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2017 Media Day Roundup: Pictures, College Crosse TV, & Bill Belichick

You definitely came for Bill Belichick.

Super Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Championship Weekend always kicks off with the four Division I men’s lacrosse teams practicing at the site of the Memorial Day Weekend games, along with some media members getting some quotes from players and coaches.

Count me as one of them.

Joe and Marisa were grinding elsewhere, so I had the fun duty of watching practices, talking to other members of the media (that included a discussion on eyeblack with Mark Dixon), and interviewing players and coaches. And seeing Bill Belichick. Below were some of the best moments from the day:

First, a good reminder that the Sam Bradford-led Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots here in 2015. It was Bradford’s greatest game in his NFL career.

Towson Tigers

Towson FOGO Alex Woodall was still wearing his hamstring brace-thing today.

Here’s a better look at his doohickey at the bottom right.

The Tigers looked pretty good shooting the ball.

They were also bumping some sick beats (easily the best from any team today).

Good news: We won’t have something related to tampering of the balls at Gillette!

Although they are just Towson’s practice balls, so we might have to double-check tomorrow.

We also found out who will star in Season 3 of True Detective (h/t Tom Peace)!

And defenseman Sid Ewell showed off his rusty soccer skills to some of his teammates.


And the team’s getting honored in Baltimore on Monday!

Take a look at a couple of previews from the Towson Sports Network:

Maryland Terrapins

They’re used to this.

Quint Kessenich has a report on the new playing surface:

You’ll see plenty of pellets this weekend, that’s for sure. Unlike the past two seasons in Philly, the playing surface, which is synthetic turf, won’t show any dirt spots.


When players were doing their media obligations, they got some extra support from a couple of guys.

Two of their top players got some recognition as well.

And a great story in The Undefeated by Martenzie Johnson about Isaiah Davis-Allen.

He’s most concerned about his team finally getting over the championship hump this weekend after coming up short the past two seasons. Fittingly, they will be at Gillette Stadium — home of the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots.

He’s also thinking about the almost two dozen kids in the DMV watching his every move.

Since Davis-Allen was a student at the private St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes prep high school in Northern Virginia, he’s coached and mentored boys of color. He’s split his time between two Prince George’s County recreational and club teams, PG Pride and Prince George’s Lacrosse Club, as well as a Virginia-based lacrosse camp, Blackwolf. He has also volunteered with local Prince George’s high schools, which added varsity-level lacrosse for the first time in 2016, and the Springfield South County Youth Club, which he was a member of as a child.

Davis-Allen, who’s played lacrosse since he was in the seventh grade, understands that having a stern and loving coach can positively mold an impressionable kid playing sports.

“I was blessed to have a bunch of great coaches growing up, whether it was hockey or football or swimming,” he said. “I saw the impact that a great coach can have on a person’s life, so I kind of wanted to be that role model for younger kids coming up through the system.”

The Washington Post has two great stories as well. One on the death of John Tillman’s mother and how he bonded with Davis-Allen, and the second about our boy Fionn!

A short break here because BY GAWD, THAT’S BEN DELUCA’S & JOE AMPLO’S MUSIC!

Ohio State Buckeyes

Ohio State taking the field for practice, with Denver just getting of their bus.

Nick Myers being a savage, as always.

We got a look at Buckeye practice:

And Ohio State’s blonde hair!

I love the exclusive looks at what the players have to deal with (besides myself)!

They got some love from back in Columbus!


Denver Pioneers

With a special guest: RIT!

A few notes that might be big in tomorrow’s games:

Something that was really new was that as each team got off their bus, there was a police officer and a bomb sniffing dog waiting for the players to place their bags along the side of the bus. The dog sniffed the bags while the players watched, and there was also an officer to check the inside of the bus as well. Definitely a good idea to make sure the safety of everyone is not threatened.

College Crosse TV

We got some video interviews to show you as well! Players, coaches, and a surprise guest at the end!

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Bill Belichick

Please enjoy.

One final note: We would like to mention that the Atlanta Falcons blew a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl.

We’ll have plenty more stuff this weekend!