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Untitled Project - Ep 6: The Dan Arestia Episode.


West Virginia v Connecticut Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Welcome to another Untitled Project on the College Crossecast Network. In this episode I interview Dan Arestia, a contributor here, and an all around great dude. If you haven’t gotten a chance to read Dan’s work, you can find the link to all his Dan Arestia Development posts here.

In this show we talk about Dan’s background, how he got into lacrosse, why UConn needds a lacrosse team, and life growing up in Connecticut. Additionally, Dan talks about his time coaching youth lacrosse, why I’m wrong about Yale lacrosse, and a little bracketology in this really fun episode.

You can listen to the podcast at Podomatic or down in the player below. If you like this pod or any of our other shows, please subscribe to the College Crossecast on iTunes and Google Play and leave us a review. Thanks so much for listening.