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Picking March Madness 2019 based on nothing but lacrosse

Don’t know a lot about this year’s field? Just go with who has the best lacrosse team!

Michigan v Villanova Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

This. Is. MARCH. Welcome to the best week in all of sports. The first and second rounds of the NCAA Tournament make work or school or whatever you’re doing a lot more enjoyable. Don’t expect to do stuff during that time.

Odds are you’ll end up with some tough choices, and that’s okay! Here at College Crosse, we’ll help you with those tough choices, by picking all the winners based on college lacrosse teams!

Last year, we had the Villanova Wildcats (a good pick!) beating the Virginia Cavaliers (not a good pick!) in the title game, and it wasn’t the best of brackets. We did call a 16 seed beating a 1 seed! Oh well, we’ll do it again anyways! And you can pick your winner here!

East Region

First Round

#1 Duke vs. #16 North Dakota State: North Dakota State has a pretty good MCLA team, while NC Central has a club team with not a ton of info. Here’s their club page if you’re interested. But the Bison (pronounced BYE-zun) are playing a top NCAA team. Pick: Duke

#8 VCU vs. #9 UCF: VCU has a Division II NCLL team, while UCF has an MCLA team. Also, UCF coach Austin Ricci has an unreal profile photo.

Pick: UCF

#5 Mississippi State vs. #12 Liberty: The Flames are currently undefeated in MCLA Division I play this year (side note, I think they would be a pretty good NCAA men’s program in the future), while Mississippi State is a D2 team in the NCLL. Our first 12-5 upset! Pick: Liberty

#4 Virginia Tech vs. #13 Saint Louis: These two teams are in the MCLA. The Hokies are a D1 team with a 4-3 record, while the Billikens are 0-3 in Division II. Pick: Virginia Tech

#6 Maryland vs. #11 Temple: The Owls will be an MCLA team next year (and better be an NCAA team in the future!) while Belmont had (has?) a team. Maryland is College Crosse’s #1 team (but not mine!) Pick: Maryland

#3 LSU vs. #14 Yale: The Tigers’ head lacrosse coach isn’t involved in an FBI wiretap investigation. That’s the good news. The bad news is that they’re 3-4 in MCLA D1 play and they have the defending national champions. And this.

Pick: Yale/Handsome Dan

#7 Louisville vs. #10 Minnesota: The Cardinals (who have a sick hype video) are a Division II NCLL team, while the Golden Gophers are 5-3 at the MCLA Division I level. Pick: Minnesota

#2 Michigan State vs. #15 Bradley: Despite a 2-4 start this year, the Spartans won the MCLA Division I championship last year. The Braves don’t have an MCLA Division II team this year. Pick: Michigan State

Second Round

#1 Duke vs. #9 UCF: Tacko Fall can’t help the Golden Knights because he plays basketball in this lacrosse example. Pick: Duke

#4 Virginia Tech vs. #12 Liberty: I’ll take the undefeated team in Liberty, but these two teams play each other on April 20. Pick: Liberty

#6 Maryland vs. #14 Yale: Our first D1 lacrosse matchup! Maryland could be undefeated if it weren’t for an overtime loss on the road to Notre Dame. Yale could be the same if it weren’t for an early overtime loss at home to Villanova. I do like Yale’s defense over Maryland’s offense as well as their FOGO TD Ierlan. Plus, more of this.

Pick: Yale/Handsome Dan

#2 Michigan State vs. #10 Minnesota: These two teams played each other in the regular season, and Michigan State won 15-5. Pick: Michigan State

Sweet Sixteen

#1 Duke vs. #12 Liberty: The Cinderella run by the Flames is extinguished. Pick: Duke

#2 Michigan State vs. #14 Yale: More of this.

Pick: Yale/Handsome Dan

Elite Eight

#1 Duke vs. #14 Yale: A (lacrosse) national championship rematch. Both teams are rolling now after early season losses, but I would definitely like to see this game played later in the year. But I think the same result happens. This guy’s going to the Final Four!

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Being gentle...

