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COLLEGE CROSSECAST Ep. 94: The Shot Clock Episode

We were legally obligated to do a podcast on the shot clock. This is that podcast.

GolfSixes - Day One Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images

If you may have heard, the NCAA Lacrosse rules committee decided to bring a shot clock to men’s lacrosse. Chris did a nifty podcast to get some coaches’ reaction to the new rule. But you know what else you need? A second podcast, but with the opinions of our writers.

The usual gang’s on for a summer podcast to break down our thoughts to the new NCAA rules. Safe, Chris, and Jake join me as we talk about the shot clock (8:00) and how we think it’ll affect the game. We bring up the zone defense and other arguments as well (21:00). We also talk about the return of the crease dive (32:00), the shortening of the substitution box (34:37) and the NCAA emphasizing good old sportsmanship (36:10) in something that we all know is Ohio State and Syracuse related but nobody loves a talking point more than the NCAA. There’s also a new video replay rule apparently (39:30). We wrap up with a little discussion on who benefits from the new rules (43:20) before Chris takes us on a journey around the coaching changes throughout college lacrosse.

You can listen to this episode on Podomatic, in the player below, or by subscribing to us on iTunes and Google Play so you can listen as soon as we drop the episode! Oh, and have we mentioned Chris’ podcast was really cool?