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College Crosse Prospectus - October 30, 2018: Lacrosse Emoji To Debut Today

All the lacrosse news you can handle and plenty more!!!

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Annual Dachshund Race Celebrates Start Of Oktoberfest In Australia Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, College Crosse Nation! Thanks for making us a part of your day! Here’s everything you need to know for October 30, 2018.

College Crosse News

The Lacrosse Emoji is finally here!

After two years of waiting and waiting for a lacrosse emoji, we can finally say that we have our very own. Apple reported that it will release 70 new emojis as part of the iOS 12.1 update on Tuesday. In that group is the lacrosse emoji. The. Official. Lacrosse. Emoji. Lacrosse fans around the world should be able to use the lacrosse emoji across all iPhones and iPads starting sometime on Tuesday, part of an update that includes Group FaceTime and Depth Control in real-time preview.

#AnotherOne by the lads at Florida Tech. The Jersey Shore boy in me is really feeling this beach workout video.

Great post by our boy Dan Arestia: Major League Lacrosse can’t get out of its own way. I have takes.

It’s now been a week since news broke of a new outdoor lacrosse league that will begin play in the summer of 2019. The Premier Lacrosse League arrived with incredible fanfare, including a player pool of over 100 of the best players in the world, big name investors and advisors from the finance, media, and other verticals, and most notably a major broadcast partner in NBC.

We saw and heard about the PLL on Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Cheddar, and other major news outlets, and naturally just about every lacrosse outlet. Most of the finer details about the PLL remain unreleased. Fans still don’t know who the coaches are, what venues will be used, what cities will be represented, even team formation is still a mystery. All anyone really knows is that star players are committed, a tour based model will be used, players will get league equity and other benefits along with a salary, and fans can watch on NBC, NBC Sports Network, and NBC Sports Gold.

Swallowed in the release and the anticipation tied to the PLL is the fact that Major League Lacrosse still exists, though it will have serious work to do if it wants to continue to do so.

Fun story about doing what you can with what you have on hand.

Brine introduces warp technology to women’s lacrosse.

McCool earned ACC tournament MVP honors, the first in a litany of individual honors for the two-time Tewaaraton finalist and U.S. national team member. But why did it have to come to that? Why did McCool have to hold her breath after every goal she scored?

“I never want to let down my team just because my pocket was illegal,” she said.

McCool, who does not string her own sticks, recalled this recently while unveiling the new Brine Dynasty Warp Pro — the first women’s stick to utilize the Warp technology developed by New Balance — at US Lacrosse headquarters.

I will share any Turkey Day football-prep videos that I find.


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Good job, good effort #monday #govikes

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The Friars are fun bunch. I think they might make a lot of noise in 2019.

WUVA does a Get In The Game segment on the UVA men’s lacrosse team.

What’s Up, PhilaJersey?

New Jersey invented mischief night: Mischief Night, apparently, is a Jersey thing. Here’s how this mayhem started.

But where did this evening of mayhem originate? And why hasn’t it spread far beyond the Garden State’s borders?

Where does Mischief Night exist?

According to a survey published in 2013 by Joshua Katz from North Carolina State University, most of Americans have no word, or knowledge, of the night before Halloween — or the mess of graffiti and toilet paper that accompany sundown on Oct. 30. Michigan has a similar tradition aptly named “Devil’s Night,” but the term Mischief Night really only holds strong in New Jersey, Delaware and around Philadelphia. Katz’s survey found that Mischief Night is only the second most popular response, coming in from just under 11 percent of respondents.

World/National News

Glad we got that cleared up: CDC says it is ok to dress your chickens up in Halloween costumes after erroneous report to the contrary.

Despite news reports to the contrary, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has not warned people against dressing chickens in Halloween costumes. However, we do advise people with backyard or pet chickens to handle them carefully to keep their family and their chickens safe and healthy.

Your GIF/Video for October 30, 2018

I have a lot of thoughts: Worst Halloween candy taste test video.

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