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College Crosse’s 2019 All-Freshmen selections

Honoring the nation’s best first-year players.

Matt Dewkett

College Crosse is proud to present this year’s All-Freshmen team honors for the 2019 season.

Beginning at the conclusion of the 2017 season, the purpose of the All-Freshmen teams are to honor the best first-year players in college lacrosse. True freshmen and redshirt-freshmen are included in creating these teams.

There are three teams and Honorable Mentions, which have been trimmed down. Each team has the following:

  • 3 attackmen
  • 3 offensive midfielders
  • 3 defensemen
  • 1 FOGO
  • 1 long stick defensive midfielder
  • 1 short stick defensive midfielder
  • 1 goaltender

Here are this year’s All-Freshmen teams:

2019 College Crosse All-Freshmen First Team

Position Player School Yearly Stats
Position Player School Yearly Stats
Attack Matt Brandau Yale 50 Gs, 24 As, 48 GBs, 4 CTs
Attack Joey Epstein Johns Hopkins 48 Gs, 25 As, 21 GBs, 3 CTs
Attack Brendan Nichtern Army West Point 30 Gs, 50 As, 26 GBs, 1 CT
Midfield Sam Handley Penn 35 Gs, 26 As, 6 GBs, 1 CT
Midfield TJ Malone Penn State 30 Gs, 6 As, 17 GBs, 2 CTs
Midfield Chase Scanlan Loyola 43 Gs, 15 As, 23 GBs, 2 CTs
Defense Chris Conlin Holy Cross 27 CTs, 36 GBs, 1 A
Defense Cade Saustad Virginia 13 CTs, 46 GBs, 1 A
Defense Cam Wyers Loyola 17 CTs, 34 GBs, 1 G
FOGO Petey LaSalla Virginia 216-of-368 FOs (58.7%), 100 GBs, 2 CTs, 8 Gs, 1 A
LSM BJ Farrare Penn 18 CTs, 37 GBs, 3 Gs, 6 As
SSDM Jake Stevens Princeton 11 CTs, 60 GBs, 5 Gs, 3 As
Goalie Chayse Ierlan Cornell 11.83 GAA, 53.7% SV %, 13 GBs, 5 CTs

2019 College Crosse All-Freshmen Second Team

Position Player School Yearly Stats
Position Player School Yearly Stats
Attack Tye Kurtz Delaware 31 Gs, 21 As, 35 GBs, 3 CTs
Attack Timmy Ley Boston University 34 Gs, 6 As, 30 GBs, 7 CTs
Attack Gabriel Procyk UMass 35 Gs, 5 As, 14 GBs, 1 CT
Midfield Matt Campbell Villanova 28 Gs, 12 As, 11 GBs, 1 CT
Midfield Derrek Madonna Hobart 23 Gs, 9 As, 16 GBs, 2 CTs
Midfield Riley Seay Bellarmine 30 Gs, 9 As, 17 GBs, 4 CTs
Defense Samuel Cambere Utah 20 CTs, 52 GBs, 5-of-21 FOs (23.8%), 3 Gs, 3 As
Defense Peter Rizzotti Dartmouth 27 CTs, 35 GBs, 2 Gs
Defense Jordan Young Jacksonville 26 CTs, 27 GBs
FOGO Ashton Wood Mercer 183-of-281 FOs (65.1%), 101 GBs, 2 CTs, 2 Gs, 4 As
LSM Eric Flynn UMass Lowell 25 CTs, 50 GBs, 0-for-1 FO
SSDM Zack Deaken Jacksonville 21 CTs, 42 GBs, 1 G
Goalie Caton Johnson North Carolina 11.12 GAA, 54.4% SV %, 12 GBs

