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College Crosse Week 8 Top 20.


NCAA Basketball: Lehigh at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Get your votes in!!!

We’re back with this week’s installment of the College Crosse Top 20. You can find a link to last week’s post here. We also have some commentary from Chris and Jason below.

Let’s go to the Big Board!

College Crosse Week 8 Top 20.

Rank Marisa Adam Epstein Chris Jastrzembski Ryan McDonnell Rank Safe Fekadu DLB Jake Nazar Joe Keegan
Rank Marisa Adam Epstein Chris Jastrzembski Ryan McDonnell Rank Safe Fekadu DLB Jake Nazar Joe Keegan
1 Syracuse Syracuse Syracuse Penn State 1 Syracuse Penn State Penn State Syracuse
2 Penn State * Penn State Penn State Syracuse 2 Penn State Syracuse Albany Hofstra
3 Notre Dame Notre Dame Denver Notre Dame 3 Notre Dame Hofstra Syracuse Notre Dame
4 Hofstra Denver Notre Dame Albany 4 Denver Army Notre Dame Penn State
5 Denver Hofstra Hofstra Maryland 5 Albany Albany Maryland Denver
6 Albany Maryland Albany Hofstra 6 Maryland Denver Hofstra Albany
7 Ohio State * Albany Maryland Ohio State 7 Hofstra Notre Dame Army Maryland
8 Duke Army Duke Denver 8 Army Maryland Denver Army
9 Princeton Duke Army West Point Duke 9 Ohio State Duke Duke Ohio State
10 Towson Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins Army 10 Johns Hopkins Richmond Johns Hopkins Duke
11 Hopkins Princeton Ohio State Johns Hopkins 11 Duke Johns Hopkins Ohio State Johns Hopkins
12 Army Ohio State Princeton Rutgers 12 Princeton Virginia Yale Virginia
13 Richmond Virginia Towson Towson 13 Richmond Rutgers Rutgers Richmond
14 Rutgers Rutgers Yale Richmond 14 Rutgers Yale Princeton Yale
15 Virginia Richmond Virginia Princeton 15 Yale Princeton Richmond Rutgers
16 Yale Towson Richmond Virginia 16 Towson Ohio State Towson Princeton
17 North Carolina Yale Rutgers Yale 17 Binghamton Villanova Virginia Towson
18 Binghamton Villanova Villanova Binghamton 18 UVA Binghamton Villanova Villanova
19 Providence Providence Providence Monmouth 19 Providence Boston Providence Providence
20 BU Binghamton Binghamton Providence 20 Villanova Michigan Binghamton Binghamton




Syracuse: Again, valuing the body of work over the record, even though with the Ohio State win, it was hard to decide who to make #1.

Hofstra: More impressed by Penn State's undefeated mark than Hofstra's. With the OSU win, Penn State looks more legit. I'm still questioning Hofstra as of now.

Duke: Remember when people thought Duke wouldn't make the ACC Tournament. Pepperidge Farm remembers.

Johns Hopkins: They just de-legitimized Rutgers in my mind.

Ohio State: The Buckeyes had a really good first quarter, and then nothing. Are they for real?

UVA: The Wahoos looked down and out against Richmond. But a late burst gave them the win.

Rutgers: They're making the Big Ten look like a four bid league, but have Michigan next week.

Binghamton: Welcome to the club, Binghamton. Taking them over BU, Loyola, and maybe starting to consider Robert Morris.

Jason DLB Myers.

Syracuse: Impressive body of work, and if PSU weren't undefeated Cuse would be my #1.

Hofstra: Undefeated yes, but body of work to this point isn't as impressive as PSU or Cuse. I feel like there might be some correction in Hofstra's near future.

Army: Army and Albany are very close in my book. Their Syracuse results are what separate them for me. I'd love to see these two square off.

Georgetown: Georgetown is better than their record, IMO, but that was a win Denver needed badly. I have them slightly over ND at this point because of head-to-head results.

Richmond: Two losses, both to ACC teams by 1 goal; that's pretty impressive to me.

Johns Hopkins: Hop NEEDED that Rutgers win.

UVA: A flawed team, perhaps, but they're doing enough, and dangerous enough, to stay in the top 20 for me.

Rutgers: Will the real Scarlet Knights please stand up?

Yale: I'm still a bit lost with the Ivy League...

Ohio State: I was never high on OSU and their recent skid confirms my thoughts all along, at least in my mind. Not a team I'd be bullish on.

Villanova: February was rough, but March has been all about guts.

BU: Boston's loss slides them to the back of the top 20. I'd love to see them play Michigan at this point. I think that'd be a great match up.