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College Crosse Prospectus - August 5, 2017: Scenes From Lake Placid; New Crossecasts.

All the lacrosse news you can handle and plenty more!!!

Tourists Visits Pyramids In Egypt After Recent Bomb Blasts Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, College Crosse Nation!! Thanks for making us a part of your day! Here are your links for August 5, 2017.

College Crosse News.

Notre Dame fans are gonna love Ryan's new Little Boxes podcast with former Notre Dame standout Glenn Cocoman.

On the second edition of the Little Boxes Project, focusing on my hometown of Levittown, NY, we’ve got a very special guest that’s been a big part of our lacrosse community. Glenn Cocoman, who was my varsity lacrosse coach back when I played at Division, is currently the head coach at Mineola high school. But in addition to being a coach, he has a storied lacrosse past that goes well back to the early days of the Notre Dame men’s lacrosse program.

The Boy Chris is holding it down in Lake Placid.

Speaking of The Kid, yesterday he dropped a HOT Lake Placid pod with his boy Dan Khalil (Syracuse women’s lacrosse manager).

Chris is currently spending his weekend in beautiful Lake Placid, NY to take on one of the summer lacrosse scene’s biggest weekends. He’s also getting some special interviews done for you to listen to. Up first we’ve got him sitting down with fellow Syracuse lacrosse manager Dan Khalil, who’s with the Orange women.

SHOUT OUT TO THE TRAINERS & EMTS!!: Lacrosse player’s life saved after mid-game heart attack in Lake Placid.

John Sussingham, a lacrosse player for Ohio Wesleyan’s alumni team, suffered a heart attack around 5 p.m. Wednesday during a game in the Lake Placid Summit Classic — but with the help of trainers and emergency medical technicians, he is alive and in stable condition. “I’m feeling great,” the 54-year-old from Brookfield, Connecticut, said Thursday afternoon by phone from his room at Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital in Plattsburgh. When Sussingham collapsed during play, athletic trainers at the game stabilized him with an automated external defibrillator, according to George Leveille, founder of the tournament. EMTs and other volunteers then performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation and brought him to CVPH, which is known for its heart center.

A BALLER from my old high school is going to be playing D1 at Coastal Carolina.

Mainland Regional High School rising senior Megan McIntyre-Bozzi did a lot of traveling for lacrosse the past few years. But it was a trip to Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina last fall that stood out the most. Not long after she got back to South Jersey, she made her commitment to the school. The Linwood resident said she received a partial athletic and academic scholarship to attend Coastal Carolina. She will join the Chanticleers for the 2019 season.

Looks like Hop’s an Under Armour school now.

Minnesota Vikings RB Latavius Murray takes #25 to honor his lacrosse playing friend who passed away last fall.

So Murray decided he would take No. 25 in his bid to become Peterson’s replacement. He chose it to honor Diaz, who had No. 25 as a lacrosse player and No. 15 in football, but NFL running backs can’t wear No. 15 .... “We ran a lot of ‘I’ formation, and Jonathan was always right in front of Latavius,’’ said then-Onondaga coach Jason Ryan. “And the two made up our linebacker corps, so they had an impact on defense, as well.” Ryan said the two were inseparable on and off the field. “They were very, very close,’’ he said. “They were the type of kids where in high school, if you saw one, the other wasn’t far behind. When (Diaz was killed), my heart went out to Latavius because I know how close they were. Their friendship lasted long after high school. They communicated daily.” Diaz went on to play lacrosse at Brockport (N.Y.) State, then began working as a teacher in the Syracuse area for a program that brings art to the school system. Diaz had been considering becoming a police officer, and took the exam the week before he was killed.

NJ BALLER Matthew Polifonte gets a huge welcome home after a 4-month hospital stay from a car accident while on the way to lacrosse practice.

