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The College Crosse Top 20 Poll For March 7, 2018 & Week 5 Elimination Pool Picks.

Terp City, Terp, Terp City!

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Second Round-Maryland vs Hawaii Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

We have a new number one team in the College Crosse Top 20 Poll, as the Maryland Terrapins dethrone the Great Danes from the top spot after Albany was #1 for two weeks in a row. Life comes at you fast, last week you’re the uniamous #1 team in the country in our Poll and the next week you drop to #2 despite not losing. One thing working in the Danes favor this week is that their next game is against Maryland, , so they can sort this whole “Who’s #1” on the field, where it should be handled. Shout out to Uncle Jimmy for putting Saturday’s Terps vs. Danes game on the Big Ten Network.

Just to review our pollsters for anyone new to our blog, this year we have Jack Goods (The Buffalo News), James Simmons (Troy Nunes), and Caroline Darney (SB Nation & Streaking The Lawn) voting alongside Chris, Marisa, Ryan, Adam, Jake, & myself. Additionally, we asked new writers Dan & Skyler to join us in voting for the remainder of the regular season, which gives us a total of 11 voters in our Poll.

You can find our official College Crosse Top 20 Poll for this week directly below (Numbers within ()s indicate the number of 1st place votes a team received). I’ve included the previous two Top 20 Polls in the columns on the right so you can see the changes side by side. The second graph on this page contains our ballots for this week’s Poll. #Transparency Additionally, you can find comments from Jake and Dan about their top 20 votes below the ballots spreadsheet. Finally, the last graph on this page contains our Week 5 Elimination Pool picks. Someone did not survive this week! Anyway, here’s our College Crosse Top 20 Poll for March 7, 2018. Let us know what you think in the comments section!

College Crosse Top 20 Poll For March 7, 2018.

College Crosse Top 20 Poll For March 7, 2018.

Rank College Crosse Top 20 - March 7 College Crosse Top 20 - Feb. 27 College Crosse Top 20 Poll - Feb. 20
Rank College Crosse Top 20 - March 7 College Crosse Top 20 - Feb. 27 College Crosse Top 20 Poll - Feb. 20
1 Maryland (6) Albany (11) Albany (5)
2 Albany (5) Maryland Duke (4)
3 Duke Duke Maryland
4 Vilanova Villanova Denver
5 Denver Denver Ohio State
6 Loyola Virginia Army
7 Syracuse Ohio State Villanova
8 Army Loyola Virginia
9 North Carolina Notre Dame Loyola - Tied for 9th
10 Virginia Syracuse Notre Dame - Tied for 9th
11 Yale Rutgers Yale
12 Notre Dame North Carolina Rutgers
13 Rutgers Yale Penn State
14 Vermont Army Johns Hopkins
15 Ohio State Penn North Carolina
16 Georgetown Georgetown Syracuse
17 Johns Hopkins Vermont Vermont
18 Delaware Johns Hopkins Colgate
19 Robert Morris Bucknell Princeton
20 Penn State Robert Morris Penn
ACV Penn, Sacred Heart, Boston University. Delaware, Marquette, Jacksonville, Providence Georgetown, Towson, BU, Richmond

College Crosse Week 5 Ballots.

College Crosse Top 20 Week 5 Ballots.

