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College Crosse Prospectus - July 28, 2017: Matt Kerwick Hired As IMG Academy’s Director Of Lacrosse; Make Pro Lacrosse Great Pod Pt 2.

ALl the lacrosse news you can handle and plenty more!!

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GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, College Crosse Nation!! Thanks for making us a part of your day! Here are your links for July 28, 2017.

College Crosse News.

IMG Academy hired former Cornell men’s lacrosse head coach Matt Kerwick.

Former Cornell Big Red head coach Matt Kerwick was announced as the new Director of Lacrosse at IMG Academy in Florida. Kerwick spent four years as head coach with the Big Red and went 32-26 overall (13-11 in Ivy League play) before resigning during the offseason. Prior to being an assistant at Cornell under Ben DeLuca, Kerwick made Division I stops with the Georgetown Hoyas, Jacksonville Dolphins, Hobart Statesmen, and the Penn Quakers. He was the head coach of the Statesmen for six years from 2002 until 2008, before making his first stop in Florida to start Jacksonville’s program in 2009, until leaving after the 2011 season. He was also a head coach at Division III schools Randolph-Macon and Alfred University in the 1990s.

The Kid Chris dropped part 2 of his Make Pro Lacrosse Great pod series.

Just about a month ago I offered my criticism on how Major League Lacrosse is operated and marketed. It got plenty of reaction, and might have started an increase in public complaints from players and fans about some errors and gaffes that doesn’t help the league’s image. Here I am again with another podcast. This time, I’m not intending to bash the league like I have. I know have a little more insight of the league than I did a month ago, and have watched some of the free games on Twitter.

The NY Times wrote about what Paul Rabil does on his Sundays.

Paul Rabil, among the most recognized lacrosse players in the world, plays for the New York Lizards of Major League Lacrosse. Mr. Rabil, 31, is also a tech-savvy, sports-media entrepreneur and the chairman of his namesake foundation, which aims to assist students with learning differences. Most Sundays during the lacrosse season, which lasts from June through August, Mr. Rabil stays close to his home in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

This team from Seattle is going to Russia to help grow the game.

As Donnie Howard’s family wandered around Red Square in 2009, his mom, Ioulia, said her 9-year-old son looked like he was from a foreign land as the crowd in Moscow took pictures of Donnie instead of the Kremlin. Donnie wore a helmet and rode a scooter, since he wasn’t interested in walking so much around the city. And most peculiar to the Russians, Donnie held a lacrosse stick. The strangers were curious. They asked the family from Mercer Island if the stick was used to catch butterflies or if it was for ice fishing. The Howards tried to explain. “But nobody could understand what lacrosse is,” Ioulia said. Ioulia is Russian, and the Howards traveled to the country somewhat frequently when Donnie was young. But now that school and sports have started to take over his time, Donnie hasn’t been in about five years.

Box lacrosse is blowing up in Cincinnati.

For about six weeks during the summer, a gravel parking lot off of Union Cemetery Road in Symmes Township fills with cars several nights per week. Music blares in the background and young men with sticks and poles head to the center attraction at Home of the Brave Park.

It is not a fishing hole. It actually looks like a hockey rink transplanted to grass.

That part is true. The Cincinnati Men's Outdoor Box Lacrosse League is in season number five at Royal Field, which really is an old hockey rink wall with netting. They play a smaller version of traditional field lacrosse that features physical play and a 30-second shot clock.

Former West Genesee lacrosse players to launch online jeans company.

Three sisters - all former West Genesee High School lacrosse players - are launching an online clothing company. Karlyn Tupper, 25, of Syracuse, founded the company - Tenacity Jeans - with her two older sisters, Kiersten Tupper, 27, and Kendall Tupper, 32, who both live out of state. The company plans to sell jeans for "active females" on its website starting in late August. Kiersten Tupper lives in the Hudson Valley and Kendall Tupper in Spokane, Washington, but the three work on the company by phone and email.

Jeff Teat’s having a great summer.

The Brampton Excelsiors star has won three of the league’s top awards. For the second consecutive year, he earned the Bobby Allan Award as the league’s leading scorer, with 45 goals and 91 assists for 136 points. That is just shy of the 145 points he had last season, which is the highest point total in the league since 1994.

What’s Up, PhilaJersey?

This guy made a map of Philly’s most infamously jerky moments and stereotypes.

Philadelphia is a city that prides itself on how little it cares about your opinion of it. Think Philadelphia is unfriendly? Go cry me a Schuylkill. Think Philly is unhappy? This is our happy face. The Philly attitude was all over an unverified photo of a crab found carrying a cigarette around North Philadelphia, which made the rounds on social media in 2015. Now one Reddit user has mapped some of Philly’s most infamously jerky moments and stereotypes in a cartographic rendering he’s dubbed “the A******’s Guide to Philadelphia: Version 1.1.”

World/National News.

Scientists think they’ve found the 8th lost continent.

Scientists have set sail on a mission to uncover the secrets of the “lost continent” of Zealandia. This gigantic landmass disappeared beneath the waves some 75 million years ago – and it has never been explored. We know the dinosaurs died out 66 million years ago, so there is every chance scientists will find something totally unexpected in this drowned world. It was originally part of the gigantic super-continent Gondwana, which was made up of many of the continents which now exist in the southern hemisphere. Covering 1.9 million square miles, it extends from south of New Zealand northward to New Caledonia and west to the Kenn Plateau off Australia’s east. Drill ship Joides Resolution will recover sediments and rocks lying deep beneath the sea bed in a bid to discover how the region has behaved over the past tens of millions of years.

Tom Brady wants people to stop saying he is old.

Tom Brady turns 40 next week, and the sports world is acting like a dog is going to win the Indianapolis 500. Come on! It isn’t so crazy. Speaking as someone in his 40s, let me confirm that 40 isn’t that decrepit. It’s barely halfway to dead! Brady is undoubtedly special, and football is a dangerous game, but all around us, there are miraculous 40-year-olds who can still put on both shoes in the morning, who can download a podcast, who can make an emergency turkey sandwich at 2 a.m. and not wake the entire family. There are even a few who can explain Snapchat.

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