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College Crosse Week 12 Top 20.

Terp City ... Terp Terp City!

Virginia Tech Hokies v Maryland Terrapins Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Get your votes in!!

We’re back with this week’s installment of the College Crosse Top 20. You can find a link to last week’s post here. We got some comments from Jake & Adam below, so make sure you check those out as well. For now, let’s go to the Big Board!!

College Crosse Week 12 Top 20.

Rank Adam Epstein Chris Jastrzembski Ryan McDonnell Marisa Ingemi Rank Safe Fekadu Jake Nazar DLB
Rank Adam Epstein Chris Jastrzembski Ryan McDonnell Marisa Ingemi Rank Safe Fekadu Jake Nazar DLB
1 Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland 1 Maryland Maryland Denver
2 Denver Denver Syracuse Syracuse 2 Syracuse Albany Maryland
3 Syracuse Syracuse Albany Denver 3 Denver Syracuse Syracuse
4 Albany Albany Denver Albany 4 Albany Denver Penn State
5 Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State 5 Ohio State Ohio State Notre Dame
6 Notre Dame Duke Notre Dame Notre Dame 6 Notre Dame Penn State Duke
7 Duke Penn State Duke Penn State 7 Penn State Notre Dame Albany
8 Penn State Rutgers Penn State Duke 8 Duke Duke Rutgers
9 Towson North Carolina Rutgers Rutgers 9 North Carolina Johns Hopkins Ohio State
10 Johns Hopkins Notre Dame Towson UNC 10 Towson Villanova Johns Hopkins
11 North Carolina Towson Villanova Hopkins 11 Johns Hopkins Towson Hofstra
12 Rutgers Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins Towson 12 Rutgers Richmond Loyola
13 Hofstra Villanova North Carolina Villanova 13 Villanova North Carolina Army
14 Loyola Loyola Loyola Loyola 14 Loyola Rutgers Villanova
15 Villanova Monmouth Hofstra Hofstra 15 Hofstra Loyola Towson
16 Army Richmond Monmouth Richmond 16 Monmouth Air Force Yale
17 Air Force Hofstra Air Force Monmouth 17 Richmond Monmouth Richmond
18 Richmond Yale Army Air Force 18 Army Binghamton Boston
19 Brown Brown Yale Army 19 Air Force Hofstra Princeton
20 Yale Air Force Richmond BU 20 Binghamton Yale UNC



Brown: My pick to win the Ivy League. Came out of nowhere.

Richmond: Great goalie. Good defense. Can make some noise in the tourney, if they get there.

Yale: Yale's at-large hopes died in Cambridge.

Air Force: Winners of three in a row, including one over SoCon rival Richmond. One bid league.

Army: Dispatched a hot BU team. Loyola-Army for the Patriot title should be fun. Winner moves on, loser probably cleans out their lockers

Villanova: Electric offense. Could be trouble for a seeded team in the first round of the tourney—if they make it.

Loyola: The Hounds are still creeping around. Spencer has quietly put in another Tewaaraton-worthy campaign

North Carolina: Looked like one of the best teams in the country in the first half against Cuse. Then they reverted back to their old ways. So inconsistent. Won't get it done in May

Hofstra: It might be CAA or bust for the Pride. I don't think this team is scaring anyone

Rutgers: Playing for their lives, Rutgers may have earned a tourney bid by beating the Buckeyes in OT. #5BIDLEAGUE

Johns Hopkins: wanted to drop them into the ether after last night but really none of these other teams are good either

Towson: Showed Hofstra who's boss in the CAA. Nadelen always has such a good defensive group

Duke: Duke's three non-Denver losses have been by a combined three goals

Ohio State: Tough OT loss on the road to Rutgers but don't be shocked if the Buckeyes win the B1G tourney. They're fantastic in Columbus

Albany: Would still like to see them beat a tournament-caliber team (Yale isn't), but looks like we'll have to wait for the actual tournament to see that

Syracuse: #RegressingToMy4Spot

Notre Dame: A very good team. Not a great one. Very good might be enough for a Final Four this year.

Denver: Baptiste is my Tewaaraton winner as things stand right now

Maryland: if you watched the rivalry game, you know the terps are the best team in the country right now


Yale: At-large hopes have gone up in smoke. Elis just can't seem to piece it all together this year.

Hofstra:Since the calendar turned to April, the Pride are 3-2. Just can't seem to get over that hump. Still have a chance at the AQ though.

Binghamton: Following up the gutpunch loss to Cuse with a solid win over Stony Brook is the sign of a good team.

Monmouth: Owners of the longest win streak in D1. 11 straight games giving up fewer than 10 goals.

Air Force: Comfortable win over High Point. Big game coming between them and Richmond for the SoCon next week.

Loyola: I hate myself so much for this, but the Hounds earned it.

Rutgers: Sealed their trip to the dance this weekend.

North Carolina: They found a way once again. From 6-7 on Friday to probably locking up a home game.

Richmond:Great bounce back win for the Spiders. Still my SoCon favorite.

Towson: Late April and May are for seniors. Tigers got a lot of good ones.

Villanova: No, I don't know why they're here. Please don't ask.

Johns Hopkins: Petro's gotta figure out why it is his team doesn't know how to respond to blowout victories

Duke: The Blue Devils defense is as good as it's been in years, but the offense doesn't have the consistency to make a real run in May.

Notre Dame: Averaged 2 goals per quarter in the ACC Tournament. Woof. Defense looked good vs Duke at least

Penn State: Little scare there with Michigan, but otherwise solid end to the regular season. Defense is the key.

Ohio State: Tough OT loss on the road to Rutgers, but Buckeyes offense is coming along very nicely after some early season struggles

Denver: Big East poses no real threat to this team, but I'd be interested in seeing that defense vs Maryland or Albany

Syracuse: One goal games finally caught up with them. Encouraging offensive performance on Friday, discouraging one from Molloy

Albany:The Yale win doesn't look as good now, but Great Danes have still been moving along very comfortably. Defense is underrated

Maryland: Their A game is better than anyone else's in the country. Matt Rambo should win the Tewaaraton.