Rank Adam Epstein Ryan McDonnell Jake Nazar Rank Chris Jastrzembski Jack Goods Marisa Ingemi Rank Safe Fekadu Jim Simmons Caroline Darney Rank Skyler Gilbert Dan Arestia Rank
Rank Adam Epstein Ryan McDonnell Jake Nazar Rank Chris Jastrzembski Jack Goods Marisa Ingemi Rank Safe Fekadu Jim Simmons Caroline Darney Rank Skyler Gilbert Dan Arestia Rank
1 Maryland Maryland Maryland 1 Albany Maryland Albany 1 Maryland Maryland Albany 1 Albany Albany 1
2 Albany Albany Albany 2 Maryland Albany Maryland 2 Albany Albany Maryland 2 Maryland Maryland 2
3 Villanova Duke Duke 3 Duke Duke Duke 3 Duke Duke Duke 3 Duke Duke 3
4 Duke Villanova Villanova 4 Villanova Villanova Villanova 4 Villanova Denver Denver 4 Denver Denver 4
5 Denver Denver Denver 5 Denver Denver Denver 5 Denver Villanova Villanova 5 Villanova Villanova 5
6 Syracuse Loyola Loyola 6 Syracuse Loyola Loyola 6 Loyola North Carolina Syracuse 6 Loyola Syracuse 6
7 Loyola Syracuse Army 7 Loyola Syracuse Syracuse 7 Syracuse Syracuse Loyola 7 Syracuse Loyola 7
8 Army Virginia Syracuse 8 Yale Army Rutgers 8 North Carolina Loyola Virginia 8 Virginia Virginia 8
9 North Carolina Notre Dame Rutgers 9 North Carolina Rutgers Army 9 Virginia Virginia North Carolina 9 Army Yale 9
10 Virginia Army Yale 10 Army West Point Yale Yale 10 Army Army Notre Dame 10 Notre Dame North Carolina 10
11 Yale Yale Notre Dame 11 Rutgers Notre Dame North Carolina 11 Rutgers Notre Dame Rutgers 11 North Carolina Notre Dame 11
12 Rutgers Rutgers North Carolina 12 Notre Dame North Carolina Notre Dame 12 Notre Dame Yale Army 12 Yale Army 12
13 Notre Dame Vermont Virginia 13 Virginia Virginia Ohio State 13 Yale Rutgers Yale 13 Vermont Rutgers 13
14 Vermont North Carolina Ohio State 14 Vermont Ohio State Virginia 14 Vermont Georgetown Georgetown 14 Rutgers Ohio State 14
15 Ohio State Ohio State Vermont 15 Ohio State Vermont Vermont 15 Georgetown Ohio State Johns Hopkins 15 Georgetown Vermont 15
16 Johns Hopkins Georgetown Georgetown 16 Georgetown Georgetown Georgetown 16 Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins Ohio State 16 Johns Hopkins Georgetown 16
17 Georgetown Delaware Delaware 17 Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins 17 Ohio State Vermont Vermont 17 Delaware Hopkins 17
18 Robert Morris Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins 18 Robert Morris Delaware Delaware 18 Robert Morris Sacred Heart Delaware 18 Ohio State Delaware 18
19 Penn State Robert Morris Robert Morris 19 Penn State Penn State Penn 19 Penn State Robert Morris Penn State 19 Penn Robert Morris 19
20 Delaware Penn State Penn State 20 Delaware Penn Boston Univ. 20 Delaware Delaware Robert Morris 20 Robert Morris Penn State 20



  1. Maryland: Connor Kelly might be the best player in the country. The Terps are the most complete team..
  2. Albany: TD Ierlan won every faceoff and the Danes still had to scratch out a win against Cornell. Can get back to #1 with a win against Maryland next week.
  3. Duke: After a little early trouble, Duke put in one of their best efforts yet in a blowout over Richmond. Big game against Loyola next week.
  4. Villanova: TMay have the best resume in the country already. They’ve finally taken the trickiness of their offense and made it a consistent, dominant unit.
  5. Denver: Trevor Baptiste won a bunch of face-offs, Denver won. Ho-hum.
  6. Loyola: ‘Hounds defense has looked great so far this year, but they get their biggest test yet against Duke next weekend.
  7. Army: Comfortable start to Patriot League play for the Black Knights.
  8. Syracuse:The Orange looked great for 3 quarters against UVA and then had to score a game-winner with 11 secs left, because they’re still Cuse.
  9. Rutgers: Another up and down effort from the Scarlet Knights, but they have no bad blemishes on their resume.
  10. Yale: They still haven’t hit top gear yet to begin the season. Still have a few weeks before Ivy League play to do it.
  11. Notre Dame:Ryder Garnsey showed that he can carry a more open and fast ND offense the way Matt Kavanagh did. Will they let him?.
  12. North Carolina: Another lackluster effort against mediocre opposition prevents them from moving higher. Beat Denver and they’re a Top 10 team.
  13. Virginia: The best and worst of their system in one game. Terrible and out of sorts for 3 Quarters, gangbusters for one. 17 straight ACC losses.
  14. Ohio State: Rough weekend for the Buckeyes, with a loss to Marquette and an ugly W over Detroit. Offense is struggling from graduation losses.
  15. Vermont: 6 wins for the Catamounts, none at home. They might be more of a threat to Albany than we first thought..
  16. Georgetown: Hoyas were idle, so they do not move up or down.
  17. Delaware: Can’t penalize them for only losing by 1 goal to a Top 5 team. Their offense is just a joy to watch.
  18. Johns Hopkins: Princeton is no good, but Hop’s defense was nasty and their 6-on-6 offense looked the best it has all year. Big chance for a quality W in the Dome next week.
  19. Robert Morris: Bobby Mo looks like the early favorite in the NEC.
  20. Marquette: Strong bounce back performance and W over Penn. Arceri and that offense is still a lethal combination.


