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College Crosse Prospectus: Weekly Honors; Another Tierney Is Named Head Coach

All the lacrosse news you can handle and plenty more!!

Desert Golf

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, College Crosse Nation!! Thanks for making us a part of your day! Here are your links for May 2, 2017.

What You Missed

Maryland and Denver are at the top of the food chain entering Championship Week.

Fox Sports personality Chris Myers is now a Syracuse Women’s Lacrosse fan.

UNC and Loyola took the first two conference championships on Sunday.

Lacrosse the Nation

The Tierney’s are taking over women’s lacrosse! Kent State has hired Brianne Tierney as their first ever head coach! She is the daughter of Denver men’s lacrosse head coach Bill Tierney and the wife of Cleveland State head coach and good friend of the site Dylan Sheridan.

"As a fan of the sport living in Ohio, the June announcement of the addition of a new Division I program in our area was extremely exciting; now, to be at the helm of the Golden Flashes Lacrosse program is a dream come true," Tierney said. "The atmosphere on campus, commitment to excellence on and off the field, and success of so many teams in the department make Kent State an incredible place to be a head coach. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to recruit student-athletes to Northeast Ohio to play the sport at it's highest level."

Under Armour has released the third wave of Boys’ All-Americans:

Alex Buckanavage, Ridgefield, Conn. | Brunswick (Conn.) | Michigan
Nate Buller, Herndon, Va. | Landon (Md.) | Navy

Attack/ Midfield
James Avanzato, Lake Grove, N.Y. | Sachem North (N.Y.) | Maryland
Riley Curtis, Brampton, Ont. | Hill Academy (Ont.) | Denver

Mike Drake, Wilmington, Del. | Salesianum (Del.) | Notre Dame
Jackson Reid, Guelph, Ont. | Culver Academy (Ind.) | Ohio State

Justin Shockey, Potomac, Md. | Landon (Md.) | Navy

Adrian Enchill, Pittsfield, Mass. | Westminster (Conn.) | Brown
Jared Reinson, Princeton, N.J. | Montgomery (N.J.) | Johns Hopkins

Ryan Cornell, Darien, Conn. | Darien (Conn.) | Vermont
Drew Morris, New Canaan, Conn. | New Canaan (Conn.) | Maryland

Here are the total of All-Americans per school they’re committed to:

Notre Dame: 4
Maryland: 3
North Carolina: 3
Cornell: 2
Duke: 2
Johns Hopkins: 2
Navy: 2
Ohio State: 2
Virginia: 2
Albany: 1
Boston University: 1
Brown: 1
Denver: 1
Harvard: 1
Loyola: 1
Michigan: 1
Syracuse: 1
Vermont: 1
Villanova: 1
Yale: 1

Maryland is the new top dog in the latest NCAA RPI:

Here are the weekly national and conference honors:

There were also some individual awards given out during school banquets:

The latest Bracketology by US Lacrosse Magazine’s Patrick Stevens is out!

The final installment of Under the Arch with Michigan senior FOGO Brian Archer

Speaking of lasts, if you haven't figured it out by now: this will officially be the last UTA ever scribed. This is bittersweet. Bitter: because of how much I've enjoyed sharing the Michigan Lacrosse experience with you all. Sweet: because the valuable shelf space my blog has been taking up on the MGoBlue website can now finally be replaced with something important, like more interviews about Robbie [Zonino]'s eighth grade ability to write 50-page papers on inventions of the future. [ Check it Out ]

Finally, as you all may be wondering, my production team and myself will be looking for a new way to continue this player blog experience going into the future. Obviously, I will be taking all copyright ownership of "Under the Arch" with me when I leave but as they say in web biz, the blog must go on. So, without further ado, I would like to officially open the contest gates in search of the next player seeking blogger fame.

Hey Brian, we have a spot open for you if you want to continue writing here!

Speaking of former lacrosse players turned writers, former Virginia BOSS Dom Starsia on Inside Lacrosse has nine ideas for the NCAA Rules Committee.

*Mandate a 60-second shot clock when the ball crosses the midline. What other sport asks the officials to interpret the intentions of a player or a pattern of play? Every referee calls this differently and every game is officiated differently in the last five minutes, as dictated by the scoreboard. Coaches are screaming at the officials, the fans have no idea what is going on and human nature demands that the team with the lead gets a quicker clock. The MLL players love their game and I watched a terrific women’s game recently between Maryland and Virginia. The women have greatly improved their game and the clocks are now sitting there available at every institution. It just makes too much sense, let’s at least try it for two years. (Ed. note: YES YES YES)

*Submit an NCAA proposal that prohibits any games or scrimmages before Feb. 1 and 20-hour practice weeks earlier than two weeks before a team’s first competition. I realize that popular sentiment is to start the season later, but there is too much good lacrosse happening in February to take that scheduling flexibility away from the programs, and it will be very difficult for the NCAA or for the individual institutions to agree to extend the regular season into the late spring — it is simply too complicated and too expensive. Virginia has played at Loyola in two of the last three years on the first Saturday of February. It has been Loyola’s best-attended game of the year both times. Get a warm coat.

*Use retired coaches as hosts during Championship Weekend. We have talked about hosting Athletic Directors and other officials from prospective institutions at our premier event, but the most influential coaches are too busy to attend to this during the season and too tired at the end. The IMLCA should arrange for a suite during the weekend and cover the expenses for Richie Moran, Roy Simmons, Jack Emmer, Sid Jamison, Carl Runk, Ray Rostan and others who can plan for the weekend, communicate with targeted officials and host them on gameday. Retired coaches are a valuable resource whose presence could be put to better use. Who wouldn’t be sold on lacrosse after spending most of a day with Richie Moran?!


Congrats to these two Rutgers greats!

Here’s a great video on the Boston University program:

Big MCLA news: Florida State has been added to the Division I MCLA Tournament, taking over for Great Rivers Lacrosse Conference automatic qualifier Miami (Ohio). Here’s a look at the new bracket:

REVISED 2017 MCLA Division I National Championship Field

#16 Michigan State (11-4) vs. #1 BYU (14-4)
#15 Northeastern (9-3) vs. #2 Grand Canyon (12-1)
#14 Florida State (13-3) vs. #3 Colorado (14-4)
#13 Southern Methodist (11-5) vs. #4 Georgia Tech (15-1)
#12 Virginia Tech (14-4) vs. #5 Cal Poly (16-2)
#11 Oregon (11-2) vs. #6 California (14-2)
#10 Colorado State (9-8) vs. #7 Arizona State (9-6)
#9 Chapman (10-6) vs. #8 Utah (10-6)

There’s also a Division II tournament.

Philly Jawns


World News

One person was killed and three were injured in a stabbing attack on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin.

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