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The Lost Pod: Blue Jays At The Movies.

*Technical issues*

Hollywood Sign Begins Month-Long Makeover Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

*Ed. Note: Adam & I taped an #OffseasonPod last night on some of the biggest movies this summer, summer movies in general, Game of Thrones, a few rankings, and some Hopkins talk as well. It was a great show. I downloaded an air horn app before the show and used it liberally while taping. It was glorious. The show had everything you could ask for in a pod and more. However .... there were some technical issues in post-production and we lost the pod.

We are certain we were recording and it was saved, but unfortunately something happened in the transition and we lost the content. No one is pointing fingers, but we are discussing the matter with our engineer from last night.

Anyway, since I already had the post written up with time stamps and links, I figured I might as well share it, even without the audio. While this one didn’t go as planned, Adam and I will do another #OffseasonPod soon. Think of these surprise pop culture shows as a preview of our Johns Hopkins show the Columbia Blue & Black Podfidential (working title) Adam & I hope to do for the 2018 season.

Until next time, stay hydrated.

Summer Living.

It’s summer time and the living’s easy. Except for the heat of course, which was unbearable the last week and a half. Luckily we got some rain the last few days to cool things down. One great way to escape those intolerable July afternoons is to catch a film at your air-conditioned local multiplex.

In our never-ending quest to provide you, the People, with high quality content in the off-season, Adam & I taped a wonderful pod on some of the movies we saw this summer, summer movies in general, Game of Thrones, and a whole host of other stuff as well, including a few rankings.

Adam, as many of you already know is a reporter for Quartz, covering television, film, and culture. He writes a weekly Game of Thrones post and even does a Facebook Live show with other Quartz writers called Joffrey’s Place, on Quartz’s new Quartzy Facebook page. I thought a pop culture pod would be fun, and could think of no one better to do it with than Adam. He was hip to the idea, and here we are. I figure, when you have Terry Riordan on the roster, you have to find a way to get him on the field. The Boy Chris was gracious enough to produce/engineer this pod for us and hops in with some great takes as well.

Topics, Time Stamps, & Rankings.

We started our show with a brief discussion on how we got into pods and some of our favorite shows right now, before moving on to discuss Wonder Woman and Spider-Man Homecoming (7:15), Baby Driver (17:00), and then Dunkirk (22:00). We also did an on-the-fly ranking of our favorite Chris Nolan movies, which you can find below.

Chris Nolan Movies Ranking.

Rank Adam Safe
Rank Adam Safe
1 The Prestige The Dark Knight
2 The Dark Knight Dunkirk
3 Inception Inception
4 Dunkirk Memento
5 Interstellar Batman Begins
6 Memento The Dark Knight Rises
7 Batman Begins The Prestige
8 Insomnia Interstellar
9 The Dark Knight Rises Insomnia

We then discussed summer movies in general (36:00), and then went over our top 7 summer movies of all time (43:00). Chris shared his top 7 as well.

Top 7 Summer Movies Ranking.

Rank Adam Safe Chris
Rank Adam Safe Chris
1 Jurassic Park Independence Day The Dark Knight
2 The Dark Knight Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Jurassic Park
3 Mad Max: Fury Road The Rocketeer Gladiator
4 Saving Private Ryan Bad Boys 1 The Dark Knight Rises
5 Spider-Man 2 Speed Spider-Man 2
6 Pirates of the Caribbean The Dark Knight Anchorman
7 Inception Gladiator Independence Day

We also discussed some Game of Thrones (68:00), listed our favorite Jersey Shore spots (79:00), and closed up with some Hopkins talk towards the end (83:00). Shout out to Petro for jumping on Twitter, we’re huge fans of the move.

Articles Dump.

Here’s that “Why Jon Hamm hasn’t become a movie star” article from Vulture that Adam was talking about during our Baby Driver discussion.

Here’s that Batman and George Bush, Jr. article from the Wall St. Journal I mentioned during our The Dark Knight discussion.

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