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College Crosse Prospectus - June 6, 2018: Women’s College Lacrosse Is A Major Revenue Generator Says Forbes; Lacrosse Players Suspended For Smoking Celebratory Cigars After Graduation.

All the lacrosse news you can handle and plenty more!!!

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GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, College Crosse Nation!! Thanks for making us a part of your day! Here are your links for June 6, 2018.

College Crosse News

Forbes with an article on the Women’s Professional Lacrosse League.

The history of women’s pro sports is quite short. Of the leagues associated with the SheIS Initiative, the WNBA is the oldest. And the WNBA is only in its 21st season. The other professional sports leagues for women in the SheIS Initiative includes National Pro Fastpitch (currently in its 15th season), Canadian Women’s Hockey League (11 seasons completed), and the National Women’s Hockey League (three seasons played). And then there is the Women’s Professional Lacrosse League (WPLL). The age of the WPLL can currently be measured in hours. On Saturday, the WPLL launched with its first two games. The first game in league history resulted in the New England Command defeating the New York Fight by a score of 13-10. The leagues second game -- which one can watch online -- saw the Baltimore Brave play the Philadelphia Fire… well, you can watch to see what happened.

The really interesting part of the article is when the author goes into how much of a money-maker women’s lacrosse is in college sports.

Of the 34 sports that report revenue data, only six other sports in women’s college sports generated more revenue than lacrosse. In addition, only seven men’s college sports (out of 32 sports) generated more revenue than women’s lacrosse; and one of those seven is not men’s lacrosse (men’s college lacrosse only reported $140.6 million in revenue in 2016-17).

The top 15 teams in women’s college lacrosse in 2016-17 were as follows:

Boston University: $2.27 million in revenue

Vanderbilt University: $1.81 million in revenue

University of Southern California: $1.64 million in revenue

Duke University: $1.57 million in revenue

John Hopkins University: $1.49 million in revenue

Come on, Forbes .... “John Hopkins” .... be better tomorrow.

But I digress.Anyway, there is a lot in the article and I encourage you to go read it. As you can see below, our boy, Skyler, had some reservations about the author’s methodology, but the author did respond and stands by the data.

Sad. There had to be a better solution than this: Six Mass. seniors were suspended from the MA state lacrosse tournament because they smoked cigars to celebrate after graduation.

A moment of celebration brought a premature end to the high school lacrosse careers of a sextet of Massachusetts athletes when the players’ school district ruled they violated a school policy by smoking cigars after their graduation.

As reported by the Boston Globe and other local media, six lacrosse players and one baseball player from Saugus (Mass.) High were suspended for their teams’ postseason tournaments after photographs taken after their graduation showed them smoking cigars. The players violated the Saugus Public Schools policy that bars the use of tobacco by student athletes. According to the Globe, the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association has a similar rule, which made the Saugus schools’ decision moot.

The GAWD Ed Lee Lee is taking an in-depth look back at the 2018 season and analyzing what’s ahead in 2019 for Maryland’s seven Division I men’s lacrosse teams. Here’s his post on UMBC’s 2018 season.

Here is the first installment of a series that checks in with the seven Division I programs in the state to give a glimpse into the past and the future. Teams are scheduled to appear according to the chronological order in which their seasons ended. Monday begins with a visit with UMBC, which finished with a 5-8 overall record and a 3-3 mark in the America East.


The good: When the calendar turned from March to April, the Retrievers were 2-7 overall and 0-2 in the conference. But the tide changed when they upset then-No. 1 Albany, 11-7, on April 6, which kicked off a three-game winning streak that had the team in contention for a spot in the four-team league tournament. A win in the season finale at Vermont would have sent UMBC to its second straight postseason. While a 9-6 setback to the Catamounts on April 27 ended that prospect, second-year coach Ryan Moran took heart in what he viewed as some glimpses of the team’s potential.

Notre Dame was on a boat yesterday!

Makin' a splash in the Mediterranean! #NDLaxSpain #GoIrish

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Congrats to coach Patrick Myers: Lafayette hires former Penn assistant Patrick Myers as head coach.

The Lafayette Leopards have hired former Penn Quakers associate head coach Patrick Myers as the program’s head coach, as the school confirmed this afternoon. Myers takes over after Ed Williams assumed interim head coach responsibilities after former head coach Jim Rogalski left to take an assistant role with the Michigan Wolverines on Kevin Conry’s staff. Under Williams, the Leopards went 3-12 this season, winning two of their first three games before losing eight straight. They lost three more after edging Monmouth in overtime. Lafayette has not had an over-.500 season since they went 8-6 in 2010 under Terry Mangan.