1. Albany: Surprised how quickly everyone is moving on from Albany at number one after a close one with Cornell.

2. Maryland: Connor Kelly would be an MLL all star today. The Terps can swap with Albany if they win on Saturday. To be the best, you gotta beat the best.

4. Denver: Baptiste and Ierlan, steel cage hardcore submission only match. Who ya got? Ethan Walker piling up points, but Nova is right on the Pios heels.

6. Syracuse: Since the halftime whistle against Army, the Cuse defense has looked outstanding. If they can survive March, look out.

7. Loyola: Offense is really starting to come together, and the defense generates extra possessions.

8. Virginia: Lack of consistency is the biggest problem for Virginia. The Cuse game was a compressed version of their whole season. Losing Conrad for extended time could be huge.

9. Yale: Started slow last year, starting slow this year, but still have the talent to and results to deserve this spot.

10: North Carolina: I REALLY want this team to finally lose one of these games. The worst 6-0 team ever.

11. Notre Dame: The offensive rotations seem odd to me. Garnsey spends too much time out of the game, and when he does, the offense sputters.

14. Ohio State: Lucky not to be sitting on three straight losses to DUVAL, Marquette, and Detroit, all teams outside the top 20.

15. Vermont: Albany game in two weeks is season defining for the catamounts. Circle that one.

17. Johns Hopkins: DavePetroSmirk.jpeg.

19. Robert Morris: Bobby Mo.

Elimination Pool.

Week 5 Elimination Pool Picks.

Players Adam Epstein Ryan McDonnell Jake Nazar Chris Jastrzembski Safe Fekadu Marisa Ingemi Jack Goods Jim Simmons Caroline Darney
Players Adam Epstein Ryan McDonnell Jake Nazar Chris Jastrzembski Safe Fekadu Marisa Ingemi Jack Goods Jim Simmons Caroline Darney
Week 1 Providence Delaware Delaware Providence Delaware Providence Providence Delaware Providence
Week 2 Army Vermont Army Michigan Army Army Towson Army Army
Week 3 Loyola BU Albany Richmond Loyola Boston Univ. Richmond Albany Loyola
Week 4 Villanova (vs. Drexel) Army Yale MSM (vs. VMI) MSM (vs. VMI) Georgetown (vs. MSM) Georgetown (vs. MSM) Denver MSM (vs. VMI)
Week 5 Cornell (vs. Bing) Princeton (vs NJIT) Georgetown (vs Marist) Delaware (vs. Mercer) Princeton vs. NJIT Virginia Virginia (vs. Manhattan) Princeton v NJIT Princeton

Christopher Jastrzembski ... COME ON DOWN!! You’re the first player eliminated from the College Crosse Elimination Pool. Indeed, The Kid Chris picked Delaware over Mercer and the Mighty Mighty Bears(!!!) showed him why that was a really bad idea. Marisa & Jack were also sweating it out last night as Virginia had its hands full with Manhattan. However, the Cavs were able to right the ship, allowing Jack & Marisa to play for another week.