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College Crosse Prospectus - August 16, 2019: Denver Year In Review & St. John’s, Drexel, & Lafayette To Participate In Nick Colleluori Lacrosse Classic This Fall.

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Norderney Ferry Photo by Mohssen Assanimoghaddam/picture alliance via Getty Images

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, College Crosse Nation! Thanks for making us a part of your day! Here’s everything you need to know for August 16, 2019.

College Crosse News

2019 Men’s College Lacrosse Year In Review: #20 Denver Pioneers.

Season Summary - Denver had a problem coming in to 2019: Trevor Baptiste graduated. He played a really large role in the team’s success, winning draws and giving the Pioneers more possessions on offense. Enter freshman Brett Boos out of the gate. They were big shoes to fill, but Boos did a tremendous job doing so, finishing with a 59.3% faceoff percentage and being one of the best freshman FOGOs in the country.

To see all of our Chris’ posts, check out the 2019 Year In Review section on the site.

St. John’s, Drexel, & Lafayette all announced that they will participate in Nick Colleluori Lacrosse Classic this fall.

You should check out this article if you are interested in lacrosse making it to the Olympics in the near future: Lake Placid hosts Olympic lacrosse discussion.

If lacrosse is to make its return to the Olympic Games, the sport’s followers will look to Lake Placid as an important piece in taking a step in that direction. The International Olympic Committee has initially paved the way for Olympic re-inclusion with provisional recognition, but an important discussion that occurred at the Lake Placid Summit Classic tournament moved that dialogue.

US Lacrosse Magazine with a nice article on Connor Farrell.

The journey started on the cowskin rug of P.J. Usak’s LIU Post dorm room in the spring of 2016. Connor Farrell, a linebacker for the Pioneers football team who had played lacrosse as a child, made a bet with Usak, a member of the lacrosse team. If you can last more than 10 seconds in a wrestling match, I’ll join the lacrosse team. And so they headed to Usak’s dorm room with fellow teammate Frank Ranfone. The battle was on. Usak lasted 11 seconds. “I was at practice the next day,” Farrell joked. “Why not?”

Myles Jones seems like a great guy.

Fox Sports likes the PLL’s playoff format: Has this upstart league come up with the best playoff format yet?

Throughout its process, the PLL founders settled on a system that allowed for three weeks of postseason play, which they feel will help the league generate some momentum towards the end of its first campaign. They also focused on several key components of their postseason format: making sure the regular season mattered, giving every team something to play for, and mitigating tanking.

Using a method borrowed slightly from the College World Series in baseball, a top-two team would have to lose twice to fail to make the championship game. The postseason concept is essentially based around a consolation bracket, where the top 4 teams from the regular season start in the “winner’s bracket,” and the last two (of the six total squads) end up in the “loser’s bracket.” But there are several unique twists.

Empowerment through Sport.

Kendall Rogers ’21 has taken his passion for lacrosse to inner city New York for the summer. He’s volunteering with the nonprofit Harlem Lacrosse, which helps children who are academically at risk by inspiring them athletically. Varsity athlete Rogers, the recipient of a Career Planning Internship Award, is one of about a hundred Bowdoin students pursuing funded internships over the break. He said he chose to intern with Harlem Lacrosse because of the impact the group is having on minority students in cities across the country.

Calgary’s got talent: Performer sought for halftime show with the Calgary Roughnecks.

An online search is now on for the next great act to take the stage at an upcoming Calgary Roughnecks game. From now until 5 p.m. on September 27, local performers are invited to submit videos to the new ‘Roughnecks Got Talent’ competition.

Lacrosse festival mixes fun with mental health education.

On Saturday, Aug. 24, the Northern Lights Lacrosse Festival takes place in Badger Park, Shorewood. While the event isn’t named for him, it’s being promoted as a way of healing and remembering Archer, a talented lacrosse athlete. The inaugural event runs 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., featuring lacrosse clinics for boys and girls in the morning, followed by structured lacrosse games every hour. Participants from youth, high school and club lacrosse groups are invited.

How Michele DeJuliis’ Baltimore SWAT team experience helped her build the Women’s Professional Lacrosse League.

It’s not easy to start a professional sports league, but five years in the Baltimore City Police Department and as part of the SWAT team taught Michele DeJuliis not to give up. In a personal history dominated by lacrosse stories, DeJuliis’ time as a member of the SWAT team and then as a detective in Baltimore seems like an anomaly, a “crazy” life experience, as DeJuliis calls it. But it fits DeJuliis’ mission to help people, which drove her to her next step: founding the Women’s Professional Lacrosse League.

What’s Up, PhilaJersey?

Blessed: Good Samaritan saves New Jersey family from wolf attack during camping trip in Canada.

A New Jersey family of four camping in Canada last week was saved from a wolf attack after a neighboring camper jumped into action. The attack unfolded at Banff National Park in Alberta last Friday, according to a report by the federal agency Parks Canada. Around 1 a.m., while the family slept, a wolf tore through the foursome’s tent. The father, Matthew, threw himself in front of his wife and their two boys. The mother, Elisa, wrote on Facebook that Matthew “pinned the Wolf to the ground and held open its jaw with his hands.”

OH MY GOD: Phillies won last night thanks to a second-deck, walk-off grand-slam by Bryce Harper.

World/National News

Well this is certainly terrifying: Amazon’s Rekognition software can now spot fear.

Amazon’s controversial facial recognition technology, called Rekognition, has a new skill. It can now spot fear. The company says it recently launched updates to Rekognition’s facial analysis features, including improved age estimation and the addition of fear to its emotion detection. “We have improved accuracy for emotion detection (for all 7 emotions: ‘Happy,’ ‘Sad,’ ‘Angry,’ ‘Surprised,’ ‘Disgusted,’ ‘Calm’ and ‘Confused’) and added a new emotion: ‘Fear,’” according to an update from Amazon on Monday.

Your GIF/Video for August 16, 2019

A London Underground announcer makes the Tube sound like a boxing match.

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