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We did a podcast in honor of one game

A special edition of Across College Lacrosse has dropped. Thank you Syracuse and Johns Hopkins.

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What better way to prepare for the classic Johns Hopkins-Syracuse rivalry than a great special podcast dedicated to the whole thing? That’s what we did on this special edition of Across College Lacrosse!

Safe joins me as we both prepare for this very important meeting between the two greatest college lacrosse programs of all-time. We discuss both teams and how they stand after their first month of the season. We also remember our first Cuse-Hopkins games, and Safe relives his first interaction with Dave Pietramala.

Show Topics

  • Historic context of the rivalry (2:28)
  • Johns Hopkins preview (12:07)
  • Syracuse preview (35:20)
  • First Cuse-Hopkins memories (47:16)
  • Bands and cheerleaders (53:18)
  • Five reasons NOT to cheer for Syracuse (57:23)
  • Five impromptu reasons NOT to cheer for Johns Hopkins (1:04:44) Ed. Note: I would also like to add that Hopkins has volunteers play in their band, not students.
  • Picks (1:09:00)
  • Final rebuttals: Safe and Hopkins (1:13:19), Chris and Syracuse (1:14:15)


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