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Special Philadelphia Eagles Coverage Available

Sometimes, we’re not all about lacrosse! Especially during the offseason!

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

As some of you know, I was an intern last summer and fall over at Philadelphia Magazine working on their Philadelphia Eagles site, Birds 24/7 under the tutelage of Tim McManus, who now covers the Eagles for ESPN, and Josh Paunil, who is at The Washington Post. You can read my work here. In early January, it was shut down, and my internship was done just like that.

I enjoyed covering the Eagles and wanted to continue doing that, although I wasn't sure where to start at. So I decided why not here in the FanPosts section? And that's what I'll try to do, along with your usual college lacrosse posts.

Training Camp starts tomorrow, but be sure to look out for content throughout camp, as well as the regular season! All of my posts will be on our FanPosts section of the site, since I don’t want to mesh pro football in with college lacrosse. And if you’re not an Eagles fan, you don’t have to worry about seeing it at all.

My good pals over at Bleeding Green Nation are freaking fantastic, and have podcasts and posts and a bunch of other fun things for you to check out. So make sure you visit them often as well! Their manager, Brandon Lee Gowton, was at Birds before it was shut down. And if you really want to, you can support their podcasts, like I do! The guy who makes the magic happen is John Barchard, who used to cover the Wings and has broken a lot of the NLL expansion news. He's also done some things for the US Men's Lacrosse team as well.

Go Birds, and stay hydrated!