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College Crosse Prospectus - February 8, 2018: Duke Vs. High Point Tonight; New Lacrosse Emoji Is Official; Updated College Crosse Top 20.

All the lacrosse news you can handle and plenty more!!!

Melbourne City Skyline at Dawn

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, College Crosse Nation!! Thanks for making us a part of your day! Here are your links for February 8, 2018.

College Crosse News.

Duke vs. High Point is today. Here is our Game Day post with everything you’ll need for tonight’s match-up, including links to the stream and live stats.

How do you get to Ann Arbor from Philadelphia? Asking for a friend.

We updated our Top 20, which can be found here.

Binghamton is ready to prove all the doubters wrong.

Gameday is so close, @salfama can almost taste it #5Days #NextUp

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WE DID IT!!!: Lax Emoji approved by Unicode, to be available on phones by fall.

It’s official. The lacrosse emoji will hit phones later this year. Rejoice lacrosse world!

Yes, you read that correctly. The lacrosse emoji will be officially added to the Unicode 11.0 update, which may reach phones by September or October. The Unicode Technical Committee met late in January to decide the fate of over prospective emojis, and the lacrosse emoji (labeled U+1F94D LACROSSE STICK AND BALL) made the cut with approximately 157 that will hit iPhones across the world this year.

Along with the lacrosse emoji, iPhone users will see a softball and flying disc among sports emojis approved. Here’s the full list of emojis for Unicode 11.0.

The lacrosse emoji, according to the Emoji subcommittee, was “prioritized for encoding” among eight potential sports emojis based on the “well formed proposal” and the fact that it was one of the most requested emojis in 2017.

Way to go, Lacrosse Twitter.

Citrus TV breaks down Syracuse’s opening weekend game versus Binghamton on Saturday.

UVA is all set for their season opener versus Loyola.

Virginia men’s lacrosse begins play Saturday at Klöckner Stadium, as the Cavaliers seek to continue the revival of a once nationally renowned lacrosse program that has since slipped into mediocrity.

The Cavaliers have historically been known to dominate the college lacrosse world, with five national championships and 22 Final Four appearances overall. Former Coach Dom Starsia built Virginia into a powerhouse, winning four national championships during his tenure — from 1993-2016. The Cavaliers, however, had two poor seasons at the end of Starsia’s career, forcing the legendary coach to leave the program.

In his place is another former Brown coach, who looks to be a new hope for Virginia lacrosse — just as his predecessor had been. Coach Lars Tiffany, known for his potent offensive coaching, has started the revival, bringing Virginia a winning season last year (8-7) after a losing season the year before. However, the expectations were high, and Tiffany failed to deliver any ACC wins and a postseason berth for the third-consecutive year. Thus, the pressure to deliver this year is enormous, as Tiffany brings in some of his own recruits.


Penn State wants to bounce back versus Hobart this weekend after their surprising overtime loss to Villanova last Saturday.

After a couple of exhibition games, the Penn State men’s lacrosse team thought they were ready for the real deal against Villanova in their season opener last Saturday.

The Wildcats proved to be just as ready as they pulled off an overtime upset in Happy Valley.

Heading into week two of the season, leadership plans to rally the troops.

”As captains, it’s important for us to evaluate how we did as leaders, but also as a whole team just really getting together yesterday and evaluating how we did as a team. Ways we can improve and ways we can learn from the loss. Little bitter taste at the end of that game, obviously losing in overtime, but they’re a good opponent and we feel like we can learn from it. Go into this week and try to be one and oh this week against Hobart,” senior Tanner Peck says.

Towson is embracing the uncertainty of 2018 after their stellar 2017.

Every new season teams find an early theme to carry the program throughout the year. For the Towson men’s lacrosse program in 2018 the Tigers are focusing on the embrace.

Embracing less than ideal weather conditions to start their season. The Tigers have practiced through sunshine, rain, snow and ice. Towson senior midfielder and co-captain Cole Robertson says the Tigers don’t mind, “We embrace it. Coach instills in us no matter what the weather is like to come out and get the job done.”

