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Untitled Project - Episode 9: The Sean Keeley Episode.


South Carolina State v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Welcome to another Untitled Project on the College Crossecast Network. In this episode I interview writer, Troy Nunes Is A Magician founder and #SyracuseTwitter’s favorite son, Sean Keeley!

In this episode Sean and I discussed his love for lacrosse, growing up in Jersey, and what inspired him to create Troy Nunes. For additional information about the origins of Troy Nunes, check out this 2017 interview Sean did with Syracuse.Com about Troy Nunes shortly after he announced he was stepping away from the blog.

Well, what led to your decision to step away now?

It’s a decision I’ve been thinking about for a while now. As I’ve gotten older and had more things on my plate and my priorities have shifted the free time I had for Nunes has kind of diminished. I’ve also always been someone who, I consider myself a really big college football fan. I don’t get quite as excited for college basketball. I consider myself a Syracuse basketball fan but I’m not really that into college basketball. It’s tough to maintain a level of enthusiasm when you’re writing about college basketball every day. What’s happened the last few years is I’ve been really excited for football season and then, when it’s over, I’ve kind of wondered if it’s time to move on from this. I think the move to Chicago and thinking about other things I want to be doing with my career, and having John on staff, and a really great staff in place, it felt like the right time.

Additionally, Sean & I talked about his new project, the podcast Passage, which you can check out for free on iTunes here. We also bantered about Sean’s first book “How To Grow An Orange: The Right Way To Brainwash Your Child Into Becoming A Syracuse Fan,” and what it is like trying to make it in LA/Hollywood as a writer. Sean also discussed the origins of College Crosse and how this website started.

You can listen to the podcast at Podomatic or down in the player below. If you like this pod or any of our other shows, please subscribe to the College Crossecast on iTunes and Google Play and leave us a review. Thanks so much for listening.