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College Crosse Prospectus - August 28, 2018: Villanova Year In Review; Assistant Coach & Transfer News By Chris

All the lacrosse news you can handle and plenty more!!!

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GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, College Crosse Nation! Thanks for making us a part of your day! Here’s everything you need to know for August 28, 2018.

College Crosse News

ANOTHER ONE: College Crosse Year in Review series is back with #16 is Villanova!

Season Summary It looked like Villanova might have been one of the dark-horse teams in the entire country with a new goalie in Matt Barrett and a ton of scoring depth on their side. But injuries to Barrett, Luke Palmadesso, and Joey Froccaro led to a late season skid before ultimately being bounced by Duke in the NCAA Tournament.

The season started with two big road wins in overtime against Penn State and eventual national champion Yale. In the season opener against the Nittany Lions, Barrett played the first seven minutes before going down with a season-ending injury. But after the Hofstra win, there came some concern. They did win their next two games, needing a fourth quarter run to beat Drexel and escaping Delaware with two Christian Cuccinello fourth quarter goals. Yet they suffered a tough defeat to Brown in a midweek game, where the team also saw the last of Palmadesso. The Bears used a four-goal fourth quarter run to get past the Wildcats and end their undefeated start.

An assistant coach recap from Chris.

Nice pick-up by Utah.

New Dr. Fred Opie Podcast!

Get the down low on how to improve your GPA from a college professor who shares secrets of the profession and the inside scoop on what professors like and don’t like. Learn how to handle athletic and academic, time, and financial commitments on campus. Fred Opie was a student athlete at Syracuse University. As a college professor for almost 2 decades he knows the lay of the land on a college campus.

Calling all BALLERS: The Manitoba Lacrosse Hall of Fame is seeking help from the sports community.

The Manitoba Lacrosse Hall of Fame is seeking help from the sports community. The 1932 Argonaughts Athletic Association senior team, which won the Western Canadian lacrosse championship, will be inducted into the Manitoba shrine this year. Finding family members for a team from the past is always difficult and, to date, the HOF committee has only found the relatives of Charles and Harold Benson, Ben Chivers and Sam Thompson. The other team members were president and coach Had McKinley, coach Bill Bowman, Fred Allan, Cliff Crowley, Frank Hawkins, Ross and Whit McElheran, Dave Oliver, Hugh Penwarden, Jim Smith, Bun Stephenson, Elmer Wilson and Wally Woolner. If you can help, contact Doug Krochak at 204-223-8152.

Nothing like some beach lacrosse in Barcelona.

I hope the lads were training in June & July: Towson holds Fitness Testing Day.

Towson University had its first day of classes for the Fall 2018 semester and with it signaled the unofficial beginning of fall ball for the Towson men’s lacrosse team. On Monday morning, the members of the 2018-19 team met in the locker room in the Johnny Unitas Stadium Field House, hearing from the coaching staff and members of the program’s support staff. Following the team meetings, the Tigers strapped on the running shoes and hit the track for the annual fitness testing. It was a warm and muggy morning at Unitas Stadium, with temperatures in the upper 80s and the humidity percentage in the 70s. The Tigers broke out by class and started on opposite corners of the track. The seniors and juniors were the first up for the one-mile test, which requires student-athletes to finish under six minutes. Following the mile run, there was a four-minute break before the 300-yard shuttle run, which was to be completed in 60 seconds.

Classy video from the Boston Cannons: Max Seibald & Mitch Belisle say goodbye to Major League Lacrosse & to the Cannons.

The Tigers have some thoughts on the new rule changes.

The NCAA men’s lacrosse rules committee has made some major changes to the way the game will be played starting in 2019. Included in those rules changes are the introduction of a shot clock on every possession, one that gives teams 20 seconds to advance the ball past midfield and then 60 to get a shot that either goes in, hits the pipe or is saved by the goalie (the exception is after a won face-off, in which case the clock starts when the ball is either touched into the restraining box or one pass is made). There are also new rules involving shortening the substitution box and the return of “the dive,” which will allow players to leave their feet and land in the crease if the ball is in the goal before they land and as long as they are not diving directly to the goal mouth.

