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College Crosse Week 5 Top 20

A new (old) #1 and more shake-up in this week’s Top 20

Craig Houtz/Penn State Athletics

This week brought the most big-time match-ups so far in the season and that meant it brought quite a bit of shake-up to the College Crosse Top 20, particularly at the top, as we have a returning #1 already just 6 weeks into the season. As usual, Chris, Ryan, Adam, Skyler, Safe, and myself took part in the voting. Directly below you can find each of our individual ballots and below that is the official College Crosse Top 20 poll for Week 5. Let us know any thoughts you have or what your Top 20 would be in the comments or on Twitter.

College Crosse Week 5 Top 20 Ballots

Rank Jake Adam Chris Safe Ryan Skyler Rank
Rank Jake Adam Chris Safe Ryan Skyler Rank
1 Maryland Maryland Penn State Maryland Penn State Penn State 1
2 Penn State Penn State Maryland Penn State Maryland Cornell 2
3 Ohio State Cornell Cornell Cornell Cornell Duke 3
4 Cornell Duke Ohio State Ohio State Duke Maryland 4
5 Duke Ohio State Duke Duke Ohio State Yale 5
6 Towson Yale Yale Towson Yale Towson 6
7 Yale Towson Towson Yale Towson Loyola 7
8 Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre Dame 8
9 Georgetown Loyola Loyola Loyola Georgetown Ohio State 9
10 Loyola Georgetown Georgetown Georgetown Loyola Denver 10
11 Syracuse Syracuse High Point High Point Denver Syracuse 11
12 Denver Denver Syracuse Denver High Point Virginia 12
13 High Point High Point Denver Virginia Syracuse Georgetown 13
14 Virginia Virginia Virginia Syracuse Virginia High Point 14
15 Rutgers Villanova Rutgers Rutgers Rutgers Rutgers 15
16 Richmond Rutgers Villanova Lehigh Hobart Richmond 16
17 Lehigh Lehigh Lehigh Colgate Lehigh Johns Hopkins 17
18 Colgate Johns Hopkins Colgate Delaware Colgate Princeton 18
19 Johns Hopkins Colgate Army West Point Richmond Delaware Penn 19
20 Navy Delaware Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins Massachusetts 20

College Crosse Week 5 Top 20

Rank College Crosse Top 20
Rank College Crosse Top 20
1 Penn State
2 Maryland
3 Cornell
4 Duke
5 Ohio State
6 Yale
7 Towson
8 Notre Dame
9 Loyola
10 Georgetown
11 Denver
12 Syracuse
13 High Point
14 Virginia
15 Rutgers
16 Lehigh
17 Colgate
18 Richmond
19 Johns Hopkins
20 Delaware

The Penn State Nittany Lions, who had a share of the #1 ranking earlier in the season, now hold it alone after two wins this weekend, including a blowout of then #2 ranked Cornell. They were not a unanimous #1, as Maryland also received 3 #1 votes, but the average ranking just favored the Nittany Lions. Maryland moves up to #2 with a claim for the top spot. Cornell only drops one spot despite their blowout loss to Penn State, as they rebounded on Sunday with a big time win over previously ranked #1 Towson. The Top 5 is rounded out with Duke and the lone undefeated left in college lacrosse, the Ohio State Buckeyes. Towson drops all the way from #1 to #7 after the aforementioned loss to Cornell. Notre Dame, Loyola, and Georgetown round out the Top 10.

The lone team to drop out of the Top 10 this week was Denver, who fell from #9 to #11 after their loss to Notre Dame. Four teams fell all the way out of the Top 20, including Villanova who suffered two losses this weekend and tumbled down from #11. Both Army and Navy suffered losses and fell out. As did Boston University, who dropped out after their first week in following a loss to Colgate. The new members of the Top 20 include Delaware at #20, Colgate once again at #17, Lehigh at #16, and Rutgers once again at #15.