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The College Crosse Week 12 Aggregation For May 1, 2017.

These polls ain’t loyal!!

Behind The Scenes At CERN The European Organisation For Nuclear Research Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

What's going on Nation?! We’re less than a week away from Selection Sunday and things are really starting to get tight for everyone. We saw significant movement on the Big Board after another interesting weekend (Ed. Note: HELLO, NORTH CAROLINA!!) and I suspect we’ll have a few more twists and turns before the end of the regular season.

Today, as usual, we try to help you all sort through the madness in the polls in our weekly Aggregation series. For those unfamiliar with the format, we compile all the major polls (Links for Week 12 polls: Inside Lacrosse, Lacrosse Magazine, and USILA Coaches Poll), plus Jason and my top 20 media ballot into one table below. Additionally, you can find the College Crosse Week 12 Top 20 here and you can find the updated NCAA RPI rankings here. Let's go to the Big Board!

College Crosse Week 12 Aggregation.

Rank Inside Lacrosse Jason DLB Myers Lacrosse Magazine USILA Coaches Poll Safe Fekadu
Rank Inside Lacrosse Jason DLB Myers Lacrosse Magazine USILA Coaches Poll Safe Fekadu
1 Maryland Denver Denver Maryland Maryland
2 Denver Maryland Maryland Denver Syracuse
3 Syracuse Syracuse Syracuse Syracuse Denver
4 Notre Dame Penn State Notre Dame Notre Dame Albany
5 Albany Notre Dame Duke Ohio State Ohio State
6 Duke Duke Albany Albany (Tied for 6th) Notre Dame
7 Ohio State Albany Penn State Duke (Tied for 6th) Penn State
8 Penn State Rutgers Ohio State Penn State Duke
9 North Carolina Ohio State Towson Johns Hopkins North Carolina
10 Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins North Carolina Towson
11 Loyola Hofstra Rutgers Rutgers Johns Hopkins
12 Rutgers Loyola Hofstra Towson Rutgers
13 Towson Army North Carolina Loyola Villanova
14 Hofstra Villanova Villanova Hofstra Loyola
15 Villanova Towson Loyola Villanova Hofstra
16 Richmond Yale Yale Yale Monmouth
17 Yale Richmond Princeton Army Richmond
18 Army Boston Richmond Richmond Army
19 Princeton Princeton Army Princeton Air Force
20 BU UNC Brown Boston Binghamton


Terp City: Maryland gets the top spot in 3 of the Big Board polls, with Denver getting #1 in Doc & the Lacrosse Magazine top 20. The Terps dismantled Hopkins in their game last weekend and they should be in the mix for the The Big BBQ’s #1 seed on Selection Sunday. Since their loss to Notre Dame on March 5, 2016, Maryland has only lost 4 games, with 3 of them coming in OT.

Quiet Denver: Despite being in the top 3-5 for most of the season and occasionally at #1, the Pios haven’t gotten as much notice as you’d expect for such a talented squad. They’ll probably get a top 3 seed on Selection Sunday, as they have been lowkey one of the best teams all year. Another Final Four run is definitely in the cards for BOSS Tierney & his lads.

Syracuse: Syracuse’s rally fell short versus UNC over the weekend and they dropped slightly to #3 on most of the polls on the Big Board. I felt #2 was more appropriate for Syracuse, but that’s splitting hairs really. Syracuse has proven to be one of the better teams this year and I believe their body of work should help them get a top 3 seed (if not the #1 seed) on Selection Sunday.

Rutgers is still alive: A great game by the Scarlet Knights helped to bolster their tournament hopes, which were on life support after their loss to Penn State two weeks ago. Rutgers is probably behind North Carolina when it comes to the finally 2 at-large spots, but barring any unforeseen upsets in the Big East Tournament, the Scarlet Knights should hear their name called on Sunday.

This might be a #HotTake but I think Rutgers has a better resume than Albany. Albany has a better RPI than Rutgers, but the Great Danes only have one win versus a top 20 RPI team (Yale) while Rutgers has 2 (Army & OSU) with Brown & Princeton right outside of the top 20 at 22 & 24, respectively; if Princeton or Brown win the Ivy League Tournament, Rutgers could easily get another top 20 win to add to their resume by Sunday. Moreover, according to Patrick Stevens’ last Bracketology post (written before RU’s game versus OSU), Rutgers has a better SOS than Albany. Outside of Denver losing the Big East Tournament, I think Rutgers will be bubble-in on Selection Sunday.

HELLLLLLLOOOOO NORTH CAROLINA: Talk about bouncing back! The Tar Heels may well have played themselves into a home tournament game thanks to their big run in the ACC Tournament. Great job by BOSS Breschi and his troops.

Villanova: After starting the season 1-4, the Wildcats have won 8 out of their last 9 games. While Denver is probably still the favorite to win the Big East Tournament, I wouldn’t be surprised if Villanova beats Providence and then stuns Denver in the Big East Tournament title game.