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College Crosse Prospectus - May 16, 2017: One-Goal Syracuse Games; Coach Tillman’s Motivational Texts.

All the lacrosse news you can handle and plenty more!!

Daily Life in Rio During The Run Up To The Olympic Games Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, College Crosse Nation!! Thanks for making us a part of your day! Here are your links for May 16, 2017.

College Crosse News.

Tim Rotanz spoke with Terp Talk after Maryland’s game versus Bryant.

Quint’s review of the 1st Round is up now on IL.

Bryant released a pretty cool video from their 1st Round game versus Maryland.

Syracuse got some new lids for their game versus Towson this weekend.

BOSS Tierney’s coming home this weekend with a ticket to the Final Four on the line.

Long Island native Bill Tierney will feel at home Saturday when his University of Denver Pioneers play their biggest rival in Hempstead, N.Y., just five miles from where the legendary coach grew up and taught the game with the hometown Levittown High Panthers. Levittown High no longer exists, and Tierney has no remaining family living in the area. But he certainly has fond memories of playing and coaching lacrosse in one of the game’s most sacred plots. “Tons of them,” Tierney said. “I played in the first box lacrosse league in 1974-75, and in ’75, we actually played at the Nassau Coliseum, which is right across the street from Hofstra. A lot of great things have happened in that area.” Denver (11-3) faces Notre Dame (9-5) at 12:30 p.m. Saturday in an NCAA Tournament quarterfinal game at Shuart Stadium on the campus of Hofstra University, minutes away from Levittown and Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale.

Now this is a celly.

Coach Tillman texted his lads a screenshot of the final score of Bryant’s 2014 upset over 2-seed Syracuse to keep them focused last week.

"Sometimes in their world I don't have to say anything. I just text them," Tillman said. "There are little things during the week just to get them dialed in." In addition to Tillman's motivational message, veteran defensive midfielders Isaiah Davis-Allen and Nick Manis discussed the last time Maryland faced Bryant, helping teammates further prepare for the first-round tilt. In that 2014 NCAA tournament quarterfinals contest, the Terps won, 16-8, but struggled to contain the Bulldogs attack.

How many one-goal games are too many for the Syracuse Orange? John Cassillo from Troy Nunes tries to find out.

In 15 games this year, Syracuse is 13-2, with 10 one-goal wins (three in overtime) and two one-goal losses. Depending on how you choose to look at that, Syracuse could either conceivably be 15-0, or 2-12 (minus one for the NCAA Tourney game they wouldn’t be playing in).

#GetMoney: Baltimore County considering $15 million property tax credit for US Lacrosse headquarters.

The county did not provide any incentives for US Lacrosse to build its headquarters in Sparks, county spokeswoman Fronda Cohen said. US Lacrosse CEO Steve Stenersen said the nonprofit learned of the tax credit and "determined that it was prudent and appropriate to pursue the credit in this fashion, particularly because it will help to reduce costs for our organization, which brings, and will continue to bring, a wealth of benefits to Baltimore County and its citizens." Receiving a break on property taxes will help the nonprofit organization be "responsible stewards" of the donations it receives, Stenerson wrote in an email.

Lacrosse references on Jeopardy will always get a mention on this blog.

Here’s a nice article about Kyle Marr from Pressbox.

When Kyle Marr was a youngster, he proudly wore his Johns Hopkins lacrosse jersey and shaved his head in a Mohawk -- dying it blue and black -- to support the Blue Jays in the 2005 and 2007 NCAA final four and national championship games. That type of spirited dedication was not surprising, since the Marr family's roots run deep in the Johns Hopkins lacrosse program. His father, Scott Marr, was a teammate of Blue Jays head coach Dave Pietramala and helped the program win the 1987 NCAA Division I national championship. Kyle Marr's uncle, Dave Marr, played at Johns Hopkins from 1993-96 and is the Blue Jays' career leader in assists with 134.

BOSS Zimmerman chatter with our man Edward Lee of the Baltimore Sun about the 1st Round of the NCAA Tournament.

I just thought it was a terrific first round with some of the matchups that we saw. North Carolina playing [No. 8 seed] Albany in a first-round game [on Saturday night]? The defending national champion playing one of the hottest teams in the country? You don’t see that normally in a first-round game. But I think that just demonstrates where Division I lacrosse is right now. There are a lot of good teams, and each week, teams have to be ready to go out and fight hard for a win. The [selection] committee had a tough assignment to put together the tournament, and I think they put together a real good one.

Paul Rabil’s got a new podcast and his first guest was Bill Belichick!

What’s Up, Philly?

The NBA Lottery is tonight!! Here’s everything you need to know about tonight’s lottery for the Sixers.

If you have an unnatural feeling in the pit of your stomach that’s bordering on excitement and queasiness that can only mean one thing: the NBA Draft Lottery is upon us. On Tuesday night at 8 p.m., the league will announce the 2017 NBA Draft order on ESPN in an event that is typically considered the most dramatic 15 minutes of the NBA calendar year (at least for Sixers fans). While there seems to be general turmoil each year, the Sixers are involved in a multitude of scenarios that could shatter some hearts and shake up the order.

World/National News.

Oh boy!!: “The 'giant lava lamp' inside the Earth that might FLIP the planet's magnetic field.”

If you could travel back in time 41,000 years to the last ice age, your compass would point south instead of north. That's because for a period of a few hundred years, the Earth's magnetic field was reversed. These reversals have happened repeatedly over the planet's history, sometimes lasting hundreds of thousands of years. We know this from the way it affects the formation of magnetic minerals, that we can now study on the Earth's surface. Several ideas exist to explain why magnetic field reversals happen. One of these just became more plausible. My colleagues and I discovered that regions on top of the Earth's core could behave like giant lava lamps, with blobs of rock periodically rising and falling deep inside our planet.

Your GIF for May 16, 2017: Meeting the new kid in class.

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