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2017 MLL Mock Draft

It’s been long overdue to look at who is going pro

NCAA Division I Men's Lacrosse Championship Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

  1. Florida Launch- Connor Cannizzaro, Denver, A- The Denver grad and former national champion brings another Tewaaraton finalist to Florida.
  2. Boston Cannons- Dylan Molloy, Brown, A- One of the most dynamic offensive players in the nation, Molloy can join his former Brown teammate Kylor Bellistri with the Cannons attack.
  3. Charlotte Hounds- Sergio Perkovic, Notre Dame, M- The midfielder can create offense from just about anywhere.
  4. Florida Launch- Sergio Salcido, Syracuse, M- Double the Sergio! Salcido has broken out with the Orange this season and benefits from the draft coming after his senior season.
  5. Chesapeake Bayhawks- Nick Mariano, Syracuse, M- The Bayhawks need midfielders who can score, so Mariano will get a chance to shine right away.
  6. Atlanta Blaze- Garrett Epple, Notre Dame, D- Atlanta needs scoring too, but the young team can become a power at defense.
  7. Ohio Machine- Nick Fields, Hopkins, D- Fields is becoming one of the best defenders in the country and can help an Ohio team that needs to bolster its D.
  8. Florida Launch- Larken Kemp, Brown, LSM- An LSM who is a transition threat, and adds to the Launch solidifying all their needs in the first round alone.
  9. Denver Outlaws- Matt Rambo, Maryland, A- Rambo could easily end up with the Bayhawks, but they need midfield. If he drops here, no reason for the Outlaws to let him go.

Round Two

  1. Florida Launch- Zed Williams, Virginia, A- After three picks in the first round, the Launch can focus on getting the best players on the board.
  2. Chesapeake Bayhawks- Matt Rees, Navy, LSM- Rees was a key part of a Navy team that has stayed at the top of the Patriot League.
  3. Ohio Machine- Isaiah Davis-Allen, Maryland, SSDM- Maybe the best wing player in the draft, he can help Ohio keep possessions and is sure to be a high energy player in the pros.
  4. Rochester Rattlers- Ben Williams, Syracuse, FOGO- Faceoffs matter more than ever, and Williams is the best in an incredible graduating class of FOGOs.
  5. New York Lizards- Zach Currier, Princeton, M- The Canadian midfielder can do all sorts of different things, can dodge and take a hit, and has an incredible left handed shot.
  6. Charlotte Hounds- Alec Tulett, Brown, D- An overlooked defender in a class of some really good D men.
  7. Chesapeake Bayhawks- Jake Froccaro, Villanova, A- The Princeton-turned-Villanova attack is a natural scorer to be inserted in the Bayhawks lineup.
  8. Denver Outlaws- Brendan Hynes, Richmond, LSM- Hynes emerged with a Spiders team that turned out to be solid at defense. The Outlaws need to replace a lot of defense they have lost.
  9. Denver Outlaws- Christian Burgdorf, Denver, D- Once again, the Outlaws need some D, and Burgdorf being the Denver connection pins him with the Outlaws.

Round Three

  1. Chesapeake Bayhawks- Tim Muller, Maryland, D- Muller got better and better as 2017 went on. He’s the kind of player that benefits from the draft being after the season.
  2. Atlanta Blaze- Ian MacKay, Vermont, M- MacKay has made Vermont a contender in America East and could add some pop to the Blaze lineup.
  3. Atlanta Blaze- Jack Adams, Towson, SSDM- Adams is terrific on transition and with space and can add a different dimension to the Blaze offense.
  4. Rochester Rattlers- Jack Curran, Villanova- The other half of Villanova’s dynamic offense and rise to being a top 20 team.
  5. Boston Cannons- Seth Oakes, Albany, A- Oakes has already started his pro career in the NLL where he has played in New England.
  6. Charlotte Hounds- Romar Dennis, Loyola, M- One of the key offensive cogs on a deep Loyola team, the Hounds have always had a connection with Loyola and he can play right away.
  7. Florida Launch- Jack Bruckner, Duke, M- One of the cogs in Duke’s lineup over their ACC run.
  8. Ohio Machine- Tyler Pace, Denver, M- Ohio has a bit of a history with Denver talent and pace could be a third round steal.
  9. Florida Launch- Jordan Evans, Syracuse- Being a third round pick might be a reach, but the Launch can work with an elite talent and mold him into a pro stud.

