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College Crosse Prospectus - February 27, 2019: Week 3 Poll Aggregation, Game Day Loyola vs. Towson

All the lacrosse news you can handle and plenty more!!!

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Major Snowstorm Hits New York City Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, College Crosse Nation! Thanks for making us a part of your day! Here’s everything you need to know for February 27, 2019.

College Crosse News

It’s Aggregation time! We released our Week 3 Top 20 Poll, as did USILA, Inside Lacrosse, & US Lacrosse Magazine. Below is a chart with the Week 3 Top 20 poll results from each of the national polls.

Week 3 Poll Aggregation

Rank College Crosse USILA IL Media Poll US Lacrosse Mag Rank
Rank College Crosse USILA IL Media Poll US Lacrosse Mag Rank
1 Loyola Loyola Loyola Loyola 1
2 Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland 2
3 Yale Cornell Cornell Cornell 3
4 Cornell Yale Yale Yale 4
5 Penn State Penn State Penn State Penn State 5
6 Towson Duke Duke Towson 6
7 Duke Towson Towson Ohio State 7
8 Ohio State Denver Denver High Point 8
9 Denver Ohio State Ohio State Duke 9
10 Villanova Virginia Villanova Denver 10
11 Richmond Villanova High Point Richmond 11
12 Georgetown Notre Dame Syracuse Notre Dame 12
13 Syracuse High Point Virginia Virginia 13
14 Notre Dame Syracuse Richmond North Carolina 14
15 Army North Carolina Army Villanova 15
16 Navy Richmond Colgate Colgate 16
17 High Point Army West Point Notre Dame Syracuse 17
18 Virginia Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins Army 18
19 Colgate Colgate Georgetown Rutgers 19
20 Johns Hopkins Georgetown North Carolina Princeton 20

Tonight’s match-up between Towson & Loyola could have a major impact on the polls, especially if the Tigers upset the Hounds.

Speaking of tonight’s contest, you can find our Game Day post for the match-up here.

We got a great mid-week match-up tonight between #1 Loyola & #6 Towson. This is an important game for both schools historically, as it is the most played series for the two programs. Loyola and Towson have battled it out 61 times before today & I have a feeling that the 62nd game between the two this evening may turn out to be one of the best ever.

Here’s the Big Board for last night’s games with all the results, box scores, and winning team recaps. Clicking on any any team will take you to that team’s official website. Clicking on the box score cell will take you to that game’s box score. Clicking on the recap cell will take you to the winning team’s recap.

GOT ‘EM!! Holy Cross came back from down 7 last night to beat Harvard in double OT.

Full highlights from Harvard vs. Holy Cross.

Highlights from Providence vs. St. Joe’s.

Here’s a powerful post on UMass attackman Chris Connolly.

With his quick feet and ability to dodge hard, Chris Connolly is a captivating presence on the lacrosse field. His athletic skill is incredible and makes him a dangerously unstoppable player, set on taking down his opponent. This powerhouse of an attackman is nothing short of a vital member of the Massachusetts men’s lacrosse offense. What sets him apart from the average athlete, and even his fellow teammates, is unseen to the average person. Only those who really know Connolly, know that he is not your average collegiate athlete. In addition to being an insanely talented lacrosse player, the sophomore battles Type 1 diabetes. Connolly is one of the one million-plus Type 1 diabetics in America. In addition to defensemen on the field, he battles low blood sugar.

“Life’s short, so you gotta love it to the fullest.” #Blessed.

Here’s a really great piece on UNC men’s lacrosse’s Patrick Lyons & how he serves his community.

Patrick Lyons waved goodbye to his mom as he walked toward the community center in front of him. The 6-foot-4-inch high schooler was starting his first day of his internship. Lyons walked through the halls, peeking in the classrooms to see if anyone needed his help. He came across a room of kids painting, but they were unsupervised. He walked into the room, turned on the “The Lion King” and sat on the floor. Kids ran over to him, all of them sitting on him. Some laid on his legs, others curled up in his lap. Lyons’ boss walked by, and for a second, Lyons was worried he would get in trouble for helping with the kids instead of doing his desk work. His boss paused, smiled, and gave the rising senior a thumbs-up.

Despite his job being strictly business related, Lyons found ways to put the kids first, trying to be a positive male role model for them. It’s grown to be a priority for him.

This deserves an Oscar.

Highlights from this past weekend’s Penn vs. Duke game.

The BYU women’s lacrosse team is gonna own the 2019 BYU Talent Show.

Everyone wants to be a lacrosse player.

What’s Up, PhilaJersey?

Stockton University displayed its new esports facility Tuesday.

World/National News

They made it! Amtrak passengers trapped in the snow for a day and a half finally make it to their next stop.

An Amtrak train carrying 183 passengers that was stuck in the snow for almost two days has finally arrived back at a station, allowing people to disembark for the first time since it got stuck. The Coast Starlight train left Seattle on Sunday morning at 9.45am and was due to arrive in Los Angeles on Monday at 9pm but got stuck after hitting a downed tree in Oakridge, Oregon, around eight hours into the 35-hour journey.

Your GIF/Video for February 27, 2019

No one cared who I was until I put on the mask.

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