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College Crosse Prospectus - May 14, 2017: Happy Mother’s Day; Game Day Links; A Night In Albany With Chris Jastrzembski.

All the lacrosse news you can handle and plenty more!!

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Rob Totaro

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, College Crosse Nation!! Thanks for making us a part of your day! Here are your links for May 14, 2017.

*Programming Alert! The Kid Chris will be LIVE on our Facebook page around 11:15.*

Happy Mother’s Day!!

We’d just like to wish all the moms out a happy and fun Mother’s Day!! (Ed. Note: LOVE YOU, MOM!)

Game Day Links.

Please find today’s Big Board below. Clicking on the team name will take you to that team’s homepage, while the Live Stats cell will take you to the live stats of that game. Ever game is on ESPNU this afternoon, so no streaming today. (Ed. Note: Blessed!).

College Crosse Big Board For May 14, 2017.

Time Home Team Away Team TV/Stream Live Stats
Time Home Team Away Team TV/Stream Live Stats
12:00 Notre Dame Marquette ESPNU Live Stats
2:30 Maryland Bryant ESPNU Live Stats
5:00 Ohio State Loyola ESPNU Live Stats
7:30 Syracuse Yale ESPNU Live Stats

Skittles Scale.
(Ed. Note: For entertainment and informational purposes only!! #WeDoNotEndorseGambling!!)

May 13, 2017 Scoreboard.

Please find the scoreboard for yesterday’s games below.

College Crosse News.

The Kid Chris wrote a wonderful post about his night in Albany to watch the Great Danes play the University of North Carolina.

It was 17 years in the making for Albany Great Danes head coach Scott Marr . “We played possibly the best athletic event I’ve ever been a part of.” In front of a wet, energetic, and record setting crowd of 6,472 people at Bob Ford Field at Tom and Mary Casey Stadium, the Great Danes defeated reigning national champion North Carolina Tar Heels, 15-12, in Albany’s first home playoff game since 2007. It was the highest paid First Round attendance in NCAA Tournament history since the field expanded in 2003. “We just beat the defending national champions, they just won the ACC Tournament, that’s as good as it gets,” Marr said. “We knew they were gonna fight, they came out athletically and they stepped it up.”

Duke destroyed Hopkins. Here’s Edward Lee’s postscript from the game.

The goalie carousel at Johns Hopkins was set to take another spin before the No. 6 seed’s NCAA tournament first-round game against Duke on Saturday, but there was even more turmoil before the team even walked onto Homewood Field in Baltimore. Graduate student Gerald Logan was scheduled to make his first start in seven contests, but the Michigan transfer was ruled academically ineligible, which was announced about 90 minutes before faceoff.
So the Blue Jays turned back to junior Brock Turnbaugh (Hereford), who had started the previous six games. Turnbaugh gave up 11 goals before the first half was even completed as Johns Hopkins was blasted in a 19-6 loss to the Blue Devils. Coach Dave Pietramala said he learned of Logan’s unavailability Friday night.
“Certainly not the way you want to head into your first-round playoff game with that kind of distraction,” he said in his postgame conference. “But we’ve had distractions before. We tried not to make much of it. No offense, [but] that had no bearing on the way we played today. You could’ve put three guys in there. We just didn’t play well. They punished us for everything we did wrong.”

I took the loss well. (Ed. Note: I did not.)

Here’s a preview of today’s Marquette vs. Notre Dame game by Anonymous Eagle.

For the second consecutive season, Marquette finds themselves in the national championship tournament. While they made it in to both the 2016 and 2017 tourneys by way of a Big East tournament championship and an automatic bid, this year’s appearance is much more surprising than last year. In 2016, Marquette was probably getting into the tourney without the Big East title. The wins over Villanova and Denver pushed Marquette to a national seed and a home game, but that was just some last minute shuffling of the deck.

What’s Up, Philly?

The Philadelphia Marathon changed the half-marathon portion of the race.

As you might’ve noticed if you were thinking about running the Philadelphia Marathon’s half marathon course on November 18th, for a while, where there would usually be a course map, the website has said something along the lines of “coming soon!” If you’re anything like us, you were intrigued and anxiously checked back often. Well, my friends, the folks over at the Philadelphia Marathon quietly debuted the course map, and good news for everyone who complained about last year’s course changes: It’s looks very different this year, with more city and less of Fairmount Park in the mix. Victory!

World/National News.

Canadian miners found the remains of what looks like nodosaur dinosaur.

On the afternoon of March 21, 2011, a heavy-equipment operator named Shawn Funk was carving his way through the earth, unaware that he would soon meet a dragon.

That Monday had started like any other at the Millennium Mine, a vast pit some 17 miles north of Fort McMurray, Alberta, operated by energy company Suncor. Hour after hour Funk’s towering excavator gobbled its way down to sands laced with bitumen—the transmogrified remains of marine plants and creatures that lived and died more than 110 million years ago. It was the only ancient life he regularly saw. In 12 years of digging he had stumbled across fossilized wood and the occasional petrified tree stump, but never the remains of an animal—and certainly no dinosaurs.
But around 1:30, Funk’s bucket clipped something much harder than the surrounding rock. Oddly colored lumps tumbled out of the till, sliding down onto the bank below. Within minutes Funk and his supervisor, Mike Gratton, began puzzling over the walnut brown rocks. Were they strips of fossilized wood, or were they ribs? And then they turned over one of the lumps and revealed a bizarre pattern: row after row of sandy brown disks, each ringed in gunmetal gray stone. “Right away, Mike was like, ‘We gotta get this checked out,’ ” Funk said in a 2011 interview. “It was definitely nothing we had ever seen before.”

Your GIF for May 14, 2017: Now I gotta start all over again.

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