Polifonte, wearing a blue helmet emblazoned with the word “Awesome” and a T-shirt that sported a Superman emblem, waved and smiled as his mother helped him from their vehicle “Hi” was the word the Matthew kept repeating as he neared his home.
Matthew was on his way to lacrosse practice in March with his mother, Lori Polifonte, when their car was struck by another vehicle at a traffic light, authorities said. The other driver was charged with DWI. Matthew was critically injured. “It’s just nice to see how a big town of Wayne and even the surrounding towns, Montville, Wyckoff... all reached out,” Matthew's father Leo Polifonte, 40, said. “Our big town of Wayne became so small all of the sudden. I don’t think we ever felt alone.” Lori Polifonte never doubted that Matthew would return home. She spent every waking day with Matthew, the middle child of five in the family.

Shout out to Halifax!!: Halifax marks first with special needs lacrosse club.

The first sanctioned, special needs lacrosse club in Canada has opened in Halifax, borne from the same idea that brought HRM the first special needs hockey club, last winter. Ian Readey, president and founder of the special needs hockey league, is a 27-year-old city resident with autism. After years of planning and teamwork with volunteers, the hockey club took off in the winter, with nearly 30 members showing up at the Shearwater rink each week. Lacrosse was next on Readey’s list of special needs clubs to offer to athletes in the area. “I had the idea for years,” he says. “Before this there was no special needs lacrosse program here. It was inspired by a few in the U.S., on the East coast. It was three years of careful planning to get the coaches and the structure.”

So Ian Ziering makes lacrosse bags.

Ian Ziering, he of Sharknado fame, visited The Today Show yesterday to promote the franchise’s latest installment: Sharknado 5: Global Swarming. The actor was dressed in a respectable crewneck T-shirt (though the arms were a little, um, snug), dark jeans, and black leather boots: call it C-List Chic. His accessories consisted of a big sporty watch and a gym bag. Not just any gym bag, though. This was a lacrosse bag—a comically, comically large one—made by Ziering’s own “Chainsaw Brands.”

Lacrosse and Twitter go together like peanut butter and jelly: In Big Leagues' Shadows, Lacrosse and Surfing Snag Twitter Users.

When ESPN streamed the professional indoor lacrosse playoffs for pay-TV subscribers last year, about 4,000 people tuned in on average. This year, the National Lacrosse League averaged almost 344,000 viewers for each “Game of the Week” streamed on Twitter Inc. For football and baseball, which have billion-dollar national TV contracts, an online or over-the-top viewing option is a smart bet on the future and a way to please the most loyal fans. For professional lacrosse and other small sports, it’s a must, even when the teams are owned by billionaires like the Buffalo Bandits’ Terry Pegula or the Colorado Mammoths’ Stan Kroenke. “We’re not on the big linear networks,” NLL Commissioner Nick Sakiewicz said in an interview. “We may be someday when those networks may want our content and they want our audience, but for now, OTT is the absolute best way,” he said, using the acronym for over-the-top viewing.

Shout out to Navy women’s lacrosse assistant coach Gabby Capuzzi.

What’s Up, PhilaJersey?

Sixers Ben Simmons grants wish of young fan suffering from cerebral palsy.

Ben Simmons may be preparing for his first season in a 76ers uniform, but he still found time to make a little boy’s dream come true Thursday. Tyler Osowski is a 12-year-old from Prospect Park that suffers from cerebral palsy and was born legally blind. After having major surgery to help him walk back in June at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Osowki let it be known to Fox 29’s Dawn Timmeney that he hoped to meet Simmons, whose No. 25 was painted all over his room at CHOP. Timmeney passed the word along to the former No. 1 overall pick via Twitter. Simmons responded and everything fell into place from there. View image on Twitter

World/National News.

Facebook is not good for you: “Facebook traps people in a 'cycle of failure' that makes them keep using it, research suggests.”

Scientists might have found why you finally keep looking at your Facebook feed. And it's all because – despite how it might feel – going on there makes you feel good, according to the new research. Even briefly looking at something related to Facebook, like its logo or the news feed, can be enough to give people great pleasure. A desire to repeat that pleasure keeps people logging on they found, and triggers cravings when people aren't logged on.

Your GIF for August 5, 2017.

Quickest draw in the west!

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