2019 College Crosse All-Freshmen Third Team

Position Player School Yearly Stats
Position Player School Yearly Stats
Attack Darian Cook Brown 25 Gs, 22 As, 28 GBs, 2 CTs
Attack Jason Knox Hobart 36 Gs, 5 As, 23 GBs, 2 CTs
Attack Jack Myers Ohio State 17 Gs, 20 As, 11 GBs, 2 CTs
Midfield Will Abbott Quinnipiac 20 Gs, 14 As, 27 GBs, 3 CTs
Midfield Thomas McConvey Vermont 23 Gs, 9 As, 10 GBs, 3 CTs
Midfield Tommy Schelling Lehigh 17 Gs, 13 As, 10 GBs, 2 CTs
Defense Quentin Carlile Air Force 23 CTs, 31 GBs
Defense Will Carson Boston University 18 CTs, 35 GBs, 2 Gs
Defense Andrew Geppert Brown 17 CTs, 25 GBs
FOGO Zach Cole Saint Joseph's 169-of-270 FOs (62.6%), 102 GBs, 1 CT, 3 Gs, 3 As
LSM Michael Ubriaco Villanova 13 CTs, 25 GBs, 3 Gs
SSDM Donovan Lacey Sacred Heart 13 CTs, 32 GBs, 4 Gs, 2 As
Goalie Will Vitton Villanova 11.37 GAA, 51.8% SV %, 24 GBs, 2 CTs

2019 College Crosse All-Freshmen Honorable Mentions

Attack: Jacob Buck (Canisius), Bryce Clay (Michigan), David Closterman (Vermont), Jamison Embury (Marist), Ellis Geis (Denver), Matt Grillo (Providence), Sean Goldsmith (Mercer), Austin Madronic (Harvard), Jojo Pirreca (Marist), Nicky Solomon (North Carolina), Will Spangenberg (Holy Cross), Alston Tarry (Bucknell)

Midfield: Jake Cates (Boston University), Cole Dutton (Lafayette), Stephen Dwyer (Wagner), Layton Harrell (Stony Brook), Sal Iaria (Vermont), Cam Kostus (Detroit Mercy), Kyle Long (Maryland), Quinn McCahon (Notre Dame), Declan McDermott (Georgetown), Clay Miller (Delaware), Nick Polydoras (Cleveland State), Hunter Vines (High Point), Dylan Watson (Georgetown), Kevin Winkoff (Binghamton)

Close Defense: Ray Baran (Richmond), Chris Campbell (Hartford), Nick Conklin (St. Bonaventure), Andrew Darby (Michigan), Owen Grant (Delaware), Jack Heed (Jacksonville), Evan Hellmich (Robert Morris), Will Jones (Vermont), Brett Makar (Maryland), Alex Mazzone (Georgetown), Cathal Roberts (Princeton), Stephen Sajer (Lafayette), Drew Wellington (Bucknell)

FOGO: Jack Aigner (Bryant), Nick Barry (Navy), Brett Boos (Denver), Demitri George (Quinnipiac), Ian Groom (Hampton), Andrew Hamilton (Cleveland State), Liam McDonough (UMass Lowell), Matt Narewski (Johns Hopkins), James Reilly (Georgetown), Zachary Tucci (North Carolina), Ian Weinberg (Monmouth)

LSM: Jose Boyer (Notre Dame), Drew Furlong (Binghamton), CJ Goss (Canisius), Marcus Hudgins (Army West Point), Mo Sillah (Towson), Ethan Rall (Rutgers), JT Roselle (Marist), Travis Talarico (Bucknell), Garrett Zungailia (Towson)

SSDM: Tyler Ammirato (Marist), Luc Anderson (Princeton), Trejan Cannon (VMI), Andrew Chilson (Saint Joseph’s), Matt Duncan (St. John’s), Zachary Geddes (Georgetown), Will Johansen (Robert Morris), Garrett LeClaire (Mercer), Connor Maher (North Carolina), Princeton Oppong (Mercer), James Pryor (Army West Point), Joel Scerbo (High Point)

Goaltender: Brody Agres (St. John’s), Ross Blumenthal (Drexel), Luke Caracciolo (Bryant), James Corasaniti (Fairfield), Nick DiMuccio (Quinnipiac), Brett Dobson (St. Bonaventure), Daniel Hincks (Dartmouth), Ryan Ness (Lafayette)

To view the 2017 and 2018 selections, please click on the respective years to bring you to those teams.