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The Courier Journal Fires Back At Michigan Lacrosse Managers.

The whole thing started on Twitter of course.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 02 Advocare Classic - Michigan v Florida Photo by Matthew Visinsky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Before tonight’s game versus Bellarmine (which Michigan won 9-7), the Michigan men’s lacrosse manager account put up a Tweet mocking the Knights & Kentucky in general.

Now that’s probably not the best idea a few hours before game time, but honestly, the Tweet itself is pretty tame. Again, I probably would advise against antagonistic Tweets just before the start of a game, but given the kind of language and trash-talking you see on Twitter/the Internet, that wasn’t really that mean of a Tweet. It is was definitely a bit snarky, but some Twitter users prefer spicy Tweets. Regardless, the Tweet did get some push back from Knights fans, but the real heat came after Chris White of the Courier Journal saw it and hit back with an article explaining “why the Michigan lacrosse managers’ opinion of Bellarmine and Kentucky is garbage.” White’s Twitter page says he is the Courier Journal sports director, so this wasn’t some intern clapping back at Michigan, which only makes this whole situation funnier.

You rarely see the word “garbage” in a title and I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that was related to lacrosse, so this really is a “We Made It!!” moment for lacrosse fans. The first paragraph really set the tone:

The Michigan lacrosse team managers offered up this not-so-hot take heading into Tuesday’s game vs. Bellarmine, trashing the Knights and the commonwealth with this ham-fisted tweet.

*Offending Tweet*

Let’s count down the most obvious five reasons your opinion is garbage, Michigan lacrosse.

White didn’t read Michigan the Riot Act, but he definitely fired off some pretty funny lines in his post. Here are my favorites:

  • You have to hand it to White, he did his research.

You finished last season 8-6 and with a five-game losing streak. Were you looking for one of five teams in the country you can pick on?

  • As an east coast pizza man, this one was devastating.

Your main culinary export is Little Caesars Pizza.

  • Chris went after Michigan’s football team as well.

You haven’t won a college football championship since 1997, the Red Wings last won a Stanley Cup in 1998 and their captain smartly moved to Florida, and the Lions have as many Super Bowls as any team from Kentucky — none. Hey, it’s almost like you’re a college sports state just like Kentucky! But the University of Louisville has a more recent Heisman Trophy winner than you, so maybe that analogy doesn’t hold up so well in your favor after all.

If I had to give it a grade out of 5 stars, I’d give this beef 2/5. One thing that may give it more stars is that the Michigan lacrosse manager account began to spell Bellarmine’s name incorrectly in its Tweets after the Courier Journal Tweeted out the article.

Up until that point the game was still relatively close and the manager account spelled Bellarmine correctly. Right after that Tweet, the misspellings began; here are a few examples. I see what you did there, Michigan, and I like it. I might bump this up to 3/5 stars. Maybe even 4 stars if Calipari capes up to defend Kentucky and jumps into the fray.