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College Crosse Prospectus - August 20, 2018: New Seasons Crossecast; Vancouver Canucks Target Youth Lacrosse Team

All the lacrosse news you can handle and plenty more!!!

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GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, College Crosse Nation! Thanks for making us a part of your day! Here’s everything you need to know for August 20, 2018.

College Crosse News

Ryan & Jake are back with another great Seasons episode. In this show our boys break down the best champion team (in our opinions) for each of the 11 that have won a NCAA title.

On the latest of my “Seasons” slate of College Crossecast with Jake, we take a look at the best teams ever assembled. Last time, we broke down some of the best D-1 men’s lacrosse teams that fell short of an NCAA championship. This time, though, we stack up the best of those that came away with the hardware on Memorial Day.

Our premise revolves around the best champion team (in our opinions’) for each of the 11 that have won a NCAA title. This means that some teams, like some of the 80’s Johns Hopkins or 90’s Princeton teams, will be touched upon, but not broken down in detail for the sake of this exercise. From there, we try to come up with a top 5 after we go through them all. Here’s a timeline for when we tackle each program:

3:00- Cornell

10:50- Denver

17:51- Duke

26:18- Johns Hopkins

33:54- Loyola

43:34- Maryland

57:01- Princeton

1:05:10- Syracuse

1:13:48- North Carolina

1:18:30- Yale

1:23:00- Virginia

1:34:10- Rounding up a top 5

Canucks tell youth lacrosse team to hand over customized Johnny Canuck jerseys.

The Vancouver Canucks won’t return to the ice until next month, but when it comes to protecting their copyright, the franchise has no off-season. Their latest opponent is a pickup team at this weekend’s Top Cheese three-on-three youth lacrosse exhibition in Langley. The team, which has no formal name and is comprised of just four preteen boys, was planning to wear a customized jersey featuring a modified version of the Johnny Canuck logo carrying a lacrosse stick.

The boys were going to be participating in a “fun day” event organized by a youth academy run by the Vancouver Stealth, the local National Lacrosse League team recently purchased by the Canucks. Participants dress up in silly clothes or creative, homemade uniforms for an informal, daylong tournament. The jerseys in question made the rounds on social media earlier in the week, leading some to speculate online that the design might be a sneak peek of the sweaters for a rebranded Stealth team, which will begin its season under Canucks Sports & Entertainment ownership in December.

Shout out to BOSS Holman!!

Speaking of Utah, Chris did a post last night about the Utes and their schedule for 2019.

Utah Utes head coach Brian Holman was interviewed at the university’s Fanfest event last night in Salt Lake City. The biggest piece of information he gave out was unveiling the team’s second game, which would be against the Mercer Bears at home on February 9. The rest of the schedule would be unveiled in early September, possibly a few days after Labor Day. Holman also announced a fall scrimmage against the UMBC Retrievers at Tierney Field at US Lacrosse’s Headquarters. More on when that might be in a little bit.

Juuuuuuuuuuust a bit outside.

The #LacrosseTakeover continues unabated.

No comment.

Oh boy: Expert says that helmets won’t reduce concussions in girl’s lacrosse.

Not everyone agrees that helmets would make girls’ lacrosse safer. Dr. Michael O’Brien, director of the Sports Concussion Clinic at the Micheli Center for Sports Injury Prevention in Massachusetts, joined Bill Littlefield to explain why he thinks technology isn’t the answer.

BL: Let’s start with the most basic question: do helmets protect any athlete — lacrosse or otherwise — from suffering a concussion?

MO: There’s certainly information out there that shows they absorb force. But there’s really several parts of concussion I think a lot of people don’t understand. And most of what people are trying to prevent is catastrophic injuries, like skull fracture or intracranial bleed. The concussions come more from diffuse injury where the brain rotates in the skull.

BL: Obviously helmets don’t have anything to do with stopping that.

MO: Right. Unfortunately that’s true because if you think about what happens with what’s called rotational acceleration — that’s where the brain rotates in the skull either by a moving head that hits an immovable object and the brain spins in the skull, so to speak, or if there’s a massive force to the body and there’s a rapid whiplash to the head — a helmet can’t prevent that type of thing.

Now if you look at NASCAR, they have an excellent system for trying to reduce that rotational acceleration — like a seat belt for the head and helmet. On the field for an athlete, that’s not particularly practical.

What’s Up, PhilaJersey?

If you know Margate, than you’ve definitely heard of Steve & Cookie’s.

There are exactly three ways to get a summer-weekend dinner reservation at Steve & Cookie’s in Margate. Option 1: Go to the restaurant in person on the first day of spring, when they open the Summer Reservation Book. Get there surfer-early and bring a beach chair, because there will be a line. Once you make it to the host desk, snag every reservation you can for the entire summer. This is not a time for moderation. Option 2: Call the restaurant on the first day of spring. The phone lines will be busy and the voicemail box will be full, but keep calling. Maybe you’ll eventually get through to one of the six staffers who are manning the phones on this, the most sacred day of the year. Option 3: Log onto OpenTable and check if anything — anything — is available. You might get lucky. But you probably won’t.

I did exactly zero of these things, and yet somehow I am here, seated at a prime table at a prime time on a prime weekend (the Friday before Memorial Day) at the prime restaurant in Margate and just maybe all of South Jersey. I am here by the grace of God, or, more specifically, by the grace of Caroline “Cookie” Till, the owner of Steve & Cookie’s, who, if you were to see the way guests greet her as she makes the rounds during dinner service, you could quite easily mistake for God. Or, at the very least, the patron saint of the see-and-be-seen crowd.

World/National News

Archaeologists explore a rural field in Kansas, and a lost city emerges.

Of all the places to discover a lost city, this pleasing little community seems an unlikely candidate. There are no vine-covered temples or impenetrable jungles here — just an old-fashioned downtown, a drug store that serves up root beer floats and rambling houses along shady brick lanes. Yet there’s always been something — something just below the surface. Locals have long scoured fields and river banks for arrowheads and bits of pottery, amassing huge collections. Then there were those murky tales of a sprawling city on the Great Plains and a chief who drank from a goblet of gold. A few years ago, Donald Blakeslee, an anthropologist and archaeology professor at Wichita State University, began piecing things together. And what he’s found has spurred a rethinking of traditional views on the early settlement of the Midwest, while potentially filling a major gap in American history.

Your GIF/Video for August 20, 2018

ANOTHER ONE: Panda doesn’t realize she had twins.

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