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Anthony Scaramucci, The White House’s New Communications Director, Is A Big Lacrosse Fan

Stand up, Long Island!!

White House Closed To The Public Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

We try to stay apolitical around here at College Crosse. However, when the newly announced White House Communications Director has a lacrosse photo as his background, well, exceptions have to be made.

Anthony Scaramucci, an entrepreneur, financier, and author from Long Island, was today announced as the new White House Communications Director. Scaramucci is obviously a successful guy, and it’s always great when someone from the Island gets on-stage in a big way, but what stands out most about Mr. Scaramucci for our purposes is his love for lacrosse.

I couldn’t find anything about Scaramucci playing lacrosse when he was younger, but it’s obvious he’s a big fan now. Additionally, Scaramucci’s son, also named Anthony, is a LSM and headed to Sacred Heart this fall for his freshman year.

Just the thought of the White House Communications Director watching some Sacred Heart Lacrosse on NEC Front Row on Saturday afternoons next spring just like the rest of us is pretty great. Hopefully the Communications Department will release an official White House Top 20 men’s lacrosse ranking every Monday next spring. Who knows, it might happen. Indeed, Scaramucci isn’t the only Communications official with an affinity for lacrosse. Hope Hicks, White House Director of Strategic Communications, played lacrosse when she was younger and was a co-captain of her Greenwich High School lacrosse team. Hope also played club lacrosse at Southern Methodist University for 4 years.

It’s pretty great having some lacrosse partisans in the White House. It can only help exposure. Maybe Mr. Scaramucci can convince President Trump to take in some Georgetown men’s or women’s lacrosse games next spring. That would make for some fantastic memes.

Aside from the wealth of content possibilities that could result from more pro-lacrosse individuals in positions of power, hopefully, Mr. Scaramucci can get President Trump’s attention on some of the real pressing issues in college lacrosse, namely, spreading out the games better on Saturday and not letting Syracuse be allowed to bring their Dome Refs to Homewood when they play Johns Hopkins. The latter of which has really gotten out of hand in the last few years and should be addressed immediately.

Before closing out, I just wanted to give a quick shout out to Sean Spicer. He wasn’t built for that DC Podium Life, but he gave it a valiant effort and he seems like a nice enough guy. I’m sure he’ll cake up with that sweet, sweet speaking tour and book money in the next few months, and good for him. Press Secretary seems like a pretty stressful job. Spicer’s still in the United States Navy Reserve, so I’m certain he’ll have plenty on his plate post-White House. Good luck out there, Sean. At least we’ll always have those Melisa McCarthy skits.