More fallout from an ugly story: Anti-Defamation League Condemns Anti-Semitic Insults At High School Lacrosse Game.

A heated high school lacrosse game is catching attention for all the wrong reasons. CBS2 first showed exclusive video of hateful, anti-Semitic chants from the sidelines and now, the Anti-Defamation League has gotten involved. The fans from Fairfield College Preparatory School were loud and offensive, bringing religion into a lacrosse game against Staples High School in Westport last week. Chants ranged from “we have Christmas” when the Jesuit school had the ball, to shouts of “Happy Hanukkah” when the opposing team — which is a third Jewish — had the ball and scored. Other fans joined in and alarmingly, nobody stopped it.

Fairfield Prep has apologized for their fans’ boorish behavior.

Fairfield Preparatory School apologized to Staples High School for the actions of students who used anti-Semitic chants during a lacrosse state playoff game last week. Rev. Thomas M. Simisky, S.J., president of Fairfield College Preparatory School said, “So many positive things happened this year to make us a better school. We celebrated many achievements. And yet, one incident overshadows everything, and will mark this year.”

Rev. Simisky added, “You probably saw the headlines about the behavior of some Fairfield Prep fans during Wednesday’s lacrosse game at Staples High School, involving anti-Semitic chants and obscene gestures. I will not attempt to infer motives of those involved, whether these actions were intended to be hateful, ignorant, or otherwise. The results are the same - hurtful, divisive, and insidiously harmful to all that is good in the world.” During the game, Fairfield prep fans chanted hateful words at Jewish Staples players. A Fairfield Prep parent is reacting.

I thought this was a nice story out of PA: Susquehannock, Kennard-Dale lacrosse teams spontaneously sing the anthem.

When a recording of the national anthem wouldn’t play before a PIAA semifinal lacrosse game between Kennard-Dale and Susquehannock, the players and coaches -- led by the Warriors -- stepped up to sing it together

Here’s a nice segment on Middlebury College women’s lacrosse team’s separate graduation due to the Midds playing in the D III Final Four a couple weekend’s ago.

What’s Up, PhilaJersey?

Beats baggage fees I guess: Man in a rowboat rescued off N.J. coast while trying to cross the Atlantic.

Four days after setting off from Jersey City on a planned transatlantic voyage in a rowboat he built himself, a 52-year-old Scotsman had to be rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard 20 miles off the coast of Barnegat Light. Duncan Hutchison departed from Manhattan Yacht Club in Jersey City on Thursday morning but his journey ended early Monday, hours after he radioed for help when he encountered bad weather, the Coast Guard said in a statement.

The Coast Guard sent a 47-foot Motor Lifeboat from Barnegat Light and found Hutchison’s rowboat, the Sleipnir, struggling to stay upright thanks to 8-and-a-half foot seas and winds of 21 knots. “Thankfully the operator was well prepared and hailed us on his VHF marine radio on channel 16,” said Petty Officer 2nd Class Eric Thornton, the coxswain on the rescue boat. “We were able to pinpoint his location by using our Rescue 21 radio system, and that saved his life.”

World/National News

Ethiopia (FINALLY) accepted a peace deal that Eritrea accepted nearly 20 years ago.

It says it will accept the outcome of a 2002 border commission ruling, which awarded disputed territories, including the town of Badme, to Eritrea. This will end a dispute with Eritrea that sparked Africa’s deadliest border war in 1998. Tens of thousands of people were killed in two years of fighting. The two sides have remained on a war footing as Ethiopia had, until now, refused to accept the ruling of the border commission, which was set up as part of a peace deal. As a result, Ethiopia had refused to withdraw its troops out of the disputed areas - leading Eritrea to accuse Ethiopia of forcefully occupying its territory.

3-0. Me and my Eritrean cousin, Tiffany Haddish, were very excited about the news.

MIT created a “psychopath” AI program.

In one of the big musical numbers from The Life Of Brian, Eric Idle reminds us to “always look on the bright side of life.” Norman, a new artificial intelligence project from MIT, doesn’t know how to do that.

That’s because Norman is a psychopath, just like the Hitchcock character that inspired the research team to create him. Like so many of these projects do, the MIT researchers started out by training Norman on freely available data found on the Web.

Instead of looking at the usual family-friendly Google Images fare, however, they pointed Norman toward darker imagery. Specifically, the MIT crew stuck Norman in a creepy subreddit to do his initial training. Armed with this twisted mass of digital memories, Norman was then asked to caption a series of Rorschach inkblots. The results are predictably creepy.

Your GIF/Video for June 6, 2018

Bumblebee trailer is out and honestly it doesn’t look that bad.

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