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Pick: Yale/Handsome Dan

West Region

First Round

#1 Gonzaga vs. #16 Fairleigh Dickinson: The Bulldogs are 1-3 in MCLA Division II this year. Fairleigh Dickinson does have a lacrosse team, but in D3 with their Florham campus. The Knights don’t have a men’s team Pick: Gonzaga

#8 Syracuse vs. #9 Baylor: The Bears’ 4-2 MCLA D2 team won’t be a match for John Desko. Pick: Syracuse

#5 Marquette vs. #12 Murray State: The Golden Eagles have been inconsistent this year, but when they’re good, they’re good. Murray State doesn’t have a team. Sorry Ja Morant. Pick: Marquette

#4 Florida State vs. #13 Vermont: The Seminoles are 3-5 in MCLA D1. The Catamounts are 4-3 and are also an NCAA team. A 13-4 upset! Pick: Vermont

#6 Buffalo vs. #11 St. John’s: Despite having a pretty good year in hoops, the Bulls are 3-2 in MCLA D1. St. John’s beats Arizona State is and NCAA team with a 2-4 record. Pick: St. John’s

#3 Texas Tech vs. #14 Northern Kentucky: The Red Raiders are a game under .500 at 3-4 in MCLA’s Division I. Northern Kentucky might have an NCLL team. They do have this video.

Pick: Texas Tech

#7 Nevada vs. #10 Florida: Both teams are MCLA Division I programs. The Wolfpack are 2-4 while the Gators are 5-4, but lost their last three. But they’ve been very competitive in those losses. Pick: Florida

#2 Michigan vs. #15 Montana: The Wolverines have been a little disappointing at 3-3 this season. I thought they’d be a lot better this season. On the other side, the Grizzlies are 3-4 in MCLA’s Division II. Pick: Michigan

Second Round

#1 Gonzaga vs. #8 Syracuse: The NCAA Division I team will always prevail, so sorry ‘Zags. Pick: Syracuse

#5 Marquette vs. #13 Vermont: Another NCAA D1 matchup. If both teams play to their highest potential, Marquette should take home the win in that matchup. Pick: Marquette

#3 Texas Tech vs. #11 St. John’s : Again, take the NCAA D1 team. Pick: St. John’s

#2 Michigan vs. #10 Florida: We’re gonna have all four teams in the West region as NCAA D1 lacrosse schools. Pick: Michigan

Sweet Sixteen

#5 Marquette vs. #8 Syracuse: I think this could be an intriguing and potentially close game. But the Orange would prevail. Pick: Syracuse

#2 Michigan vs. #11 St. John’s: Hey they played each other this year, with the Wolverines winning 16-11. Pick: Michigan

Elite Eight

#2 Michigan vs. #8 Syracuse: It’s another thrilling Final Four run for the Orange. And they make it to the Final Four as well! Pick: Syracuse

South Region

First Round

#1 Virginia vs. #16 Gardner-Webb: Gardner-Webb doesn’t have a team, while Virginia is in the ACC. Pick: Virginia

#8 Ole Miss vs. #9 Oklahoma: Both teams are MCLA D1 members, with the Sooners holding a 5-4 record and the Rebels are 2-5. Pick: Oklahoma

#5 Wisconsin vs. #12 Oregon: The Badgers have a few teams in the GCLL, while the Ducks have one team at the MCLA Division I and are 3-2. These helmets are also nice.

Pick: Oregon

#4 Kansas State vs. #13 UC Irvine: Our first MCLA Division II battle. Both these teams aren’t good. The Wildcats are 1-3, while the Anteaters (!) are 2-6. Also, head coach Tim Fox with a do-rag?

Pick: UC Irvine

#6 Villanova vs. #11 Saint Mary’s: Despite being a 3-4 team, the Wildcats are a Division I NCAA team. Saint Mary’s is a D2 MCLA team with a 3-5 record Pick: Villanova

#3 Purdue vs. #14 Old Dominion: The Boilermakers are 1-3 in MCLA’s Division I. The Monarchs are an NCLL Division II team. Pick: Purdue

#7 Cincinnati vs. #10 Iowa: Neither school has an MCLA team, but the Bearcats are Division I in the NCLL. I don’t think the Hawkeyes have an active team, and if they are, they’re in the GCLL. Pick: Cincinnati

#2 Tennessee vs. #15 Colgate: Tennessee’s MCLA D1 team is 1-4. The Raiders are 3-3 and play later today against Hobart! Pick: Colgate

Second Round

#1 Virginia vs. #9 Oklahoma: Another easy game for the Cavaliers. Pick: Virginia

#12 Oregon vs. #13 UC Irvine: Oregon wins the day, and the game. Pick: Oregon

#3 Purdue vs. #6 Villanova: The defending basketball national champs continue their title defense. Pick: Villanova

