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College Crosse Prospectus - March 14, 2018: Game Day; Saint Joseph’s, Cleveland State, & Johns Hopkins all win; New Crossecast.

All the lacrosse news you can handle and plenty more!!!

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GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, College Crosse Nation!! Thanks for making us a part of your day! Here are your links for March 14, 2018.

College Crosse Game Day.

Four games on the docket today, but we have a couple really interesting match-ups, especially the Rutgers vs. Lehigh game at 7:00. You can find today’s Big Board directly below. Clicking on the team name will take you to that team’s homepage. Clicking on the Stream cell will take you to the broadcast of that game, while the Live Stats cell will take you to the live stats of that game.

College Crosse Big Board For March 14, 2018

Time Home Team Away Team Radio Broadcast Live Stats
Time Home Team Away Team Radio Broadcast Live Stats
2:00 PM UMass Lowell UMass America East TV Live Stats
3:00 PM Hofstra Monmouth Hofstra TV Live Stats
6:00 PM Richmond North Carolina Spider TV ($$) Live Stats
7:00 PM Lehigh Rutgers Patriot League Network Live Stats

College Crosse News.

Check out Chris’ recap of all the action from yesterday.

The game that presented the greatest amount of excitement was the Philly Phour matchup between the Saint Joseph’s Hawks and the Drexel Dragons. Drexel was up 6-3 at halftime, but the Hawks managed to go on a 5-0 run in the third quarter to take an 8-6 lead. The Dragons managed to tie the game up at nine midway through the final frame and it appeared the game would need overtime, but Nicholas Vernacchio scored his first career college goal to lift the Hawks to their second win of the season.

New Crossecast!!!

It was a busy week of college lacrosse last weekend. Memes were revised. Top teams clashed. Statements were made. And College Crossecast is here to help you through it all. I’m joined by Safe and Chris as we untangle the weaved tapestry that was the past weekend of lacrosse, all while looking ahead to the Maryland-Villanova duel, the kickoff of Ivy League play, and the battle of the undefeateds that nobody saw coming between Albany and Vermont.

Is wearable technology the new thing in lacrosse?

By his senior season, when he had already become the first player in the school history to surpass 100 career points and was on the Tewaaraton watch list, Gately was doing too much, especially on game day. Using PLAYERTEK by Catapult, a wearable GPS monitoring system said to be the first of its kind when it launched in 2006, coaches discovered Gately’s player load — defined as any body movement that contributes to a player’s total physical work — reached seven to eight miles each game day. He’d put in two miles before warm-ups, which led to fatigue by the third or fourth quarter. “His player load numbers went through the roof,” said Golden Eagles coach Joe Amplo, who has utilized the technology the last three seasons. “I can’t say any of the extra work was a negative because it made him a good player. But on game day, when you added up all of his movements, it’s a heck of a lot more. … You don’t realize it.”

THE CAPTAIN, reviews the Towson vs. Ohio State game on the Tiger Lacrosse Report.

BOSS Tambroni wants a 90-second shot clock.

Growing the game has been a big part of lacrosse for many years. So far, it’s been successful. In almost every measurable statistic, lacrosse has been on the rise. The amount of high schools fielding lacrosse teams has grown by 27 and the number of colleges by 33 percent in the last five years. Since 2001, the amount of registered players has grown over 225 percent. The only metric that the sport has gone backwards in recently is attendance at NCAA Championship Weekend. A decade ago it floated just under 50,000 and lately it has been around 25 to 30,000 people each year. “We’ve grown significantly, and I think it’ll continue to grow,” Penn State coach Jeff Tambroni said. “I think it’s a great alternative for offseason sports such as football and basketball. And because of the pace of the game it has continued to grow and garner some attention through the Midwest, into the west coast and into the south. I do think there is a promising future.”

Cole Williams and Jack Rapine receive Big Ten Offensive & Defensive Player of the Week honors, respectively.

Offensive Player of the Week Cole Williams, Johns Hopkins A – So. – Marriottsville, Md. – Loyola

• Punched his second straight four-goal game and added an assist for a career-high five points to fuel an 18-7 win at No. 7 Syracuse

• Totaled all five of his points during a 10-1 run that turned Johns Hopkins’ 3-2 lead into a 13-3 advantage over the Orangemen

• Earns his first career Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week honor

• Last Johns Hopkins Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week: Kyle Marr (April 4, 2017)

Shout out to the Danes.

What’s Up, PhilaJersey?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!: No spring break and classes through the end of June for NJ high schools due to all the snow days.

Spring break is cancelled in snow-bound Vernon Township and students will be attending classes until the last week in June. The public school district called off classes for a 12th day Tuesday as yet another snowstorm was dropping up to six inches of snow on northwestern N.J. Schools closed for three days last week due to the impact of back-to-back nor’easters. The district lost three days in February, three days in January and one day in December, in addition to five days so far in March.

“I’ve never seen it like this before, and I’ve been here 20-something years,” Vernon Mayor Harry Shortway said. “Everybody’s getting upset, but what are you going to do,” he said. Originally, the 2017/18 schedule included a five-day spring break starting April 2 and listed June 14 as the last day of classes. However, it included a catch: Spring break would be cancelled if five snow days were used by March 15, Vernon Schools Superintendent Arthur DiBenedetto said Monday, with any additional closures made up in June. When the fifth day was called Feb. 2, the district announced that schools would stay closed as planned April 2, the day after Easter, but reopen for the rest of the now-rescinded spring break week.

World/National News.

Check out these Arctic surfers!!
You come up from the ocean and you’re just freaking cold,” says Unn Holgersen, who surfs almost every day in the frigid waves off the coast of Norwegian islands above the Arctic Circle. It’s deep winter in this land of the spectacular Northern Lights, flashing green on the horizon, and the water is just four degrees Celsius (39 Fahrenheit).

”You have to put your feet in a bowl of hot water and you have to change really quickly,” the 32-year-old veterinarian advises.

It may be cold and isolated, but Holgersen has chosen to live on the Lofoten islands because she is addicted to the thrill of winter surfing.

On its snow-covered beaches, she and other dedicated surfers brave the freezing weather -- outside air temperature is a chilly minus 15 Celsius -- and the ferocity of the ocean.

Your GIF/Video for March 14, 2018.


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