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College Crosse Week 0 Picks

The guys make their picks for the top 5 games of the weekend.

Sporting News NCAA Basketball Tourney Collection Photo by John Dunn/Sporting News via Getty Images

It’s here. NCAA men’s D1 lacrosse starts today, people. Not tomorrow. Not soon. Today.

This year, the gang at College Crosse will make their picks in the top 5 games each week, and we’ll post those picks here for you to either commend our lacrosse aptitude or laugh at our ineptitude. (More likely the latter.)

We’ll also keep track of everyone’s record throughout the season, so we can see which one of us is the worst at picking and troll him on Twitter. (Let’s be honest, it’s going to be Eri_Barrister.)

Though this is the first week of the season, and the first week we’ll make picks, we’re calling this “Week 0” since only a handful of teams are playing this weekend. “Week 1” will begin Feb. 6 when Duke takes on High Point.

Jake, Ryan, Chris, Safe, and myself will be participating. Without further adieu, here are College Crosse’s picks for the first week of the 2019 college lacrosse season:

College Crosse Week 0 Picks

WEEK 0 (Feb 1. - Feb. 3) Adam Jake Ryan Chris Safe
WEEK 0 (Feb 1. - Feb. 3) Adam Jake Ryan Chris Safe
Vermont vs. Utah Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont
Jacksonville vs. Detroit Mercy Detroit Mercy Detroit Mercy Jacksonville Jacksonville Detroit Mercy
Villanova vs. Penn State Penn State Penn State Penn State Penn State Penn State
Bucknell vs. Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland
BU vs. Providence BU Providence Providence Providence Providence
Weekly record:
Total season record:

Our games this week are Vermont @ Utah, Detroit Mercy @ Jacksonville, Villanova @ Penn State, Bucknell @ Maryland, and BU @ Providence. The week is a little light on drama, but things get much juicier next week.

All five of us picked Vermont to beat Utah in the Utes’ ‘inaugural game, though many of us think it’ll be a pretty close game. Also, all of us picked Maryland to take care of Bucknell and Penn State to get by Villanova.

The most variance came in the Detroit-Jacksonville and BU-Providence games. Jake, Safe, and I picked Detroit Mercy to beat Jacksonville, while Ryan and Chris went with the Florida boys to go up North and beat Detroit. Meanwhile, I was the only person to pick BU to beat Providence, so perhaps I’ll regret that one later.

Check back next week around this time for the second week of College Crosse picks.