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College Crosse Prospectus - January 14, 2018: Lacrosse Community Mourns The Loss Of Furman’s Jackson Roberts; Stronger Culture At UVA In 2018.

All the lacrosse news you can handle & plenty more!!!

Divisional Round - Atlanta Falcons v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, College Crosse Nation!! Thanks for making us a part of your day! Here are your links for January 14, 2018.

College Crosse News.

Saturday was a sad day for all Furman supporters, as Furman lacrosse announced that student assistant coach Jackson Roberts passed away on Friday evening in a tragic accident.

Multiple reports out of Greenville, SC confirmed the news. IL also did a post about the news. In an article from Fox Carolina, the Greenville County Coroner and Greenville City Police Department stated that the accident occurred on Friday evening on Poinsett Highway in South Carolina: Per the coroner, the motorcyclist was involved in a collision around 10 p.m. on Poinsett Highway at Rutherford Road. The 22-year-old male from Memphis, TN was transported to Greenville Memorial Hospital where he later died from his injuries at approximately 11:57 p.m. WSPA channel 7 reported that Jackson was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.

CBS 19 in Virginia caught up with Lars Tiffany to learn what fans should expect from UVA in 2018.

A year into his tenure as men’s lacrosse coach, Lars Tiffany has a much better understanding of just how badly Virginia fans and alumni want a winner. “And I knew that coming in, but I really got to feel that in year one,” Tiffany said in his office this week. “So my job, as well as the rest of the staff, is maintain that focus of being as great and successful a program as we can be, without letting the pressure creep in.” But knowing deep down, we have to be successful.” Practices begin Saturday for Tiffany’s second season as UVA’s head coach. The Cavaliers open the season at Klöckner Stadium against Loyola on February 10.

Here’s a great Q&A video UVA posted yesterday.

Here’s an interesting note in this article about new Carolina Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon.

When he’s not fine-tuning his golf swing, a perpetual work in progress despite his ability, bearing the fingerprints of just about every instructor in the top 100, he still plays in the same men’s basketball league where he met Cuban. And long before he started looking at a pro team, he was heavily involved with his kids’ teams, coaching them in several different sports while quietly playing a central role in the growth of lacrosse in the Dallas area.


I love this story about Rosemont boys lacrosse and their “Legacy Wall.”

If you have driven by Rosemount High School and the Rosemount Community Center in the last few months, you most likely have seen a solitary wall standing in the middle of the practice fields. Standing 12-feet tall and 20-feet wide, it is the “Legacy Wall,” conceived by boys lacrosse head coach Lance Kuehn and built with the support of the Rosemount boys lacrosse program, Irish alumni and the Rosemount community.

The concept of the wall is simple; players throw balls against it to practice passing, shooting, fielding the ball, etc. Kuehn said the idea was inspired by similar walls he has seen out east and on social media.

“I thought it was something that we needed in Rosemount,” he explained. “It gives players an opportunity to practice with a teammate or by themselves to get better. With it being close to the RCC, being close to the dome, being close to the high school, it’s in a centralized location and we practice right by there in the spring and summer. So if the guys show up early or come late, it gives them no reason to not be able to practice and a space to call our own.”

It’s all about that #SpringSport life right now.

Looks like Syracuse is ready to go.

Go Bears!!

Big up, Uganda Lacrosse!

Rain or shine, you gotta put in that work.

What’s Up, PhilaJersey?

The Eagles are going to the NFC Championship game after beating the Falcons 15-10 yesterday.

With white flags waving, the Philadelphia fans rose, clamoring for the home team to pull off the improbable. This was the Eagles’ time, they believed, their moment to show the football world that they could still seize the day, still pull off the unlikely upset, even as underdogs in their own stadium.

And even without quarterback Carson Wentz.

The Atlanta Falcons didn’t care about the hopes and Super Bowl dreams of the pessimistic city of Philadelphia. So with precious seconds ticking off the clock in the final stages of Saturday’s NFC divisional round game, Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan tried to make a statement of his own. But when he lofted a fourth-and-goal pass toward the right sideline of the end zone with under a minute to go, the Philadelphia defense answered the call once more, preserving a 15-10 victory at Lincoln Financial Field.

Chris Long of the Eagles walked around wearing a dog mask after the game to emphasis how the Eagles were the underdog yesterday.

The plan was for one dog to find the other on the field as the Philadelphia Eagles celebrated their first playoff victory in nine years, but Chris Long knew right away that wasn’t going to work.

Long had slipped the Halloween mask over his head, transforming into an intimidating German Shepherd in shoulder pads. The problem? He couldn’t actually see anything, including teammate/fellow pooch Lane Johnson who was wearing the same mask.

“We were looking for each other,” Long said with a smile, “but I couldn’t pick up his scent.” So they had to do their howling alone -- and, make no mistake, there was plenty of that in this Eagles locker room on Saturday night.

Long and Lane, the right tackle, were the only ones who brought props onto the sidelines to make their point about wrongly being underdogs despite a 13-3 record and the No. 1 seed in the NFC playoffs.

World/National News.

Oh boy: Somebody pushed the wrong button triggering a ballistic missile warning in Hawaii.

A Civil Defense employee is set to be retrained after a shocking blunder on Saturday morning, when a mistaken alert warning of an inbound ballistic missile sent thousands fleeing for shelter.

The false alarm was caused by a Hawaii Emergency Management Agency employee who ‘pushed the wrong buttons’ during an internal drill timed to coincide with a shift handover at 8.07am. The all-clear phone alert was not sent until 38 minutes later.

Incredibly, officials said the employee who made the mistake wasn’t aware of it until mobile phones in the command center began displaying the alert.

’This guy feels bad, right. He’s not doing this on purpose - it was a mistake on his part and he feels terrible about it,’ said EMA Administrator Vern Miyagi in a press conference Saturday afternoon.

Your GIF/Video for January 14, 2018.

Here’s a great highlight reel from yesterday’s Eagles game in case you missed the greatness.

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