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USILA Releases All-American Lists

We got some takes.

Super Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Before Inside Lacrosse began releasing a Media All-American list, the USILA was the only official All-American list. They’ve released their list, and as always, there’s some good decisions and some bad decisions.

First, the list.

2017 USILA Division I First Team All-Americans

Position First Name Last Name School
Position First Name Last Name School
Attack Connor Fields Albany
Attack Matt Rambo Maryland
Attack Ben Reeves Yale
Attack Pat Spencer Loyola
Midfield Sergio Salcido Syracuse
Midfield Nick Mariano Syracuse
Midfield Sergio Perkovic Notre Dame
Midfield Connor Kelly Maryland
LSM John Sexton Notre Dame
SSDM Isaiah Davis-Allen Maryland
FOGO Trevor Baptiste Denver
Defense Tim Muller Maryland
Defense Garrett Epple Notre Dame
Defense Austin Pifani North Carolina
Defense Ben Randall Ohio State
Goalie Benny Pugh Richmond

2017 USILA Division I Second Team All-Americans

Position First Name Last Name School
Position First Name Last Name School
Attack Connor Cannizzaro Denver
Attack Justin Guterding Duke
Attack Dylan Molloy Brown
Midfield Zach Currier Princeton
Midfield Jake Froccaro Villanova
Midfield Eric Scott Yale
Midfield Joel Tinney Johns Hopkins
LSM Larken Kemp Brown
SSDM Jack Adams Towson
SSDM Zach Goodrich Towson
FOGO Jake Withers Ohio State
Defense Christian Burgdorf Denver
Defense Scott Firman Syracuse
Defense Brendan Hynes Richmond
Defense Jarrod Neumann Providence
Goalie Jack Concannon Hofstra

2017 USILA Division I Third Team All-Americans

Position First Name Last Name School
Position First Name Last Name School
Attack Josh Byrne Hofstra
Attack Chris Cloutier North Carolina
Attack Colin Heacock Maryland
Attack Tre LeClaire Ohio State
Attack Michael Sowers Princeton
Midfield Ryan Conrad Virginia
Midfield Tim Rotanz Maryland
Midfield Brian Sherlock Loyola
Midfield Brad Smith Duke
LSM Connor Keating Penn
LSM Matt Rees Navy
SSDM Drew Schantz Notre Dame
FOGO TD Lerlan Albany
Defense Chris Fennell Navy
Defense Nick Fields Johns Hopkins
Defense Michael Rexrode Rutgers
Defense Cade Van Raaphorst Duke
Goalie Tate Boyce Providence
Goalie Tom Carey Ohio State
Goalie Christian Carson-Banister Boston University

2017 USILA Division I Honorable Mention All-Americans

Position First Name Last Name School
Position First Name Last Name School
Attack Grant Ament Penn State
Attack Nick Aponte Penn State
Attack Frank Brown Hobart
Attack Jack Bruckner Duke
Attack Morgan Cheek Harvard
Attack Jack Curran Villanova
Attack Cal Dearth Boston University
Attack Ryan Drenner Towson University
Attack Eric Fannell Ohio State
Attack Ryder Garnsey Notre Dame
Attack Luke Goldstock North Carolina
Attack Jules Heningburg Rutgers
Attack Tucker James Bryant
Attack Cole Johnson Army West Point
Attack Michael Kraus Virginia
Attack Kyle Marr Johns Hopkins
Attack Ryan McNamara Marquette
Attack Tom Moore Binghamton
Attack Mac O'Keefe Penn State
Attack Shack Stanwick Johns Hopkins
Attack Jeff Teat Cornell
Attack Ethan Walker Denver
Attack Chris Walsch Air Force
Attack Zed Williams Virginia
Midfield Dox Aitken Virginia
Midfield Jared Bernhardt Maryland
Midfield Peter Conley Georgetown
Midfield John Crawley Johns Hopkins
Midfield Colton Jackson Denver
Midfield Mike Lynch Towson
Midfield Kyle McClancy Albany
Midfield Adam Osika Albany
Midfield Tyler Pace Denver
Midfield Mike Sutton Penn State
Midfield David Symmes Army West Point
Midfield Greyson Torain Navy
LSM Tyler Mayes Towson
LSM Matt Neufeldt Maryland
SSDM Paolo Ciferri Syracuse
SSDM Tate Jozokos North Carolina
SSDM Ryan Terefenko Ohio State
SSDM Tyler Warner Yale
SSDM Thomas Zenker Duke
FOGO Conor Mackie Yale
FOGO Kyle Rowe Duke
FOGO Alex Woodall Towson
Defense Chris Sabia Penn State
Defense Johnny Surdick Army West Point
Defense Alec Tullett Brown
Defense Garrett Waldron Binghamton
Defense Bryce Young Maryland
Goalie Danny Fowler Duke


