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College Crosse Prospectus: NPR’s “Only A Game” Features Thompson Brothers

All the lacrosse news you can handle and plenty more!!

Charlotte Hounds v Florida Launch Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, College Crosse Nation!! Thank you for making us a part of your day! Here are your links for June 3, 2017.

What You Missed

#WhitneyInOT: Who had the best overtime goal and celebration during the 2017 season?

Former Maryland Terrapins attackman Colin Heacock cut his hair.

Lacrosse The Nation

Boston’s NPR station, WBUR, did a great story on lacrosse featuring the Thompson brothers for their Only A Game sports show.

Lacrosse has a significance for the Thompson brothers — there are four of them: Jeremy, Jerome, Miles and Lyle — that goes beyond a warm and fuzzy connection to a dad, even though he’s slinging high, hard ones at them.

"There’s always a story that we were told as kids, that this game has been played since the beginning of time, that it began with the animals," Miles says. "And those animals brought a different perspective. And we were taught that these animals played to show that every child can bring something different to the game of lacrosse. Because, you know, no matter if you’re fast, you’re strong, you got good hands, you’re gonna bring something different to this game. Every child can play this game."

Maybe so. Maybe every child can play. But when Miles and Jerome were growing up, they didn’t have a lot of options beyond lacrosse.

"We didn’t have electricity or running water until I was probably about 8 years old," Miles says. "You know, we didn’t have PlayStation or Xbox. We had our brothers. We had our lacrosse sticks. You would drive down the rez, and you would at least see one kid with a lacrosse stick, and some of the days that could have been us."

Last night, a few of the recent Major League Lacrosse rookies made their debuts, including all four former Syracuse Orange players.

Other debuts:

  • Former Johns Hopkins defenseman Nick Fields had one penalty minute for the Ohio Machine.
  • Former Brown Bears defenseman Alec Tulett had two ground balls for the Florida Launch. Former Richmond Spiders goaltender Benny Pugh also dressed, but backed up starter Austin Kaut.
  • Similar to Scott “The Phantom” Firman, former North Carolina Tar Heels defenseman Austin Pifani played, but did not record anything. He also didn’t get praise from Ryan Danehy.

Let’s check in with Towson’s trip in Ireland.

On Thursday, June 1, Towson took a quick walk from the aparthotel, StayCity, down the block to St. James's Gate: Home of Guinness Brewery. The entire team, staff and parents group got a tour of exhibits about the famous beer, including the history of the Arthur Guinness' humble beginnings with the brewery and the franchise's 9,000 year lease on its location.

Within the tour were displays on the famed Guinness advertising, how to properly sip a Guinness, and more importantly, how to properly pour a Guinness. Towson was invited to the Gravity Bar on the seventh floor of the Brewery, which provided a stunning view of Dublin, including lookouts over Croke Park, the Wicklow Mountains, which has streams the provide the water for Guinness, and many other landmarks in Ireland's capital city.

Day Three on Friday, June 2, featured an intersquad practice with the English National Team at nearby University College Dublin, or UDC for short. The two squads warmed up separately before coming together for offensive and defensive drills. The teams then had the chance to work on their respective man-up and man-down defenses.

Towson had a surprise at the practice as the Tigers saw a familiar face in Hofstra University sophomore Jimmy Yanes was suited up for the English side.

Take note, everyone!

A photo slideshow of Ohio State’s weekend in Foxboro.

Philly Jawns

A suspect has been identified in the stabbing of a Philadelphia City Councilman.


World News

Chris Cornell used prescription drugs before his death a few weeks ago.

Video of the Day

Let’s make today’s video something lacrosse related. Shoutout to the Goodfellas of Anish Shroff, Quint Kessenich, and Paul Carcaterra on a fun year. Paul sings in this one.

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