The Tigers will also be embracing a new roster that features 13 true freshmen and seven seniors. They’ve had an entire off season and some scrimmages to get ready for Saturday’s season-opener at #11 Johns Hopkins, but #14 Towson is still raw and young at times according to head coach Shawn Nadelen. “We definitely have some things that we are trying to work through because of the lack of experience we have,” Nadelen said. “I’ve been trying to get them to calm down a little bit and just tell them to, ‘Hey play lacrosse.’ Sometimes when you play, when trying to prove yourself, you play a little too tense and you’re not just playing lacrosse.”

The tide has turned: “‘Majority’ of Syracuse players expected to wear helmets in 2018 season.”

At Syracuse’s Ensley Athletic Center on Tuesday, SU’s women’s lacrosse team ran through a routine practice. The ball was passed around the perimeter of the offensive zone as players shot on the far goal. Nothing about the lacrosse was out of the ordinary.

What wasn’t routine was the helmets on most of the players’ heads.

“I didn’t take a poll or ask anyone,” Gary Gait said, “but I assume if they’ve been wearing them all preseason they feel pretty comfortable in them and will wear them on the weekend.”

When No. 7 Syracuse takes on Connecticut on Friday in its season-opener, there’s an expectation among the Orange that helmets will take on a prominent role, at least in appearances. It’ll be the first time SU players wear helmets in-game. Gait said he hasn’t seen a change in the play styles of those wearing helmets in practice, so the mechanics of the game may not change. Both veterans and freshmen have given rave reviews of the helmet and it looks to potentially be a permanent shift in the women’s game.

“I love the helmet,” Taylor Gait, a redshirt-senior midfielder, said. “I think it elevates the game. You don’t get scared when you dodge in. You play with more confidence. And I’m not nervous that I’m gonna get hurt.”

Get to know more about the Robert Morris Colonials.

Have you heard Ryan & Jake’s Big East and Patriot League Preview podcast yet? You should!

What’s Up, PhilaJersey?

IT’S PARADE DAY!!: Hundreds already lined up at Art Museum, arriving in pre-dawn darkness.

The highly anticipated parade celebrating the Philadelphia Eagles’ very first Super Bowl win couldn’t start early enough for some. The parade won’t begin until around 11 a.m. at Broad Street and Pattison Avenue, but fans from across the region started pouring behind the barricades along the parade route starting around 1 a.m. with hundreds already gathered at the Philadelphia Art Museum by 5 a.m. One family even came ready to camp out, armed with a tent and sleeping bag purchased the night before.

Groups were heard shouting the “Eagles” chant while beer and orange juice were flowing. The line at the Wawa at 18th and Hamilton streets close to the museum had a line wrapped around the block. Moombi Pressley, 45, of Mt Airy woke up early and was fueling up on coffee to make a push as close to the Art Museum steps as possible.

Me and Chris will be out there today. Look for pics and videos from us throughout the day.

World/National News.

Things are going well at the Olympics: Norovirus and freezing temperatures causing havoc at Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

The Winter Olympics has been hit by an outbreak of the norovirus, with 54 new cases confirmed in Pyeongchang. It brings the total suffering with the highly contagious virus to 86 with dozens of security guards at the Games affected. Many have been taken to hospital suffering severe diarrhoea and vomiting following the breakout on Sunday. Consequently, 1,200 guards have been withdrawn from the Olympic sites and quarantined in their rooms with organisers forced to call in 900 soldiers as cover.

It’s the latest crisis to hit the Games, which officially gets under way with the opening ceremony on Friday. There were already concerns about the severity of the cold currently freezing Pyeongchang. Temperatures during the opening ceremony are expected to be -10C, while the wind chill during rehearsals plummeted to -23C.

Your GIF/Video for February 8, 2018.

Here’s the new Solo trailer.

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