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College Crosse Prospectus - May 23, 2019: 2019 Hall Of Fame Class Announced, Chris & Ashley Hogan Donate 100 Student Tickets To Final Four, Women’s Championship Weekend Crossecast, & Cheesesteaks Review

All the lacrosse news you can handle and plenty more!!!

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Local Businesses Support The Chelsea Flower Show Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, College Crosse Nation! Thanks for making us a part of your day! Here’s everything you need to know for May 23, 2019.

College Crosse News

The National Lacrosse Hall of Fame announced nine names as the Class of 2019.

The National Lacrosse Hall of Fame announces the addition of nine new inductees as the Class of 2019, following approval by US Lacrosse’s Board of Directors. The newest members will be officially inducted in a ceremony on Saturday, October 19, at The Grand Lodge in Hunt Valley, Md.

The prince we were promised: Chris & Ashley Hogan donate 100 student tickets for Penn State Final Four appearance.

Ahead of Penn State’s rematch with Yale in the Final Four on Saturday, the program is giving away 100 free tickets to students. The giveaway was made possible by a donation from alumni Chris and Ashley Hogan.

Ryan & Skyler taped a great 2019 NCAA Women’s Lacrosse Final Four preview that was released yesterday.

The 2019 NCAA Women’s Lacrosse Tournament has gone according to plan with the powers of the sport stepping up and taking care of business. What does that mean for you, the lacrosse fan? An incredible weekend of lacrosse on the horizon down in Baltimore. And what better way to get you set for it than a fresh new edition of COLLEGE CROSSECAST. I’m joined by College Crosse NCAA Women’s Lacrosse editor Skyler Gilbert as we take stock in the tournament. We start be recapping a quarterfinals where the higher seeds dominated, with Maryland-Denver (3:11), Northwestern-Syracuse (7:54), Boston College-Princeton (14:10), and North Carolina-Virginia (20:25) going according to plan.

Make sure you read Chris’ fantastic cheesesteaks review.

This weekend is Championship Weekend in college lacrosse, with the men’s lacrosse championships being held in Philadelphia. You may know that already. You may not know what to do during the weekend that doesn’t involve lacrosse. There’s a ton of places to do and see and even eat around the greatest city in the world. But for most foodies, Philly is known for their cheesesteaks. They’re also just called cheesesteaks, not “Philly Cheesesteaks.” There’s plenty of places to get there, but some are better than others. But before you find out where to go, there’s a few basics to know about the simple yet important food.

I also wrote a Philly food guide for those visiting for the Final Four.

The 2019 Final Four is in Philadelphia and we at College Crosse couldn’t be happier. To assist visitors coming to Philly for Memorial Day Weekend, I’ve created this guide of places to eat and check out while you are in the city.

Oh my: Check out this great video of Pat Spencer dunks from high school.

Maryland women’s lacrosse tools up up for a rematch against Northwestern.

BC looks like they are ready to go as well.

This Duke team is pretty likable.

What’s Up, PhilaJersey?

I could’ve told you that: Philadelphia ranks in top 10 best city for basketball fans.

The Sixers may not always be the top team, but they make Philadelphia one of the best places to be for basketball. The City of Brotherly Love is ranked among the top 10 best cities in the United States to be a basketball fan. Philly ranked No. 8 overall with a total score of 44.89, according to data compiled by WalletHub. The factors contributing to this score is the city’s a No. 17 ranking among NBA cities and a No. 4 ranking among college basketball towns.

World/National News

Meow: The cat who saved a Japanese rail line.

On a bright May morning at Japan’s Idakiso train station, a small cat basked in the sun as her photo was taken by a group of tourists before getting a tummy tickle from a toddler. While the white, tan and black kitten purred and meowed in the arms of a visitor, one of the station workers looked on with a grin, interjecting only to gently reposition the cat’s brimmed conductor hat whenever it threatened to slip over her eyes.

“Having her around the station makes everyone happy,” he said, as the cat playfully swiped at a tourist’s iPhone. “I sometimes forget that she is my boss.”

Your GIF/Video for May 23, 2019

Meet Baby Stephen A. Smith.

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