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College Crossecast Ep. 132: Early 2020 Buy Or Sell

Safe & Chris go over which teams & story lines they are buying going into 2020.

Dow Plunges Over 800 Points Over Bond Market Recession Marker Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

As many of you know, Chris recently completed the 2019 Year In Review series for the site. You can find a link to all 74 posts here (LIU & Merrimack are in one combined post). Every post looked at each team’s statistical leaders for 2019, personnel losses, and provided an overarching summary of that team’s performance last season. This was the second year in series history and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it each time. Chris’ ability to collate a great deal of information into a concise & informative way is remarkable and the posts are a great way to get ready for the upcoming season.

On Friday Chris put up a Stock Up, Stock Down: Fall 2019 Update post as follow-up article to the 2019 Year In Review series. The post looked at which which teams stocks have risen and fallen since the since the end of the 2019 NCAA Tournament. This Crossecast episode is a Stock Up, Stock Down companion post where Chris and I discuss which teams, story lines, and topics we’re buying or selling going into 2020.

Directly below is a grid with all the topics for the pod and our picks for you to follow along. You can listen to this episode in the player below the grid. Additionally, you can find this pod over on our Podomatic page or by subscribing on iTunes or Google Play.

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