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We’re here to set up a rivalry filled weekend and a #1 vs. #2 game, as well as have some fun looking back on last week and give you some hot Oscar takes.

If you aren’t aware, this week Johns Hopkins and Syracuse play each other. Because this site isn’t known for any sense of being subtle whatsoever, we’ve got an all Blue Jay and Orange podcast for you. You know, more so than usual.

I’m joined by Safe, Chris, and Adam as we first go up Adam’s forte in last Sunday’s Oscars (2:38) where making love with a fish gets you the Best Picture these days. We then look back at an interesting week of lacrosse, including Marquette’s wild weekend (10:50), Maryland taking care of business once again vs. Notre Dame (17:42), Johns Hopkins ruining the meme with Princeton (36:00), a crazy Sunday (44:35), and an additionally crazy weekday slate headlined by Denver’s win over UNC (1:01:02).

From there we skimp over the polls but mostly make fun of Chris for being the only person eliminated from our Elimination Pool after Delaware lost to Mercer (1:13:00) before diving into all the big games this week (1:18:23). We take our stab at picking the big games (1:28:53) like Albany-Maryland, Denver-Notre Dame, Duke-Loyola, and of course Hopkins-Syracuse. Yes, rivalry banter ensues.

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