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ESPN’s Anish Shroff talks college lacrosse

Episode 7 of Across College Lacrosse is here!

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Episode 7 of Across College Lacrosse is here! After recapping the midweek games, I bring on ESPN’s own Anish Shroff to discuss the season so far, as well as other storylines to watch this season, as well as getting a headstart on some of his possible assignments while doing his other work at ESPN and working with his lacrosse colleagues. He has some game picks and Championship Weekend picks.

Ed. Note: We had some technical difficulties with the Anish interview and apology for that. It’s still a great discussion, and the difficulties don’t hinder the interview that much.

Show Topics

  • Midweek recaps (1:51)
  • Anish interview (4:43)
  • Weekend previews and picks (49:16)


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Shroff had a very good TEDx talk back in September in Fargo that you should watch: