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College Crosse Week 1 Picks

The gang make their picks for the first full weekend of the 2019 men’s D1 lacrosse season.

2012 NCAA Division I Men’s Lacrosse Championship: Maryland v Loyola Photo by Winslow Townson/Getty Images

We’re on to week 1, the first “official” week of the D1 mens lacrosse season after last weekend’s abbreviated Week 0. We’ve got a full slate of games to choose from, so hopefully that means Safe will get more wrong this time around.

Here are the standings after last week:

  1. Me (5-0)
  2. Safe (4-1)
  3. Jake (4-1)
  4. Ryan (3-2)
  5. Chris (3-2)

I was the only one to pick BU over Providence, and thus the spotless 5-0 record. This week should be much tougher though, as a couple of the games are essentially toss-ups.

As a reminder, we are picking from the top 5 games of the week. This week we’ve got Johns Hopkins @ Towson, Virginia @ Loyola, Robert Morris @ Penn State, Vermont @ Navy, and Army @ UMass.

The picks:

College Crosse Week 1 Picks

WEEK 1 (Feb 6. - Feb. 10) Adam Jake Ryan Chris Safe
WEEK 1 (Feb 6. - Feb. 10) Adam Jake Ryan Chris Safe
Robert Morris vs. Penn State Penn State Penn State Penn State Penn State Penn State
Johns Hopkins vs. Towson Towson Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins
Vermont vs. Navy Navy Navy Navy Vermont Vermont
Virginia vs. Loyola Loyola Loyola Virginia Loyola Loyola
Army vs. UMass UMass UMass UMass UMass Army

We’re unanimous on Penn State, who beat Villanova 17-7 last week thanks to Grant Ament’s 10 points, to take care of a tough Robert Morris team. But then things get interesting.

The rest of my colleagues picked Hopkins over Towson, while I picked the Tigers. My rationale is twofold. First, Towson has played much better at home in this series as of late. Second, I’m extremely superstitious so if I pick my Jays, they’ll probably lose. This way, if they do still lose, at least my pick was right. Gotta hedge those bets. (Plus I’m pretty worried that Towson FOGO Alex Woodall will dominate Hop’s group of inexperienced faceoff guys.)

The other three contests are close to being toss-ups. We’re all high on Loyola except Ryan, who went with Virginia to take home a second straight regular season victory over the Greyhounds. (Loyola won their playoff matchup a year ago). All of us except Safe like UMass over Army, while the Navy-Vermont matchup is split: two for Vermont, three for Navy.

Check back again next week for the updated standings and more picks. Week 2, which features games like Loyola vs. Hopkins, Denver vs. Duke, and Albany vs. Syracuse, should be even better than this week.