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College Crosse Top 20 Week 4

We have our fourth #1 of the season as we wrap up the first month of the season

Jake Nazar

After another incredibly exciting week of games in what so far has been an incredibly exciting season, we had yet further a lot of shake-up to the College Crosse Top 20, including our fourth team to reach the #1 ranking in just one month of the season. As usual, Chris, Ryan, Adam, Skyler, Safe, and myself took part in the voting. Directly below you can find each of our individual ballots and below that is the official College Crosse Top 20 poll for Week 4. Let us know any thoughts you have or what your Top 20 would be in the comments or on Twitter.

College Crosse Week 4 Top 20 Ballots

Rank Jake Adam Chris Safe Ryan Skyler Rank
Rank Jake Adam Chris Safe Ryan Skyler Rank
1 Towson Towson Towson Towson Towson Towson 1
2 Cornell Cornell Cornell Cornell Cornell Loyola 2
3 Maryland Maryland Loyola Maryland Loyola Cornell 3
4 Ohio State Yale Maryland Loyola Maryland Penn State 4
5 Loyola Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State Yale Yale 5
6 Yale Penn State Yale Yale Penn State Maryland 6
7 Penn State Loyola Penn State Penn State Duke Denver 7
8 Duke Duke Duke Duke Ohio State Notre Dame 8
9 Notre Dame Denver Denver Notre Dame Notre Dame Ohio State 9
10 Denver Notre Dame Notre Dame Denver Denver Villanova 10
11 Georgetown Villanova Villanova Villanova Villanova Duke 11
12 Villanova High Point Georgetown Georgetown Georgetown High Point 12
13 Army Virginia High Point Army Navy Virginia 13
14 Navy Georgetown Virginia High Point Army Syracuse 14
15 Richmond Army Richmond Richmond Richmond Georgetown 15
16 High Point Johns Hopkins Army West Point Navy High Point Johns Hopkins 16
17 Virginia Navy Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins Virginia Army 17
18 Johns Hopkins Richmond Navy Virginia Johns Hopkins Navy 18
19 Syracuse Syracuse Syracuse Boston Univ. Syracuse Richmond 19
20 Boston U Rutgers Boston University Syracuse Boston U Albany 20

College Crosse Week 4 Top 20

Rank College Crosse Top 20
Rank College Crosse Top 20
1 Towson
2 Cornell
3 Maryland
4 Loyola
5 Yale
6 Ohio State
7 Penn State
8 Duke
9 Denver
10 Notre Dame
11 Villanova
12 Georgetown
13 High Point
14 Army
15 Virginia
16 Navy
17 Richmond
18 Johns Hopkins
19 Syracuse
20 Boston U

Towson ascends to the #1 ranking after their big win over previous #1 Loyola, which coupled with #2 Maryland’s loss last week sees the Tigers jump all the way up from #6 to the top spot. The aforementioned Terps don’t drop far after an OT loss on the road at Notre Dame, only falling one spot to #3. Undefeated Cornell moves up to #2, meaning no matter what happens on Friday in their games against Jacksonville and Penn State, the Tigers and Big Red will be a #1 vs. #2 match-up in our poll on Sunday. Loyola goes from #1 to #4, while Yale falls from #3 to #5 with all the shake-up in other games plus an unconvincing OT win over UMass. Towson jumping into the Top 5 pushed out Penn State, who went to #7. Villanova was the lone Top 10 team to drop, but only falling one spot as Notre Dame moved back in after their big win over Maryland.

Only one team fell out of the Top 20 this week, which was Colgate after their loss to Lehigh. Their spot was taken by Boston University, making their debut in our poll, coming in at #20. Otherwise, this was probably our least crazy week in terms of upsets and shake-up in the Top 20.