Here are the reactions of a few Princeton players, from various positions, to the changes:

Charlie Durbin Offensive Midfielder On offense, I think teams will generally try to play faster to maximize time on the shot clock; however, for many teams this could simply mean eliminating swinging the ball around early in possessions. No matter how teams try to play faster, a shot clock encourages risk-taking, especially later in possessions. That is where the dive comes in. It’s a dynamic move that makes it extraordinarily easier to get to the net. I think the shot clock will be more important for defenses. The shot clock rewards good defenses by making them play less of it. Athletic defenses will be disproportionally rewarded because they have the ability to play aggressively for the duration of the shot clock. Unathletic defenses will probably try to play zone and slow the game down, hoping opposing offenses can’t break the zone in time. The zone strategy really ruins the point of the new rules, but more teams will probably try it.

Stand up, Rhode Island: Here’s a great video from Bryant’s 2018 PrimeTime Lacrosse Bulldog Brawl.

Check out this great, nearly 30-minute long video on the growth of the game in Kenya.

First dive goal of 2018-19 is in the books!

Blessed: Anonymous donor’s gift saves girl’s lacrosse at Oakland Technical High School.

New donations will save three of 10 sports teams cut in Oakland high schools last week, but even with the help, the district might still be out of compliance with federal law requiring gender equity in sports. A $35,000, one-time gift from a donor who wished to remain anonymous will ensure about 125 girls can still play golf and tennis this fall, said district spokesman John Sasaki at a Monday afternoon press conference.

In addition, a separate donation will save girls’ lacrosse, which is only played at one school, Oakland Technical High School.

Men’s lacrosse rule changes are great for the game.

It’s finally happening. After months — even years — of speculation, debate, and controversy, the NCAA is implementing a standardized 60-second shot clock in men’s lacrosse.

Penn coach Mike Murphy met along with the eight other members of the NCAA Rules Committee earlier this month to authorize the changes. In September, those changes are expected to be approved by the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Committee, bringing a much needed change to college lacrosse. The new rule will give possessing teams 20 seconds to carry the ball from the defensive zone to the offensive half. Once across that midline, a 60-second shot clock will automatically start.

What’s Up, PhilaJersey?

I’m on a boat (in Philly)!!: This September, sign up for Philadelphia’s Walnut2Walnut River Challenge, a boating adventure to remember.

If you’ve been talking about boating on the Schuylkill River for years now — as so many long-time residents do — there’s a perfect, only in Philadelphia, quirky boating adventure going down next month. For the fifth consecutive year, the Walnut2Walnut River Challenge welcomes rowers and boaters to hit the river and check out a course boasting beautiful views of the city in a low-key “race” that looks like a worthwhile endeavor. The Walnut2Walnut River Challenge invites rowers and boaters of all ages and skill levels to participate in the event’s 15-mile course touring both the Schuylkill and Delaware Rivers, passing some killer views of the city and, let’s admit it, Instagram-worthy moments along the way. While this is a great event to break out your personal kayak, canoe or rowboat, you don’t have to be in possession of a vessel to participate — boat rentals will be available through Hidden River Outfitters.

World/National News

Time for us to find a new planet: Divers stumble upon 4.2 metre long squid carcass.

Daniel, Jack and Matthew Aplin were driving along on a track near Red Rocks on the city’s South Coast when they came across the beached cephalopods. The brothers said they had come across sharks while on their diving trips but had never seen a squid of that size. The trio contacted the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, who arranged to have the squid collected. A Department of Conservation spokesman said it was almost certainly a giant squid, the bodies of which washed up relatively regularly.

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Live look at me strutting back to the buffet line for Round 2.

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