#7 Cincinnati vs. #15 Colgate: This could be the easiest pick so far. Pick: Colgate

Sweet Sixteen

#1 Virginia vs. #12 Oregon: The NCAA D1 team wins again, but the Ducks win the swag game. Pick: Virginia

#6 Villanova vs. #15 Colgate: This is a tough pick’em game. Both teams had strong starts with big upsets, but have fizzled as of late. Their only common opponent was Maryland. Nova lost by 10, Colgate lost by five. Pick: Colgate

Elite Eight

#1 Virginia vs. #15 Colgate: With how the Cavaliers have played, this could be a close game before the Cavaliers storm back to win. Pick: Virginia

Midwest Region

First Round

#1 North Carolina vs. #16 Iona: North Carolina has an NCAA D1 team, while Iona doesn’t have a team to my knowledge. Pick: North Carolina

#8 Utah State vs. #9 Washington: The Aggies are 2-1 in MCLA’s Division II, while the Huskies are 4-2 in MCLA’s Division I. Pick: Washington

#5 Auburn vs. #12 New Mexico State: The Tigers are 7-2 at the MCLA D1 level. The Aggies don’t have a team. Pick: Auburn

#4 Kansas vs. #13 Northeastern: Despite both teams being MCLA D1 foes, the Huskies are 3-3 and the Jayhawks have two “draws.” Pick: Northeastern

#6 Iowa State vs. #11 Ohio State: The Cyclones are 1-7 at MCLA’s D1 level. The Buckeyes are the last undefeated team at the NCAA Division I level. Pick: Ohio State

#3 Houston vs. #14 Georgia State: The Cougars are 0-5 so far in MCLA’s Division I. The Panthers don’t have a team Pick: Houston

#7 Wofford vs. #10 Seton Hall: The Terriers had an MCLA team, while the Pirates don’t have a team So it’s tough. Pick: Wofford

#2 Kentucky vs. #15 Abilene Christian: In a battle of wildcats, Kentucky is a top 10 team at the NCLL Division II level, while Abilene Christian is 0-2 at the MCLA Division II level. Pick: Kentucky

Second Round

#1 North Carolina vs. #9 Washington: Always take the NCAA team. Also, Markelle Fultz is trash. Pick: North Carolina

#5 Auburn vs. #13 Northeastern: War Eagle has the better record than Northeastern. Pick: Auburn

#3 Houston vs. #11 Ohio State: The Buckeye offense would be humming in this meeting. Pick: Ohio State

#2 Kentucky vs. #7 Wofford: The Wildcats have a team. Pick: Kentucky

Sweet Sixteen

#1 North Carolina vs. #5 Auburn: UNC continues to take care of easy competition. Pick: North Carolina

#2 Kentucky vs. #11 Ohio State: Another W for OSU. Pick: Ohio State

Elite Eight

#1 North Carolina vs. #11 Ohio State: A good matchup, but I see the Buckeyes taking home the win. Both teams play each other in the fall. Pick: Ohio State

Final Four

#8 Syracuse vs. #14 Yale: These two teams have scrimmaged each other for the past two years, with the Bulldogs coming out on top. In the last two meetings that mattered, the Orange took home the win. I like both of their offenses, but I’d give Yale the edge for their defense and FOGO. More of this.

Pick: Yale

#1 Virginia vs. #11 Ohio State: This could be a potential first round or quarterfinal matchup come May. The Cavaliers have been tested and are 2-0 in ACC play with wins over Syracuse and Notre Dame. The Buckeyes are the lone undefeated team in the country, but their best win is...UMass? They’re going to be tested shortly. Pick: Virginia

National Championship

#1 Virginia vs. #14 Yale: Have the Cavaliers potentially turned a corner? They might be this year’s edition of the 2017 Orange in terms of finding ways to win. As for the Bulldogs, they dominated Cornell on Saturday and look like the team they were a year ago. Guess what? THIS GUY’S A CHAMPION AGAIN!

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Don’t forget to ice bath after competition! ❄️

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National Champion: Yale Bulldogs

If I were you, I would NOT use this bracket. Don’t use lacrosse to make your entire bracket.

Check out our sweet little angel of a bracket we made just for you! Good luck picking your actual winner using your basketball (and maybe lacrosse) knowledge!

Matt Dewkett

Now here’s my real bracket.