Round Four

  1. Florida Launch- Michael Tagliafari, UNC, D- Another defender for Florida to solidify their back end for years to come with a physical presence.
  2. Florida Launch- Chris Fennell, Navy, D- One of the best defenders in the PL for years, the Launch get a steal.
  3. Chesapeake Bayhawks- Dylan Maltz, Maryland, M- The Syracuse transfer is one of those Maryland guys the Bayhawks can snag.
  4. Charlotte Hounds- Luke Goldstock, UNC, A- A big part of UNC’s emergence late in 2017, and a local player.
  5. Ohio Machine- Benny Pugh, Richmond, G- Pugh has been part of the reason Richmond has become a power in the SoCon. Drafting goalies is tough, but he’s a future starter.
  6. Charlotte Hounds- Colin Heacock, Maryland, A- Separated from Rambo but still an elite offensive talent.
  7. Denver Outlaws- Zach Miller, A, Denver- Miller staying in Colorado with the Outlaws, another obvious Denver connection.
  8. Ohio Machine- Andrew Eidenshink, Fairfield, D- The Machine can add as much defense as possible with an already strong offense.
  9. Denver Outlaws- Tyler Maynes, Towson, D- A caused turnover machine to help the Outlaws get defense on track.

Round Five

  1. Florida Launch- Cole Johnson, Army, A- Johnson proved to be a dynamic attacker. He’s a bit of a project but has been part of a rise for the Black Knights.
  2. Chesapeake Bayhawks- Brady Dove, Navy, FOGO- Another strong FOGO, and one of three leaving the PL. The Navy connection makes the addition to Chesapeake reasonable.
  3. Rochester Rattlers- Tom Moore, Binghamton, A- Moore is another player who saw his stock rise in the season with the surprising Bearcats. The Denver transfer is a natural scorer.
  4. Rochester Rattlers- Jaedon Henderson, Hartford, M- Henderson was a part of a Hawks team that could push transition with the best of them.
  5. Boston Cannons- Cal Dearth, BU, M/A- The heart and soul of BU lacrosse and a part of several key moments, the Cannons make the home town selection.
  6. Charlotte Hounds- Ryan Fournier, Loyola, LSM- The Loyola defense has done a nice job in front of fluctuating goalies, Fournier is a big reason for it.
  7. New York Lizards- Josh Byrne, Hofstra, A- One of the reasons Hofstra has remained in the national conversation.
  8. Ohio Machine- Austin Pifani, UNC, D- Star defender and one of the reasons UNC has made the run that it has.
  9. Denver Outlaws- Tanner Scales, Virginia, D- The Denver native goes home to join the Outlaws defense.

Round Six

  1. Florida Launch- Christian Carson-Banister, BU, G- CB is another player who benefited from a late draft and emerged as a top five goalie in the nation.
  2. Atlanta Blaze- Brian Sherlock, Loyola, M- An excellent shot from the midfield, Sherlock makes the Blaze deeper.
  3. Chesapeake Bayhawks- Michael Mayer, Georgetown, D- A preseason All-American, Mayer has gone unnoticed as Georgetown as struggled.
  4. Rochester Rattlers- Cole Shafer, Drexel- One of several Canadian box players out of Drexel, and Rochester always adds some box players.
  5. Boston Cannons- Tucker James, Bryant, A- Has been one of the best players in the NEC each year.
  6. Charlotte Hounds- Alex Corpolongo, Stony Brook- Overlooked as Stony Brook has fallen off, but a points machine.
  7. New York Lizards- Ryan O’Donoghue, Sacred Heart, D- First team All-NEC physical defender that fits the Lizards mold.
  8. Ohio Machine- Ian King, Michigan, A- The first Michigan draft pick, King was an important figure in the Wolverines’ rise.
  9. Denver Outlaws- Shane Doss, Notre Dame, G- Always good to add more goalie depth at this point in the draft.