  • Let’s begin with the First Team, and the obvious one. Sergio Perkovic. How does a guy that has 23 goals and nine assists get the nod over a guy like Zach Currier, who did nearly everything for Princeton, or Eric Scott of Yale? Currier got robbed over a guy that was hurt for a portion of the season and wasn’t the same self as he was in his first two years with the Fighting Irish. He was a couple points better than he was last year, but naming him a First Team All-American is pretty lame. Perkovic was on the IL Second Team, and Currier was on the First Team. Scott was an Honorable Mention.
  • Two snubs on the First Team list were Scott Firman of Syracuse and Brendan Hynes for Richmond. They both got bumped to the Second Team in favor of Notre Dame’s Garrett Epple of Notre Dame and Austin Pifani of North Carolina. In the IL list, Pifani was a Third Team selection. Both of them deserve the tremendous nod, especially Firman, who I’ve seen play in person the entire season. I like the Ben Randall selection though, I think he is certainly a First Team nod.
  • On the Second Team, I hate to see Justin Guterding on this list, but there’s four other top quality attackmen at First Team, so hopefully we see him next year. Definitely a top five attackman.
  • Denver’s attackman should be Ethan Walker, an Honorable Mention, over Connor Cannizzaro. Surprisingly, Walker wasn’t even an Honorable Mention on the IL list, while Cannizzaro was a Third Team selection.
  • I really like Jarrod Neumann on the Second Team for Providence. He was a very underrated defenseman that helped the Friars to a very good season in 2017. Sadly, he’s a senior this year.
  • On the Third Team, Michael Sowers of Princeton got robbed too. He was the best freshman out there this season (although some people might say a fellow Ivy Leaguer was better).
  • On the Honorable Mentions, good to see Virginia’s duo of Michael Kraus and Dox Aitken make it. Also thought Binghamton’s Tom Moore and, yes, Jeff Teat of Cornell, should’ve been named Third Team choices. Since I complemented Teat, does that mean the world will combust?
  • I think Brown’s Stephen Hudak should’ve been considered as an Honorable Mention, but he heated up late in the season. He should be a difference maker for the Bears next season.

You can check out the Division II and Division III lists at the links attached. But here are the All-Americans that are playing in Sunday’s title games:

Division II

Limestone (3)

  • Charlie Sheehan, Attack, First Team
  • Kevin Reisman, FOGO, First Team
  • Tyler Gaulton, Defense, Second Team

Merrimack (6)

  • Tim Towler, Midfield, First Team
  • James Bassett, Defense, First Team
  • Charlie Bertrand, Attack, Second Team
  • Hunter Schmell, SSDM, Second Team
  • Brendan Morin, Defense, Third Team
  • Blake Boudreau, FOGO, Honorable Mention

Division III

Salisbury (10)

  • Nathan Blondino, Attack, First Team
  • Brendan Bromwell, Midfield, First Team
  • Andrew Ternahan, LSM, First Team
  • Will Nowesnick, Defense, First Team
  • Kyle Tucker, Defense, First Team
  • Carson Kalama, Attack, Second Team
  • Nick Garbarino, Attack, Honorable Mention
  • Troy Miller, SSDM, Honorable Mention
  • Aaron Leeds, Defense, Honorable Mention
  • Colin Reymann, Goalie, Honorable Mention

RIT (7)

  • Ryan Lee, Attack, First Team
  • Braden Wallace, Midfield, First Team
  • Patrick Hannigan, Defense, First Team
  • JD Hall, LSM, Second Team
  • Nick Nesbitt, Goalie, Second Team
  • Chad Levick, Attack, Third Team
  • Kyle Killen, Midfield, Honorable Mention