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COLLEGE CROSSECAST 2017-18 NHL PREVIEW SPECIAL (Whether You Asked for it or Not)

Chris, Jake, and I have a discussion about hockey. It was.. something.

Montreal Canadiens v Boston Bruins - Game Five
Have you ever seen Pierre McGuire without his glasses? Thanks to SB Nation’s partnership with Getty Images, you do now!

Remember last year when we did a hockey season preview podcast and was absolutely awful in predicting anything? Remember when we doubled it up come playoff time and got even more wrong? Well good news, we did it again for the start of the 2017-18 NHL season.

I’m joined by Chris and Jake, along with some insight from Marisa to add on, as we discussed our thoughts on the upcoming season. Except it really wasn’t as much of a usual season preview as “let’s mess around and talk hockey kind of sort of for an hour and a half.” There’s some peak-Crossecast stuff in this one. Also Jake curses quite a bit so if you’re offended by that he’ll personally fight you or something.

Here’s the timecodes if you want to follow along on some of the portions:

-Pacific: 17:30

-Central: 33:00

-Atlantic: 47:07

-Metropolitan: 1:01:41

-Rushed season predictions because Jake’s phone battery was low: 1:16:10

You can listen to it below, over on Podomatic, or subscribe on iTunes or Google Play. Leave a nice review, too, as we appreciate that.