Round Seven

  1. Florida Launch- Zach Sirico, Loyola, A- Sirico is terrific coming around from behind the cage and is great and making his own space.
  2. Denver Outlaws- Matt Raposo, Lehigh, M- A great dodger who was one of the key offensive players on Lehigh.
  3. Chesapeake Bayhawks- Tate Jozokos, UNC, LSM - Has been a part of severl UNC runs over the past few years.
  4. Rochester Rattlers- Arik Andreen, Hobart, D- Causes turnovers and has great size out of the NEC.
  5. Boston Cannons- Cam Milligan, Vermont, M- MacKay’s partner in crime with Vermont, an facilitate and score as well.
  6. Charlotte Hounds- Danny Fowler, Duke, G- More goalie depth and the Fowler/Duke connection leads him to Charlotte.
  7. Denver Outlaws- Bryce Jurk, Sacred Heart- Jurk has quietly been an offensive force with the Crusaders.
  8. New York Lizards- Ryan Blitzer, Stony Brook, A- Part of the duo with Copolongo to put up big points with Stony Brook, Long Island connection.
  9. Ohio Machine- Chris Keating, Yale, D- One of the best ground ball players in the entire draft.

Round Eight

  1. Florida Launch- Jarrod Neumann, Providence, D- One of the best defenders in the Big East the past four seasons.
  2. Denver Outlaws- Jake Kiernan, Drexel, D- Another caused turnover machine and physical presence on the back line.
  3. Chesapeake Bayhawks- Mike Lynch, Towson, M- Midfielder has a great shot and can dodge, local connection with Bayhawks.
  4. Rochester Rattlers- Kyle Mummau, Bryant, D- Overlooked defender with what has been a solid defensive Bulldogs team.
  5. Boston Cannons- DJ Smith, UMass, G- Cannons always like having locally based goalies for the practice squad.
  6. Charlotte Hounds- Michael LeClair, High Point, A- Somewhat local, has the ability to shoot and put shots on net.
  7. New York Lizards- Gavin McBride, Princeton, M- Excellent shooter from the midfield, could get selected a lot higher.
  8. Ohio Machine- Kevin Lux, Holy Cross, M- An excellent facilitator with an above average shot.
  9. Denver Outlaws- Ryan McNamara, Marquette, M- Marquette continues to produce pro talent.

Round Nine

  1. Florida Launch- A Stephen Kelly, UNC, FOGO- Another great FOGO and Florida hasn’t found their identity there.
  2. Atlanta Blaze- Connor Reed, Hopkins, M- Overlooked due to injuries, but adds depth with Atlanta if he works out.
  3. Chesapeake Bayhawks- Joe Seider, Towson, A- A pure shooter who could find success in Chesapeake.
  4. Rochester Rattlers- Graham Savio, Loyola, FOGO- The all-time Patriot League career faceoffs wins leader.
  5. Boston Cannons- Kyle Rowe, Duke, FOGO- Has been a huge part of Duke’s run, Cannons don’t have faceoff depth after Joe Nardella.
  6. Charlotte Hounds- Eric Scott, Yale, M- Has benefited from playing with Ben Reeves but can also score himself.
  7. New York Lizards- Greg Wozniak, BU, D- Excellent defender in close, on transitions with clears, but his best specialty is wing play off of faceoffs.
  8. Ohio Machine- Ryan Sharpe, Bryant, M- Took a step back in 2017 and drops further down the chart.
  9. Denver Outlaws- Dan Grabher, Army, FOGO- The PL FOGO of the year in a strong FOGO conference.

Round Ten

  1. Florida Launch- Jackson Finigan, Delaware, M- Has dealt with injuries but is a great scorer.
  2. Denver Outlaws- Sean Kirkpatrick, Holy Cross, A- A hulking 6’6 attacker who makes his own space and can fire.
  3. Chesapeake Bayhawks- Bubba Johnson, Mt. St. Mary’s, A- Another local connection for the Bayhawks.
  4. Rochester Rattlers- Jason Weber, Detroit, G- Detroit doesn’t get many looks, but Weber adds future goalie depth.
  5. Boston Cannons- Michael Urquhart, Holy Cross, SSDM- Great on the wings and defending in the midfield.
  6. Charlotte Hounds- Andrew Grajewski, Monmouth, D- Part of a Monmouth team that emerged very quickly.
  7. New York Lizards- Kevin Gayhardt, Penn, D- Huge defensive presence, has gotten better every season.
  8. Ohio Machine- Erik Cannon, Lagayette, D- Good with ground balls, has been a bright spot for the Leopards.
  9. New York Lizards- Trupert Ortlieb, Delaware- Providence transfer who found a home with Delaware.