins, & Highlights

A topsy-turvy weekend in college lacrosse.

Ivy League Men’s Lacrosse Championship: Cornell v Yale

Below is the College Crosse Weekend Scorecard for Week 3. I will update this post later tonight after the conclusion of today’s games. Clicking on any any team will take you to that team’s official website. Clicking on the box score cell will take you to that game’s box score. Clicking on the recap cell will take you to the winning team’s recap. Below the table are highlights from this weekend.

Weekend Scorecard For Week 3

Date Road Team Home Team Box Score Winning Team Recap
Date Road Team Home Team Box Score Winning Team Recap
2/21 Towson Cornell Cornell 17 vs. Towson 10 Cornell
Date Road Team Home Team Box Score Winning Team Recap
2/22 Canisius Hartford Hartford 10 vs. Canisius 4 Canisius
2/22 Delaware Monmouth Delaware 11 vs. Monmouth 2 Delaware
2/22 Boston University Bellarmine BU 17 vs. Bellarmine 11 Boston University
2/22 Lafayette Binghamton Binghamton 11 vs. Lafayette 10 (3OT) Binghamton
2/22 Ohio State Bucknell Ohio State 15 vs. Bucknell 11 Ohio State
2/22 Bryant Dartmouth Dartmouth 11 vs. Bryant 8 Dartmouth
2/22 Marquette Detroit Mercy Marquette 16 vs. Detroit Mercy 5 Marquette
2/22 Fairfield Georgetown Georgetown 25 vs. Fairfield 12 Georgetown
2/22 Rutgers Loyola Loyola 11 vs. Rutgers 10 Loyola
2/22 Navy Maryland Postponed
2/22 Hampton Mercer Mercer 28 vs. Hampton 6 Mercer
2/22 Merrimack Michigan Merrimack 14 vs. Michigan 12 Merrimack
2/22 UMBC Mount St. Mary's UMBC 9 vs. MSM 4 UMBC
2/22 Lehigh NJIT Lehigh 17 vs. NJIT 8 Lehigh
2/22 Yale Penn State Yale 12 vs. PSU 10 Yale
2/22 Brown Stony Brook Stony Brook 11 vs. Brown 10 Stony Brook
2/22 Quinnipiac Vermont Vermont 16 vs. Quinnipiac 7 Vermont
2/22 Princeton Virginia Princeton 16 vs. Virginia 12 Princeton
2/22 Manhattan Wagner Manhattan 16 vs. Wagner 5 Manhattan
2/22 Cleveland State Air Force Cleveland St. 12 vs. Air Force 11 (OT) Cleveland St.
2/22 Drexel Albany Albany 14 vs. Drexel 13 Albany
2/22 Colgate Hobart Hobart 21 vs. Colgate 13 Hobart
2/22 North Carolina Johns Hopkins North Carolina 17 vs. JHU 10 North Carolina
2/22 St. John's LIU St. John's 17 vs. LIU 15 St. John's
2/22 Providence Saint Joseph's St. Joe's 10 vs. Providence 8 Saint Joseph's
2/22 Harvard UMass Harvard 10 vs. UMass 9 Harvard
2/22 Penn Duke Penn 14 vs. Penn 11 Penn
2/22 Villanova Hofstra Villanova 10 vs. Hofstra 8 Villanova
2/22 Furman Utah Utah 17 vs. Furman 9 Utah
2/22 UMass Lowell Siena UMass Lowell 16 vs. Siena 15 UMass Lowell
2/22 St. Bonaventure Denver Denver 16 vs. St. Bonaventure 3 Denver
Date Road Team Home Team Box Score Winning Team Recap
2/23 Cornell High Point Cornell 21 vs. High Point 11 Cornell
2/23 Richmond Notre Dame Notre Dame 13 vs. Richmond 5 Notre Dame
2/23 Jacksonville Robert Morris Jacksonville 15 vs. Robert Morris 8 Jacksonville
2/23 St. Bonaventure Air Force Air Force 11 vs. St. Bonaventure 5 Air Force
2/23 Army West Point Syracuse Syracuse 9 vs. Army 7 Syracuse
2/23 Cleveland State Denver Denver 10 vs. Cleveland St. 6 Denver


Princeton vs. Virginia highlights.

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Lehigh vs. NJIT highlights.

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Albany’s game-winning shot versus Drexel and postgame press conference.

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