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College Crosse Prospectus - October 1, 2018: Drexel’s 2019 Schedule; Hong Kong Launches First Indoor Lacrosse League

All the lacrosse news you can handle and plenty more!!!

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Dogs And Owners Celebrate Halloween In Tompkins Square Park Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, College Crosse Nation! Thanks for making us a part of your day! Here’s everything you need to know for October 1, 2018.

College Crosse News

Chris broke down Drexel’s 2019 schedule.

Circle These Dates

2/19 (at Michigan): When these two teams met in 2015, the Dragons squeaked out a 9-7 win in Ann Arbor. This Wolverines team is much different and improved from the 2015 version, and Kevin Conry hopes to finally have that breakthrough season for the program in 2019. Michigan has cracked the top 20 in the past couple of years and ended last season with a big road win against Penn State for a rare Big Ten win.

3/2 (at Jacksonville): An interesting addition to the Drexel schedule are the Dolphins, who are looking to take home the SoCon for the first time in program history. Jacksonville came up one-goal short of winning the conference against Richmond in overtime but return plenty of starters including defenseman Dixon Smith.

3/8 and 3/10 (vs. Saint Joseph’s @ Villanova, vs. Villanova): As was discussed in the Across College Lacrosse Philly men’s specials, we’ll see the first ever Philly college showcase event that features all four Philadelphia-based teams playing two games in three days in the suburbs and in University City. The name has yet to be announced, but it’s sure to be a fun event that expands the sport around the area.

In case you missed it over the weekend, Chris found out why Quinnipiac’s players were suspended.

Hong Kong launches first indoor lacrosse league as it pursues world top 20 dream.

To survive in the supersonic-paced city that is Hong Kong, one must be able to identify the most efficient points of entry and manoeuvre through the smallest of spaces. Lacrosse is no different, according to the Hong Kong Lacrosse Association, who launched the city’s first indoor – or box – lacrosse league last Thursday in an attempt to penetrate the world’s top 20.

“I told the association that we needed to play box lacrosse in order to help us with stick-skill development, working in confined spaces and learn the subtleties of movement and screening,” said national team coach Scott Browning post-launch at the YMCA King’s Park Centenary Centre. “The countries that compete at the top level [of field lacrosse] play box. Canada’s success originates from the indoor game, and many countries are adding it to their agenda. If we don’t – and we’re climbing – we’re going to fall.”

It’s that time of year again! Here’s our annual NHL podcast with Jake, Ryan, Chris, & Skyler going over their predictions and hot takes for the upcoming season.

In the latest edition of this site masquerading as a lacrosse site but secretly running as a hockey site, we did another NHL season preview podcast. Okay, we did talk about lacrosse as well with the situations at Quinnipiac and Wagner as well as the addition of Merrimack to D-1 (1:15). But from there, Chris, Jake, Skyler, and I take a look ahead into the upcoming NHL season. Two of us are psyched because the team of choice won the Stanley Cup, another’s depressed because the team of choice lost John Tavares and decided to load up on 4th liners to make up for it, and the fourth... got the most absurd mascot in sports history and is loving every minute of it.

Notre Dame’s 28th Annual Steak & Hot Dog Game was a smashing success. You can watch a replay of the game directly below.

Live from Mevo

Posted by Notre Dame Men's Lacrosse on Saturday, September 29, 2018
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Jerseys are champs again, winning 14-8!

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Shout out to Manhattan Jaspers for participating in the Tunnel to Towers run over the weekend.

CEO of Sports 1 Marketing Dave Metzler shares some thoughts on the potential new outdoor professional lacrosse league (7:36 mark)

The Baltimore Sun with some lax trivia for their Retro Baltimore series.

QUESTION: Indoor lacrosse is synonymous with box lacrosse as it is played in an enclosed and smaller surface. But Baltimore actually once had an outdoor box lacrosse facility. Do you know where it was located?

Le Moyne hosts four-team men’s lacrosse tournament in annual Room2Smile Fall Classic.

Lacrosse season truly begins in the fall. For the sixth straight year, Le Moyne College hosted four men’s lacrosse programs, including itself, to play in the Room2Smile Fall Classic. In the early games, Onondaga Community College took on SUNY Cortland, while Le Moyne met the Red Dragons next. After that, the Lazers took on RIT, which was then followed by a scrimmage between the Tigers and the Dolphins.

Coaches explained why the fall season is critical to their programs success in the spring. “I think this year, especially with the new rule changes, the shot clock coming into play, you’ve got four teams here today that are just trying to figure it out,” Le Moyne head coach Dan Sheehan said.

What’s Up, PhilaJersey?

They’re filming the new Joker movie in Jersey!

When Keval Sanghavi peeked out the front window of his Newark Avenue apartment in Jersey City, his view was drastically changed from normal. Production trucks lined the street outside of the Brennan courthouse. Fake trash piled up on the curb, with smoke machines accompanying it, and 1970s-style police cruisers from the 75th Precinct in fictional Gotham now owned the block. It wasn’t your typical Sunday in Jersey City.

What Sanghavi, who moved to Jersey City last year, and many other residents quickly learned was that the Martin Scorsese-produced film “Joker” was in the midst of filming the largest production ever in the city.

World/National News

Now that’s a headline: Rescue nonprofit needs help after taking in 200 pigs from ‘hoarding’ situation.

The pigs have flown. After some broke free, up to 200 pigs are in the process of being collected, medicated and transported from a Monticello “hoarding” situation by Animal Allies of Florida’s Avalon Mini Pigs. But they need help, said coordinator Christal Ellard. “It’s a mess. Some of the pigs have escaped into the woods,” Ellard said. “Babies are coming every day... Pigs are more fertile than rabbits.” How did the pigs and piglets get out of control? “It was a person with the best intentions that went to hell in a handbasket,” Ellard said, adding the American Mini Pig Association contacted Avalon Mini Pigs after the pigs’ owner reached out on social media for help.

Your GIF/Video for October 1, 2018

Yep .... I’ll probably watch this when it comes out.

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