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College Crosse Week 7 Picks: The Doyle Smith Cup and the Battle for Cicero

We’re back for another big week of pick’em.

NCAA Lacrosse - Division I - Semifinals - Johns Hopkins vs Virginia Photo by Joseph Labolito/Getty Images

We’re officially halfway through the regular season, and this is where things stand in College Crosse’s first annual pick’em:

  1. Adam (30-17)
  2. Jake (25-22)
  3. Ryan (23-24)
  4. Chris (23-24)
  5. Safe (22-25)

I’ve got a 5-game lead on Jake for first, while the other three guys are still looking to get on the positive side of .500 for the year. But that could easily change this week.

We’ve got Lehigh vs. Navy in a tough Patriot League contest, Denver vs. Towson as the Pios travel cross country to take on The Nadelen Death Grip (TM), undefeated Ohio State’s first big test of the year against Notre Dame, Penn vs. Cornell as the Quakers look to keep it rolling against their Ivy League foes, and Maryland vs. North Carolina in a match between two former ACC rivals.

Rounding out this week’s slate are the two marquee matchups: Virginia vs. Johns Hopkins at Homewood Field in what might be the last Doyle Smith Cup for awhile (the two historic rivals reportedly won’t play in 2020) and then Duke vs. Syracuse in a game being played at Cicero-North Syracuse high school, because for some reason Syracuse still scheduled a home game for this week even though they’ve known for years that it was possible that March Madness would force them out of the Carrier Dome.

College Crosse Week 7 Picks

WEEK 7 (March 23. - March 24) Adam Jake Ryan Chris Safe
WEEK 7 (March 23. - March 24) Adam Jake Ryan Chris Safe
Lehigh vs. Navy Navy Lehigh Lehigh Lehigh Lehigh
Denver vs. Towson Denver Towson Towson Towson Towson
Ohio State vs. Notre Dame Notre Dame Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State
Penn vs. Cornell Penn Penn Cornell Cornell Penn
North Carolina vs. Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland
Virginia vs. Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins Virginia Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins
Duke vs. Syracuse Syracuse Duke Duke Duke Syracuse

I’m going out on a limb with a few of my picks this week, which will either grow my lead even further or let some of the other guys back in it. I was the only one to pick Navy over Lehigh, Notre Dame over Ohio State, and Denver over Towson.

Ryan was the only one to pick Virginia over Hopkins, which is slightly surprising. Duke vs. Syracuse and Penn vs. Cornell were pretty evenly split, while we all like Maryland to get the win over North Carolina.

Things are starting to get spicy. Check back again next week for more College Crosse picks.