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College Crosse Week 13 Top 20.

Our final regular season top 20!!

NCAA Basketball: Nebraska at Maryland Rafael Suanes-USA TODAY Sports

Hey folks, we’re back with our final regular season installment of the College Crosse Top 20 for 2017. You can find a link to last week’s post here. We got some comments below as well, so make sure you check those out too. For now, let’s go to the Big Board!!

College Crosse Week 13 Top 20.

Rank Adam Epstein Chris Jastrzembski Marisa Ingemi Rank Safe Fekadu Joe Keegan DLB
Rank Adam Epstein Chris Jastrzembski Marisa Ingemi Rank Safe Fekadu Joe Keegan DLB
1 Maryland Maryland Maryland 1 Maryland Maryland Maryland
2 Ohio State Syracuse Syracuse 2 Syracuse Syracuse Syracuse
3 Albany Ohio State Ohio State 3 Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State
4 Syracuse Albany Albany 4 Penn State Duke Duke
5 Duke Duke Duke 5 Albany Albany Albany
6 Penn State North Carolina Penn State 6 North Carolina Penn State Denver
7 North Carolina Penn State North Carolina 7 Denver North Carolina Yale
8 Denver Denver Denver 8 Duke Denver Loyola
9 Notre Dame Johns Hopkins Towson 9 Notre Dame Notre Dame Army
10 Johns Hopkins Notre Dame Loyola 10 Towson Johns Hopkins Towson
11 Towson Towson Hopkins 11 Johns Hopkins Towson Penn State
12 Rutgers Rutgers Rutgers 12 Yale Loyola UNC
13 Loyola Loyola Yale 13 Rutgers Yale Notre Dame
14 Army Army West Point Air Force 14 Loyola Rutgers Providence
15 Yale Yale Army 15 Army Army Brown
16 Air Force Marquette Marquette 16 Marquette Marquette Villanova
17 Brown Air Force Monmouth 17 Air Force Monmouth Hofstra
18 Monmouth Monmouth Brown 18 Monmouth Air Force Boston
19 Marquette Brown Richmond 19 Brown Hofstra Richmond
20 Richmond Richmond BU 20 Providence Richmond Princeton



Richmond: Tough end for the Spiders. Still a great program.

Marquette: Joe "Jesus" Amplo has the Golden Eags back in the tournament. I credit all of their success to new volunteer assistant shooting coach Ryan Brown, aka The Rifleman.

Monmouth: Jersey strong. I like them over Bryant in the play-in game.

Brown: Dylan Molloy's legendary career comes to an end. Things looked shaky to start the season (25 goals allowed to Stony Brook, lol) but they cleaned it up down the stretch. Mike Daly will have this team back in the NCAA tournament sooner rather than later.

Air Force: The only Air Force game I watched this year was the first game of the season, a win over Duke. But the numbers suggest they're playing well right now and could upset whoever they play round one (Denver? Notre Dame?)

Yale: Andy Shay just keeps getting it done.

Army: Nice win over a beat-up Notre Dame team. A lot to build on heading into 2018. Good resume but like Rutgers, probably not enough this year.

Loyola: If the defense keeps playing well, they're a sneaky good FF bet. Don't count Pat Spencer out of the Tewaaraton race if that happens.

Rutgers: I'm so sorry, Rutgers. Certainly good enough to play in the NCAA tournament but someone has to get left out. Consider not losing to Delaware next time. The good news: You get 'Bides back next year!

Towson: Sure the CAA is weak but I have no idea how the Tigers defense is still so good despite losing everyone after last year. Nadelen is a wizard. No one wants to play them.

Johns Hopkins: Lineup changes are required. The team that played in the first half against Ohio State will get blown out in the first round. The team that played the second half can beat anyone.

Notre Dame: Will Garnsey and Perkovic be healthy for the tournament? If not, they may be in deep doo doo. Been saying this for months—the Irish aren't scaring anyone.

Denver: Baptiste gives them a chance to win every game and make a deep tourney run. Problem is, they haven't looked very good in games he doesn't dominate.

North Carolina: One of the hottest teams in the country. Will the long layoff hurt the Heels momentum?

Penn State: If they can win faceoffs they'll be a tough out in the tournament. Defense looked better against Maryland in the B1G semi-finals.

Duke: Death, taxes, Danowski teams playing well in April-May.

Syracuse: No real weaknesses on this team and they continue to find ways to win games but you're lying to yourself if you think they've looked good the last few weeks.

Albany: Dominated sub-par competition all year long. Looked great against Binghamton but now it's time to prove they can do it on the big stage.

Ohio State: Anyone who has watched the Buckeyes play knows that they have to be favorites to make the Final Four. Complete team top to bottom.

Maryland: Clearly the best team in the country right now.

Jason: I have no idea what anything is at this point. Earning an AQ didn't automatically earn a team a spot though.

Safe: As usual, I’ll save my comments for the aggregation.