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The greatest lacrosse rivalry is this weekend

Episode 11 of Across College Lacrosse is here!

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Episode 11 of Across College Lacrosse is here! I recap the midweek games, as well as preview the weekend and give my picks. But in between all of that, I touch on more about the Nate Solomon and Zach Ambrosino ejections, bring up a debate on helmet decal size, ramble about people that take the elevator for one floor, and a top five greatest people with the last name “Hopkins.”

Show Topics

  • Midweek recap (and really early at-large NCAA Tournament discussions) (2:19)
  • Solomon/Ambrosino discussion (17:53)
  • Helmet decal size (22:00)
  • Elevator etiquette (25:36)
  • Greatest “Hopkins” (27:50)
  • Weekend preview and picks (31:35)


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